39 The Final Battle

September 19, 2011  by Tony_Bacala  •  Episode Transcripts

Transcribed by Brandon Williams
Transformers: Robots in Disguise
“The Final Battle” – Episode 39
Written by Tom Wyner


Koji: Previously on Transformers.

Wedge: I don’t think we’ll have to worry about Galvatron anymore.

T-AI: He’s re-energizing!

Galvatron: Hahaha. I’ve drained Fortress Maximus. His power is mine now.

Koji: Huh? What’s that?

Galvatron: You are powerless to stop me. Soon the Earth will belong to me, and then the entire universe! Hahahaha!

[End Recap]

Optimus: Must… break… free.

Galvatron: You can’t, Optimus. Now that I’ve combined my powers with that of Fortress Maximus, you and the Autobots are hopelessly outmatched. I, Galvatron, will rule the entire universe, and then there’s nothing you and your friends can do about it.

Sideburn: Optimus, you okay? I can’t move. Optimus, where are you? Come on, dude, answer me! Are you all right? Do you need any help? Say something, will ya? Optimus… Optimus!

Optimus: Can’t… give up… Got to… keep fighting. No energy…

Scourge: Look at the bright side, Optimus. It’s almost over.

Optimus: It’s Scourge.

Scourge: In a few moments, you’ll be nothing more than scrap metal. This crater will be your grave.

Optimus: Never!

Ruination: Hahaha!

Galvatron: So the Decepticons managed to survive. No matter. They can take care of Optimus while I deal with the others.

Optimus: Galvatron tried to destroy you and the Decepticons. How can you still be loyal to him?

Scourge: The Decepticons exist only to serve Galvatron, and to destroy his enemies. And that means you, Optimus.

Optimus: Galvatron must’ve re-calibrated their sparks. They’re totally under his control.

Galvatron: Mwahaha. Well said, Scourge. Now prove it. Demonstrate your allegiance. Show me that the Decepticons are my devoted followers by turning Optimus Prime into a heap of molten slag!

Scourge: We obey, great one. Ruination, attack!

Sky-Byte: The Decepticons survived Galvatron’s plasma burst. Optimus has been weakened by Galvatron’s energy depletion beam and he can’t defend himself.

Slapper: In that case, now’s the time to attack.

Dark Scream: Right, because if it looks like we were the ones who finished him off, Galvatron will reward us.

Gas Skunk: Good thinking, you guys. All right, let’s do it.

Sky-Byte: Wait. Galvatron thinks he’s gotten rid of us. What will he do if he sees we’re still around?

Preds: Ahhh!

Galvatron: Well, what have we here? It’s Sky-Byte and the Predacons.

Sky-Byte: He spotted us! What are we gonna do? As you can see, we were just getting ready to finish of Optimus.

Galvatron: Really? How commendable. But that won’t be necessary. Scourge and Ruination can take care of Optimus, while you Predacons can get rid of the rest of the Autobots.

Sky-Byte: Huh?!

Sideburn: Come on, guys. We’ve gotta get down there and — whooaaa! Ouch!

Prowl: I agree. Optimus is too weak to face the Decepticons right now.

X-Brawn: Then what are we waiting for? Let’s get down there!

Trains: Bullet Fusion mode!

Rail Racer: Triple Threat, Rail Racer!

Wedge: Build Team, Landfill mode! Combine!

Build Team: Quad-power combiner mode…

Rail Racer: Hold on, Optimus.

Landfill: We’re on our way.

X-Brawn: Comin’ through. Look out below!

Sky-Byte: Oh no! We’re outnumbered four-to-one. We can’t fight them all.

Gas Skunk: What choice do we have?

Slapper: We’ve gotta follow Galvatron’s orders.

Sky-Byte: I know! If we retreat, Galvatron will destroy us, and if we fight, we don’t stand a chance. What do we do?!

Dark Scream: Galvatron’s a lot meaner than they are.

Sky-Byte: Let’s go kick some Autobot fender. Sky-Byte, terrorize! Now, stand tall, stand proud, and show those Autobots what you’re forged from.

Preds: Right!

Sky-Byte: Uh oh.

