Super Fire Convoy (Black)

September 28, 2011  by Tony_Bacala  •  Car Robots Cybertrons
cr-black-fire-convoy-001 cr-black-fire-convoy-006 cr-black-fire-convoy-009 cr-black-fire-convoy-020 cr-black-fire-convoy-029 black-super-fire-convoy-1 black-super-fire-convoy-2 black-super-fire-convoy-3 black-super-fire-convoy-4

Black Super Fire Convoy was a lucky draw and campaign item in Japan. I will quote info from LuckyDrawTransformers.com, run by the guys that do Transformers @ The Moon. Courtesy to them and Snakas for the pics, check them out for the full galleries.

The toy was originally given away through a DVD Lucky Draw competition, with 20 of the toys produced.

This is not the entire story however, as there are actually around 450 of these toys in the world. The original prizes were limited to 20, then there was a second drawing for 200 and a third drawing for a further 200.

1) DVD draw
2) TV Magazine – 5th July 2000 – Convoy Present! Compeition – 15 sets
3) Televikun Magazine – Scratch Card Campaign – ?? sets (probably 20)
4) Televikun Magazine – 1st October to 31st December 2000, 1st January – 28 February 2001, 1st March – 30th May 2001
1st Drawing – 200 sets
3rd Drawing – 200 sets
5) Televikun Magazine – 4th November 2000 – Hero Special Scratch Card Compeition – 10 sets