Sonokong Starscream and BB (Carbot Box)

September 16, 2011  by Tony_Bacala  •  Korean Carbot Destrongers
Sonokong-SS-BB-01 Sonokong-SS-BB-02 Sonokong-SS-BB-03 Sonokong-SS-BB-07 Sonokong-SS-BB-17 Sonokong-SS-BB-21 Sonokong-SS-BB-25 Sonokong-SS-BB-29 starscreambb

Courtesy to an awesome Korean blog for the reference pics. I saved these images years ago, so if I can find where they came from I will post it here.

Here, we have Beast Wars II’s Starscream and BB, in BWII colors, with Predacon logos, in a Carbot Cybertrons box.