X-Brawn: Now that’s what I call biting the dust. Heh, heh, heh, heh.

Sky-Byte: That went… swimmingly.

Gas Skunk: We should all celebrate.

Slapper: I think I dented one of their feet with my face.

Dark Scream: We win.

Scourge: Scourge, Sword of Fury!

Sideburn: I don’t think so. Lose something? Leave Optimus Prime alone, Scourge.

Galvatron: Mwaaahahaha!


Galvatron: Mwaaahahaha!

X-Brawn: What’s so funny, Galvatron?

Galvatron: Fool. Your pathetic attempts to win a meaningless battle have amused me. But now it’s time to put an end to this aggravation.

X-Brawn: Whatcha gonna do? Talk us to death?

Galvatron: Striker lance!

Koji: T-AI, isn’t there some way to help them?

T-AI: He’s got to let them go soon or he’ll deplete his power reserves. But that won’t help unless we can get away from him. I’m shifting the space bridge portal to get one as close as I can. I just hope they can reach it in time. Optimus! I’m opening a portal to the space bridge. It’s right infront of you. Get out of there, now!

Optimus: T-AI’s right. We have to re-energize. Everyone to the space bridge!

Galvatron: I think not.

Optimus: This is your chance, guys. Go on. Get out of here!

Sideburn: No way, pal. You’re our only hope of beating this guy.

Prowl: We’ve gotta block that beam. C’mon!

Optimus: I gave you an order… Now move out on the double!

Sideburn: If anyone’s going into that portal, it’s you, Optimus!

Landfill: He’s… right! Go on… Get out of here!

Rail Racer: Go! Go now!

Optimus: I won’t let you sacrifice yourselves for me. I can’t do that.

Prowl: You’re as stubborn as ever. But this is one argument you’re not gonna win!

Sideburn: Don’t you see? Without you, we can’t beat Galvatron. You’ve got to get outta here and re-energize.

Magnus: For once, Sideburn’s right.

Optimus: Put me down, Magnus. That’s an order! Got it?

Magnus: Sorry, brother. No can do. Besides, I work freelance, remember? I don’t take orders from you.

Optimus: Magnus, please go back. I can’t desert my team.

Magnus: Cool your jets. You’ve got no choice.

Galvatron: So, the in-troubled commander of the Autobots has finally shown his true colours. I’ll take care of that coward later, but first I’ll deal with all of you. Just listen to them, it’s like a concert. There’s nothing more pleasant than the sound of the Autobots suffering as they feel their energy being drained.

Sideburn: You’ve already got Maximus’ power. Isn’t that enough for ya?

Galvatron: Fool, defeating the Autobots and ruling this world is just the beginning. I have a universe to conquer. And the energy I steal from you will help ensure my victory.

Sideburn: You monster. When Optimus comes back, you’re gonna be singing a different tune.

Optimus: Magnus, you came to Earth for the Matrix, but you don’t understand the responsibility that comes with it. It’s my duty to stop Galvatron and protect the Earth.

Magnus: Oh, I understand, all right.

Optimus: Then why did you remove me from the battlefield? We have to go back and fight.

Magnus: Right now, pal, you’re in no shape to fight anybody.

Optimus: You’re right. And that’s why I’m asking for your help this one last time.

Magnus: Wait a minute. Are you sure you’re really Optimus Prime, because that sounded like a request, not an order.

Optimus: Magnus, I never wanted to control you. I wanted you to join the Autobots because of your value as a member of our team. Maybe some day we’ll resolve our differences, but right now the only thing that matters is stopping Galvatron. Will you help me?

Magnus: One last time. We’ll stop Galvatron together.

Optimus: Thank you, Magnus.

Magnus: Now, let’s go win this thing.


Galvatron: Now I’ll destroy you one by one… And I’ll start with you, Sideburn… Roar!

X-Brawn: Oh no!

Prowl: Sideburn!

Sideburn: Go ahead, Galvatron, and do your worst. It doesn’t matter! You’re not gonna beat us, no matter what you do, because you’re a poser, Galvatron. Always have been, always will be! You’re going down!

Galvatron: My… You are an Optimus.

