TAW God Swords

December 11, 2011  by Tony_Bacala  •  Unofficial Products
TAW-01-God-Sword TAW-01-God-Sword-Box TAW-01-God-Sword-Box-2 TAW-01-God-Sword-Contents TAW-01-Magnus TAW-01-Magnus-Box TAW-01-Magnus-Box-2 TAW-01-Magnus-Box-3 TAW-01-Nemesis TAW-01-Nemesis-Box TAW-01-Nemesis-Box-2 TAW-01-Nemesis-Box-3 God Fire Convoy 033 God Fire Convoy 034 God Fire Convoy 035 God Fire Convoy 046 God Fire Convoy 049 Black-Convoy-040 Black-Convoy-041 Black-Convoy-042 Black-Convoy-043 Black-Convoy-044 Black-Convoy-045

These swords were based off the original Fortress Maximus Sword. They were downsized and redesigned to break apart and attach to Classics figures while broken down. However, since they are based off a RID related item, and work well with RID figures too, we are including them here.