38 Galvatron’s Revenge

September 19, 2011  by Tony_Bacala  •  Episode Transcripts

Transcribed by Brandon Williams
Transformers: Robots in Disguise
“Galvatron’s Revenge” – Episode 38
Written by Richard Epcar

Koji: Previously on Transformers.

Cerebros: I must activate Fortress Maximus. Cerebros, transform. Initiate Headmaster Protocol.

Fortress Maximus: Arrghh!

Koji: Galvatron is already powerful, but now he’s got the added power of his command center. Fortress Maximus may not even be able to stop him.

Fortress Maximus: The Earth is under my protection. You shall not harm her. Maximum firepower!

Sky-Byte: I’ve never seen such power.

Scourge: The mighty Galvatron has fallen.

Sideburn: Amazing. I can’t believe we did it. We finally defeated Galvatron. That’ll teach him to mess with the Autobots.

Prowl: Hold on there a minute, Sideburn. Give a little credit to Fortress Maximus.

X-Brawn: Prowl’s right, little brother. If it weren’t for Fortress Maximus, we’d be right back where we started.

Sideburn: I didn’t forget, I was just saying that — oh, nevermind.

Wedge: That was pretty awesome, don’t you think? I doubt we’ll ever have to worry about Galvatron ever again.

Omega Prime: I wish that were true, Wedge, but something tells me that we haven’t seen the last of them yet.

T-AI: Omega Prime! I’m starting to get a faint energy reading from Galvatron. He may be re-energizing.

Galvatron: Autobots, it’ll take more than that to prevent me from obtaining my ultimate goal. You fools think you can stop me from controlling the universe. You’re sadly mistaken. Galvatron, bat mode! Ha, ha, ha, ha! Begin energy syphon.

Fortress Maximus: Alert! Power depletion. Power deple-tion.

T-AI: We have a very serious situation. Galvatron is syphoning energy from Fortress Maximus. Pretty soon he’ll be completely drained of power.

Sideburn: Everybody knows that Galvatron is a leech, but this is ridiculous.

X-Brawn: Yep, we’ve gotta get that fox outta the hen house and quick.

Prowl: I say we blast that dirtbag off of Fortress Maximus.

Sideburn: Exhaust Backfire!

Prowl: Jet Boosters!

X-Brawn: Bronco Blaster!

Sideburn: This is no good. I can’t really tell if we’re hitting Galvatron or not. You guys see anything?

Prowl: Negative, Sideburn. We’ve got to move in closer. It’s impossible to aim accurately from down here. There’s nothing to lock on to.

X-Brawn: We need to clobber him face-to-face.

Sideburn: Prowl, can you get us up there?

Prowl: 10-4, little brother. Come on, hop on! Prowl, transform!

Sideburn: Okay, bro, let’s roll. Hey, Galvatron! Back away from him! Leave Fortress Maximus alone or we’ll make you sorry you didn’t, you dirty energy sucker!

Galvatron: How cute. The flies are coming to get swatted. Scourge, get off your tin can and get rid of these pests. I’ve got important things to do.

Scourge: Yes, Galvatron. Right away. Let’s take care of this.

Ruination: With pleasure, sir. Laser cannon!

Scourge: Barrage Attack!

Sideburn: Hey, watch out, man!

Galvatron: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Excellent, keep decimating them! I want them pinned down there long enough to drain every precious drop of energy from Fortress Maximus. Ha, ha, ha, ha!

Fortress Maximus: Power depletion. Power depletion.

Wedge: Guys! We’ve gotta stop this! Combine!

Build Team: Quad power combiner mode!

Landfill: Landfill, ready for action. Right shoulder thrust!

Rail Racer: Have a nice trip.

Galvatron: Ha, I’ve never felt power like this before. It’s incredible. Ha, ha, ha. With all this wonderful new energy surging through me, I will be invincible.

Omega Prime: Galvatron.

Galvatron: Huh?

Omega Prime: Sorry to interupt your ego-maniacal rant, but I think it’s time you and I had a little one-on-one.