Optimus: He’s right, Galvatron. Ready, brother?

Magnus: Absolutely.

Optimus & Magnus: Combine into Omega Prime!

Omega Prime: It’s showtime, Galvatron. You and me, one-on-one. Do you accept?

Galvatron: You’re serious, aren’t you? You actually think you can win! You’re even more foolish than I thought!

Omega Prime: This has always been about you and me. Let the others go. They’re no threat to you.

Galvatron: So I’ll have you as the entrĂ©e. They’ll be the dessert. What an excellent idea.

Sideburn: Yuck. I hate bats.

Galvatron: Now, Omega Prime, lead the way to whatever battleground you wish. It will be your final resting place.

Omega Prime: T-AI, I want you to open a path to the Earth’s core, and seal up every portal behind us as soon as we’ve gone through it.

T-AI: There must be another way. If I do that…

Omega Prime: There is no other way. No matter what he does to me, if he’s trapped down there, we’ve won.

T-AI: But if you win, you won’t be able to get out. You’ll be trapped down there forever.

Omega Prime: That’s a direct order, T-AI. Now do it.

Koji: What about your mission?! Without you, what’s going to happen to the planet Earth? Who’s gonna protect it from its enemies?

Omega Prime: You will, Koji. Your generation will find a way to carry on. But if I don’t get rid of Galvatron, there’ll be nothing left of Earth to protect.

Koji: Wait… Optimus! My generation, that’s it! Fortress Maximus responded to us before. So if we can all get online and send him energy, maybe we can re-activate him and give him the power he needs to help Omega Prime. Mayday, mayday! The Autobots need our help. We’ve got to re-energize Fortress Maximus. We’ve got to send him energy from all over the world, from as many kids as we can contact inorder to give him enough power to re-activate. Call every friend you’ve got! All of us have to work together to protect the Earth! It’s up to us now, guys. Galvatron’s trying to steal our world and our future, but we’re not gonna let him! We were able to activate Fortress Maximus before, and now we’re gonna do it again. We’ve got to!


Fortress Maximus: Activation failure. Power at minimum.

Galvatron: Quit stalling, Omega Prime! I didn’t follow you for a sight seeing tour.

Omega Prime: Patience, Galvatron. The battleground I’ve chosen isn’t far. Infact, we’re almost there.

Galvatron: Good. I’d like to stay for supper, but I’ll have to destroy you quickly. I have an important meeting to attend.

Omega Prime: Meeting? What are you talking about?

Galvatron: I’m going to visit a friend of yours, the boy Koji.

Omega Prime: Why? He can’t hurt you.

Galvatron: True, but he can help me. Infact, he’s an indispensable part of my plan. Through him I’ll gain access to Earth’s children and soon, his entire generation will be under my control.

Omega Prime: What?

Galvatron: A pity you won’t be around to see it.

Omega Prime: Can’t… last… much… longer.

Galvatron: You’re exhausted, Prime. Admit it. Your strength is almost gone.

Omega Prime: He’s right.

Galvatron: …But this is so entertaining, I’ve decided to indulge myself and enjoy your misery for a few moments more. Hahahaha!

Sideburn: Don’t give up, Omega Prime. Keep fighting!

Prowl: You can do it!

X-Brawn: You’ve got the spark of an Autobot!

Rail Racer: We know you’ve got what it takes, big guy. Galvatron’s never beaten you and he never will.

Landfill: Show that monster what it means to be an Autobot.

Omega Prime: You may destroy me, Galvatron, but you still won’t win in the end.

Galvatron: Well at least you’re partly right. Haha!

Fortress Maximus: Energy, receiving energy.

T-AI: I think it’s working! Maximus, report!

Cerebros: Powering up. Online receptor activated.

T-AI: We did it! He’s online again! In a few minutes, he’s gonna be completely re-energized.

Koji: Terrific!

Galvatron: How foolish you were to choose this as our battleground. You see, heat and pressure are nothing to me. You haven’t faired nearly so well.

Omega Prime: We’ll see.

Galvatron: Resistance is an exercise in futility. My only regret about destroying you is that you can’t see what’s going to happen to your beloved Earth!

