Super Fire Convoy (Crystal Clear)

September 28, 2011  by Tony_Bacala  •  Car Robots Cybertrons
crystal-clear-fire-convoy-1 crystal-clear-fire-convoy-2 crystal-clear-fire-convoy-3 crystal-clear-fire-convoy-4 crystal-clear-fire-convoy-5 crystal-clear-fire-convoy-6

Lucky Draw / Campaign item in Japan. Pics courtesy to Snakas. According to the old MyKoolToyz site run by Rik Ruff:

Campaign: Convoy Car Robot Campaign
Dates: 27 June – 10 July 2000
Rules: Unsure if this was a postcard entry.
Prizes: 1. Super Fire Convoy [Clear-Red Version] (???? items)
2. Character Card File (???? items)
3. Sticker Sheet (???? items)
Comments: None.

Campaign: Seibu Department Store
Ikebukuro Tokyo
Dates: 15 – 28 August 2000
Rules: You must be present to enter the drawing for 5 Crystal Super Fire Convoy’s.
Prizes: 1. Super Fire Convoy [Clear-Red Version ] (15 items)
Comments: At the SuperFest/WonderFest held on 20 August 2000, one figure sold for 100,000Yen.

Ginza-Hakuhinkan in Tokyo had 10 available with one collector purchasing 3 for 230,000Yen on the 15th of August 2000.