Galvatron: Ha! You think you have a chance to defeat me after all the power I just confiscated, but you’re even more deluded than I thought. I would really love to chit-chat, but I have planets to conquer, starting with this one!

Omega Prime: Come back here! Galvatron, if you think I’m going to let you destroy this planet, then you’re the deluded one!

Galvatron: Haha, mighty Omega, that was so true. Like it or not, you’re gazing at the future of the universe. I am state of the art now. And you are just an obsolete model, a relic.

Omega Prime: We’ll see about that.

Galvatron: I tire of this. I’m going to get rid of you and your irritating crew. Smother cloud!

Omega Prime: What the?

Sideburn: What’s he doing?

Sky-Byte: I guess nobody told them second hand smoke can be extremely hazardous to your health.

Galvatron: You fools!

Predacons: Huh?

Galvatron: What are you waiting for? Attack them.

Sky-Byte: Yes, sir! Well, you heard him, boys. Predacons, let them all have it.

Dark Scream: Center laser!

Slapper: Right laser!

Gas Skunk: Left laser!

Mega-Octane: Decepticons, prepare to combine.

Commandos: Yessir!

Mega-Octane: Combine!

Ruination: Ruination, awaken!

Scourge: Open fire!

Ruination: Yes, sir!

Galvatron: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Playtime’s over. Now it’s time to send my plan in motion and release my cyber-bats onto the world.


Galvatron: I’ve waited a long time for this moment. Once I’ve set my plan into action, the whole planet will fall to its knees. Time to dispatch my cyber-bats! Ha, ha, ha!

Koji: Oh wow. This doesn’t look good.

T-AI: My goodness, Koji, get away from there! Go back into your house!

Koji: What’s that?

T-AI: Prime, this is really serious. Galvatron has started attacking the children with robotic bats. Koji’s already been assaulted.

Omega Prime: He’s gone too far this time. Galvatron, it’s bad enough when you attack innocent children, but this one is a friend of mine. I will destroy you if it’s the last thing I do. You have my word on it.

Galvatron: Ha, ha, ha! You might as well get used to the fact that you’re an antique. You’re through. You’re helpless, Omega Prime. My forces will destroy your troops and steal your weaponry. The future of the children on the planet is in my hands. Soon this place will cease to exist. And after I’m done here, planet by planet, I’ll take over the entire universe. I really have to admit my plan is working brilliantly, don’t you agree, Omega Prime? I don’t know which is more enjoyable, controlling all the children or your inability to do anything about it.

Omega Prime: You’re dead wrong if you think I won’t stop you. It won’t seem so funny when I get through with you!

Galvatron: Don’t even think about fighting me. First of all, you’re no match for my new strength, thanks to Fortress Maximus. And secondly, you don’t want me to harm the kids, do you?

Koji: What’s this? What’s happening to me?

Omega Prime: Koji! You’ve got to hang in there. What kind of fiendish monster are you… to do this to innocent children! I’ve got to figure out how to stop him, without endangering the children.

Dr. Onishi: Omega, can you read me?

Omega Prime: Yes, go ahead, doctor.

Dr. Onishi: As I’m sure you’re aware, Galvatron’s attached these devices to the children. Any attempt to remove these devices on our own may cause severe brain damage. Children all over the world are being attacked by these mechanisms and there’s absolutely nothing we can do about it. I’m trying to figure out how we can remove these devices. I’ll keep in touch and let you know if I’m successful.

Omega Prime: I share your frustration, doctor. Regrettedly, I’m going to call for a tactical retreat until we can figure this out.

Landfill: What did you just say? I can’t believe my audio receivers. Are we gonna lie down and let Galvatron win?

Rail Racer: Prime, you can’t be serious about walking away.

X-Brawn: I say we go after that varmint and hit him with both barrels.

Prowl: My brother’s right. If we don’t stop Galvatron right now, it may be too late.

Omega Prime: I know how you all feel, but right now Galvatron has control of the children. That gives him the upperhand. We can’t move against him if there’s a chance he can hurt those kids. We’re going to have to put our heads together and come up with a water-tight plan.