Cerebros: Energy source identified. Harmonic responses compatible.

Omega Prime: I won’t let you harm this planet, you monster.

Galvatron: You still don’t understand, do you? Your opinions and intentions are no longer of any consequence. For I have discovered a power even greater than that of every Cybertron in the universe combined.

Omega Prime: What?


Fortress Maximus: Re-routing energy to Omega Prime.

Galvatron: This power resides in the hearts and minds of Earth’s children. Their fundamental belief that the universe is a place where goodness prevails over evil is the most powerful force in existance. But once I’ve warped their minds, evil will prevail and I will reign supreme! What’s this, another one of your Autobot tricks?!

Omega Prime: It’s Fortress Maximus. He’s sending me his power to energize the Matrix!

Galvatron: Aaahh! I don’t get it. A moment ago you were as weak as a protoform cyberdrone.

Omega Prime: It turns out you were right, Galvatron. The energy of Earth’s younger generation is an unstoppable force. But now those who you plan to victimize are using that power to defeat you!

Galvatron: This power has just begun! Galvatron, robot mode!

Omega Prime: You are going down, Galvatron!

Galvatron: We’ll see about that, Autobot. Come on!

Omega Prime: You’ve got it! Matrix Blade!

Galvatron: Go ahead, your newfound energy won’t last you much longer and then you’re mine!

Omega Prime: I disagree!

Koji: What’s going on?!

Sideburn: It’s over, guys. That was some explosion. The whole sky’s lit up.

Landfill: Wow.

Rail Racer: Whoa. I’ve never seen anything like it.

T-AI: My meters are maxed out. No one could survive a blast like that.

Koji: But Omega Prime could, right? I mean, he did win, didn’t he, T-AI?

T-AI: Y-yes.

Koji: Then I don’t get it. Why are you crying? Everything’s gonna be all right now. Omega won.

T-AI: He’s trapped.

Koji: He… can’t be. Magnus, Optimus, come back!


Koji: Where did everybody go? This place looks deserted. Sideburn?! X-Brawn?! Prowl?! I guess they went back to Cybertron. I’ll probably never see them again. For a second, I thought…

Optimus: …You thought what, Koji?

Koji: I knew you’d come back! How’d you get out, Optimus?

Optimus: The energy released from Galvatron’s de-activation re-opened the space bridge.

Koji: Is Sideburn still chasing red sportscars? And the rest of the Autobots, are they still here too?

Optimus: Yes, Koji. We’ll be going home soon, but first we’re going to have one last look around and have a little fun.

Koji: Yeah!

X-Brawn: Yeehaw! The steeper the better. Long as I’m climbing, I’m happy.

Sideburn: Hey there, sweetie. What are you doing in a place like this?

Prowl: Get back in your own lane, Sideburn, or you’ll be spending the night with Tow-Line at the impound lot!

Tow-Line: No parking means no parking!

Railspike: Team Bullet Train’s on track!

Wedge: Come on, Build Team, we’ve got a deadline to meet!

Grimlock: Haven’t missed one yet…

Hightower: …And never will!

Ironhide: C’mon, guys, I know I’m faster than y’all are, but try and keep up, will ya?!

Mirage: Hey! I’m the fastest Spychanger.

Skid-Z: But I’m even faster!

T-AI: Hey, Skid-Z, will you please slow down?!

Koji: Once you’ve returned to Cybertron, do you think you’ll ever return to Earth again?

Optimus: If we’re needed, but with you and the other young people of Earth to protect it, I doubt you’ll need any help from us.

Koji: What happened to Galvatron and those other guys?

Optimus: Fortress Maximus is taking them back to Cybertron. They’ll be guests at the Asteroid Prison Colony for a long, long time.

Galvatron: This isn’t over yet, Optimus Prime! I’ll be back! I promise you.

Dark Scream: Hey, what happened to Sky-Byte?

Slapper: No one knows. He vanished without a trace.

Gas Skunk: Oh no! He’ll have to spend the rest of his life on Earth!

Preds: Poor Sky-Byte!

Sky-Byte (singing): Who’s the smartest shark around? Who’s the coolest shark in town? Sky-Byte, that’s me! Ha!