Car Robots & Robots In Disguise Videos

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Below are various video clips from the Car Robots and Robots In Disguise cartoon series!

American Robots In Disguise TV Intros and Outros Japanese Car Robots TV Intros / Outros
Robots In Disguise Opening Sequence Car Robots Opening Sequence
Robots In Disguise Opening Sequence (Alternate) Car Robots Closing Sequence
Robots In Disguise Closing Sequence  
  Korean Carbots TV Intros / Outros
  Carbots (Korea) Opening Sequence
  Carbots (Korea) Closing Sequence

Japanese Car Robots Episodes Japanese Car Robots Episodes
01. First Movement! Fire Convoy
Original Air Date: 04/05/2000
21. Quadruple Merge! Build King
Original Air Date: 08/23/2000
02. High Speed Battle! Gelshark
Original Air Date: 04/12/2000
22. Friend of Righteousness? Gelshark
Original Air Date: 08/23/2000
03. Unite! Bullet Train Robo
Original Air Date: 04/19/2000
23. Targeted Buildmasters
Original Air Date: 09/06/2000
04. Ninja Robo – Spychangers Go!
Original Air Date: 04/26/2000
24. Enter! God Magnus
Original Air Date: 09/13/2000
05. Deadly Jump! Mach Alert
Original Air Date: 05/03/2000
25. Force Merge! God Fire Convoy
Original Air Date: 09/20/2000
06. Gigatron’s Revenge
Original Air Date: 05/10/2000
26. Focus! New Warriors (Recap)
Original Air Date: 09/27/2000
07. Speedbreaker’s In Danger
Original Air Date: 05/17/2000
27. Body and Mind! 3 Car Robo Brothers
Original Air Date: 10/04/2000
08. Mysterious Weapon! D 5
Original Air Date: 05/24/2000
28. Invoke! Double Matrix
Original Air Date: 10/11/2000
09. Counterarrow’s Betrayal?!
Original Air Date: 05/31/2000
29. Arise! Cybertron City
Original Air Date: 10/18/2000
10. Out of Control! Indy Heat
Original Air Date: 06/07/2000
30. JRX versus Baldigus
Original Air Date: 10/25/2000
11. Parking Violation! Wrecker Hook
Original Air Date: 06/14/2000
31. Gelshark’s Trap
Original Air Date: 11/01/2000
12. The Ultimate Extreme! Buddha-Transformer
Original Air Date: 06/21/2000
32. The Final Key? Sayonara Ai
Original Air Date: 11/08/2000
13. Gigatron Reveals His Ambition (Recap)
Original Air Date: 06/28/2000
33. Stolen Plasma
Original Air Date: 11/15/2000
14. Friend Or Foe!? Black Convoy
Original Air Date: 07/05/2000
34. The Mystery of Brave Maximus
Original Air Date: 11/22/2000
15. Quintuple Merge! Baldigus
Original Air Date: 07/12/2000
35. Gelshark’s Blues (Recap)
Original Air Date: 11/29/2000
16. En Garde! Two Convoys
Original Air Date: 07/19/2000
36. Black Convoy’s Ambition
Original Air Date: 12/06/2000
17. Aiming From Space! Shuttler
Original Air Date: 07/26/2000
37. Brave Maximus Arise!
Original Air Date: 12/13/2000
18. Awaken To Righteousness! Black Convoy
Original Air Date: 08/02/2000
38. Counterstrike! Devil Gigatron
Original Air Date: 12/20/2000
19. Secret Strategy! Gelshark
Original Air Date: 08/09/2000
39. Final Battle! Fire Convoy
Original Air Date: 12/27/2000
20. Hot-Blooded Warrior! Buildmaster
Original Air Date: 08/16/2000

Japanese Transformation Sequences Japanese Transformation Sequences
Cybertrons (Autobots) Destrongers/Destrons (Predacons/Decepticons)
Ai Baldigus
Artfire Black Convoy 1
Brave Maximus Black Convoy 2
Brave Maximus (Super Mode) Combatron Team
Build Boy Dangar 1
Build Cyclone Dangar 2
Build Hurricane Devil Gigatron Dragon
Build Typhoon Devil Gigatron Bat
Build King (Cyclone Mode) Devil Gigatron Griffon
Build King (Hurricane Mode) Devil Gigatron Hand
Build King (Typhoon Mode) Devil Gigatron Jet
Counter Arrow Devil Gigatron Robot
Eagle Killer Devil Gigatron Saurous
Fire Convoy Dorailer 1
god Fire Convoy Dorailer 2
god Magnus Gaskunk
Indy Heat (robot to car) Gelshark
J-4 Gigatron (Bat to Jet)
J-5 Gigatron (Bat to Robot)
J-7 Gigatron (Dragon to Bat)
JRX Gigatron (Hand to Robot)
Mach Alert Gigatron (Jet to Robot)
Ox Gigatron (Robot to Bat)
Ox (Robot to Car) Gigatron (Robot to Dragon)
Plasma Gigatron (Cutter Beam Attack)
Speedbreaker Greenjeeber
Super Fire Convoy Greenjeeber 2
Super Fire Convoy 2 Guildo
WARS Guildo (Robot to Beast)
WARS (Robot to Car) Gushar
Wildrider Heptor
Wrecker Hook Shuttler
X-Car Shuttler 2
X-Car 2  
X-Car (Robot to Car)  
Super Car Brothers Power Up  
Super Speedbreaker Clear Conversion  

American Robots In Disguise Toy Commercials Japanese Car Robots Toy Commercials
Megatron, Sky-Byte, Car Brothers Super Fire Convoy with Fortress Maximus Giveaway
Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus Gigatron and the Car Brothers
Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus Alternate Version Team Shinkasen and JRX
Railracer Team and Galvatron  

American Robots In Disguise TV Commercials and Promos Japanese Car Robots TV Commercials and Promos
Transforming RID Prime into Fox Kids Logo Japanese Show Clip 1
RID Pre-Launch Commercial 20 seconds Japanese Car Robots Show Commercial
RID Pre-Launch Commercial 2 20 seconds  
RID Pre-Launch Commercial 3 30 seconds  

American Robots In Disguise TV Bumpers Japanese Car Robots TV Bumpers
  Fire Convoy 3-D
  Gigatron 3-D
  Mach Alert 3-D
  Speedbreaker 3-D
  Wildrider 3-D