Dr. Onishi: Whatever you do, you’re gonna have to do it fast. There’s no telling how much damage these devices have already caused. I’ll continue testing for a solution at this end. I’ll be sure to contact you if I come up with anything that could be useful.

Omega Prime: Don’t worry, doctor. We’re not about to let him get away with any of this. Autobots, head back to base.

Galvatron: Yes, that’s right. Run away like the coward that you are. Admit defeat.

Omega Prime: T-AI, activate the global space bridge.

T-AI: Roger. Global space bridge engaged.

Prowl: I can’t believe we’re just gonna walk away from a battle like this. This just doesn’t seem right.

Sideburn: I know what you mean. We should be fighting no matter what the consequences.

Omega Prime: We’re not defeated yet, we’re just regrouping. We’re gonna have to be very careful about our next step. Now move out!

Autobots: Yes, sir! / Right!

Galvatron: Hahahaha!

Scourge: Galvatron, are we just going to stand down and let them get away like this? Shouldn’t we go after them?!

Sky-Byte: Yes, Galvatron, while they retreat right now, we should hit them with everything we’ve got.

Galvatron: Who says we’re letting them get away? Don’t be so impatient, I have a plan. Iron Mammoth! I was waiting until they were all in the tunnel. Now that we have them all together, you can follow them into the space bridge and get rid of them all at the same time! Plasma blast! Why are you just standing there, Scourge? There’s the door, get rid of our enemies.

Scourge: Yes, sir. Ruination, give me a lift.

Sky-Byte: I can’t let that show-off get away with stealing all of the glory. Beast mode!

Galvatron: Ha, ha, ha! That’s perfect. Now I can get rid of the Autobots and the traitorous Decepticons at the same time.

Ultra Magnus: He’s trapped all of them. I’ve gotta save them, but how? How?


Scourge: There they are. This is are chance to get them all at once.

T-AI: Optimus Prime! You have company! You’ve been followed into the tunnel by Scourge and Ruination, so be careful.

Sideburn: Man, how’d they get in here? If they open up on us, we’ll be sitting ducks.

Optimus: Let’s turn around and face them. Everyone, speed turn!

Prowl: Whoa!

Sideburn: Whoa!

X-Brawn: Whoa!

Optimus: Watch out!

Midnight: Stay in formation. Everyone, speed turn!

Railspike: We can’t turn like that. We don’t have tires.

Midnight: What was that? Whoa!

Railspike: Whoa!

Rapid Run: Ah! What are you doing?

Wedge: Hey Team Bullet Train, I don’t know what it is that you’re doing, but the Decepticons are right behind us. Come on, you guys, you have to get back on track.

Ruination: Twin Laser Cannon!

Scourge: Fire lasers!

Sky-Byte: Shark missiles, attack now!

Optimus: Optimus Prime, transform! Battle Mode! All right, team. These guys want a fight, let’s give it to ’em.

Wedge: Wedge, transform! Ha!

Heavy Load: Heavy Load, transform! Ah!

Hightower: Hightower, transform! Hmmm!

Grimlock: Grimlock, transform! Oh, yeah!

Railspike: Railspike, transform!

Rapid Run: Rapid Run, transform!

Midnight: Midnight Express, transform!

Scourge: Barrage Attack!

Optimus: Everyone, open fire! Give ’em all you got.

Scourge: You’ll have to do a lot better than that.

Galvatron: The fools are fighting eachother, just as I knew they would. Heh, heh, heh. Now what in the world do you suppose would happen if I introduced all that molten lava into that tunnel? Hmmm… Galvatron, robot mode! Striker lance, power-up! My pawns served their purpose, now I’ll close the book once and for all. Then I’ll finally be left alone to rule the universe.

Magnus: Not so fast. Hold the celebration. Arm missile!

Galvatron: Ah! Why you… No one attacks me and gets away with it.

Magnus: You got me craving. Eat this! Had enough?

Galvatron: You’ve forgotten, you Insecticon, I have the power of Fortress Maximus. I am impervious to the likes of you. You are weak, and my time is limited. Once I’ve finished them off, I’ll take care of you. Welcome to my inferno.

Landfill: Fire lasers!

Sideburn: Did you guys feel that?

X-Brawn: What in tarnation?

Prowl: Huh?

Ruination: Do you feel that? Scourge, what’s going on?

Galvatron: Ruination and Scourge, this is Galvatron, can you hear me?

Scourge: Yes, sir. What is it?

Galvatron: I’ve decided to heat things up. I’m giving you all a send-off. You both are going to be melted into scrap metal, along with the rest of the Autobots… And it’s a payback for being traitors!

Scourge: No, sir! What are you saying?! We’re not traitors, we would never betray you. Don’t go through with this!

Sky-Byte: Don’t melt us all, Galvatron! I’m not a traitor, I’m your humble servant! Don’t you remember?

Galvatron: Sky-Byte, I didn’t order you in there, I’m afraid you’re on your own.

Sky-Byte: What?! Oh, thanks a lot! This is what I get for trying to help the guy.

Optimus: T-AI, what’s causing all this seismic activity?

T-AI: It’s Galvatron. With the energy he’s acquired, he’s removed the barren wall between the planet’s molten core and the space bridge. He’s trying to collapse the tunnel and destroy all of you inside it. Optimus, come in!

Galvatron: That’s the end of all my enemies. At least I gave them a warm depature. What? There’s an ever-sibilant drain on my energy. I’ve got to cut some power while I let my system recharge. I could lose my hold over the children, but with the Autobots gone, I don’t need them now. Cyber-bat control, power-down.

Dr. Onishi: Koji, talk to me. Are you all right? Listen, wake up!

Koji: Oh man. What happened? Dad, where’s Optimus Prime? And the rest of the Autobots?

Dr. Onishi: They were being badly beaten by Galvatron. So Optimus led a tactical retreat.

Koji: What? Optimus wouldn’t run away from Galvatron like that!

Dr. Onishi: Koji, Galvatron was holding all of the children of the world hostage. Optimus did the right thing.

Koji: But Optimus is the only one who can get rid of Galvatron and the Decepticons once and for all! We’ve got to contact him now. We’ve got to tell him that the children are all right!

Ruination: Grab on!

Sideburn: I can’t stop!

Heavy Load: Gotta get outta here.

Optimus: Don’t think I’ll make it this time.

Koji (Optimus hallucination): Stay strong, Optimus Prime. Stay strong. We need you to save our planet.

Optimus: Koji… I haven’t forgotten my promise to you. I won’t give up now. I have to resist this!

Galvatron: Hahahaha! Optimus Prime has disappointed everyone by not destroying me. All the Autobots are gone, and so are all the traitors. Things are very good. Strange, why is the ground still rumbling?

Optimus: We’ve got a surprise for you, Galvatron!

Sideburn: We’re not done by a long shot.

Wedge: Now we’re mad.

Midnight: Very, very mad.

Galvatron: This is impossible. There’s no way any of you could’ve withstood that heat down there and survived.

Optimus: I guess you just miscalculated our power. Now, Galvatron, you and I have a little store to settle.

Galvatron: Ha, you were lucky to survive once. I wouldn’t try it again. You may have escaped the lava, that was luck. But mess with me and I’ll tear you apart. You know you can’t defeat me anyway. Wait until you see how easy it is for me to recharge my energy. It is as easy as taking in a big breath. Transform, Iron Mammoth! What do you think now, Optimus Prime? In my Iron Mammoth form, I’m indestructable. And I owe it all to you leading me to Fortress Maximus. You only have yourself to blame. Thanks to you, I will take over the universe!


Optimus: You’re not doing anything. Not as long as there’s spark in my frame.

Galvatron: We’ll see. You know what they always say, if at first you don’t succeed —

Optimus: — In your case, give up! Face it, Galvatron. You’re finished here.

Galvatron: You’re the one who should give up.

Koji: Galvatron’s new power has made him unbeatable. He’s found a way to disable the Autobots so that they can’t fight him. Without their help, the Earth will be doomed!

Galvatron: Hahahahahahaha!

Koji: Please, Optimus, don’t let him win. We all need you. The Earth needs you!