37 Suprise Attack

September 19, 2011  by Tony_Bacala  •  Episode Transcripts

Transcribed by Brandon Williams
Transformers: Robots in Disguise
“Surprise Attack” – Episode 37
Written by Tom Wyner

Galvatron: This is how I repay those who betray me. But your pain will also be your redemption. Each of you contains part of my essence, but your evolving individuality, desire and independence has weakened my influence, a development that is not irreversible. I shall recalibrate my spark programming and turn all of you into loyal servants again.

Gas Skunk: Oh, can he do that?

Dark Scream: He can do a lot of things he couldn’t do before.

Slapper: He oughta update his resume.

Scourge: Galvatron, I exist only to serve you. I await your orders.

Mega-Octane: The Decepticons serve you, and you alone, Galvatron. And we’ll destroy anyone who tries to prevent you from becoming supreme ruler of the universe.

Scourge: We are yours to command.

Sky-Byte: Hmmmm, it seems to me I’ve heard that one before.

Galvatron: Sky-Byte!

Sky-Byte: Errr, sir!

Galvatron: Sky-Byte, unlike those traitors, the Predacons have always been loyal. You’re the only ones I can trust.

Sky-Byte: Oh joy, oh rapture unforeseen.

Preds: I think… I’m gonna cry!

Galvatron: Because of this devotion, I am putting you in command of the next mission.

Sky-Byte: Yes, sir! Thank you, sir!

Galvatron: Now then, it would seem that this human boy Koji is fond of you.

Sky-Byte: Huh? Oh, the boy! It’s all good… Well, I can explain that!

Galvatron: Sky-Byte, you will find the little pest and follow him wherever he goes. Is that understood?

Sky-Byte: Yes, sir. You can count on me. I won’t let him out of my sight for an instant.

Galvatron: Sooner or later that boy will lead us to the Autobots’ secret headquarters, which is where they must be hiding Cerebros.

Sky-Byte: Ah, yes. Another brilliant and cunning plan as usual, sir.

Galvatron: As for my Decepticons, your newfound loyalty and unquestioned obedience is still unproven. As of now, you are under Sky-Byte’s command.

Decepticons: Yes, sir!

Sky-Byte: This is getting better and better. Leave it to me, sir. I will not fail you.


Dr. Onishi: Blast. That doesn’t work, either.

Koji: Hi Dad.

Dr. Onishi: Hello, son.

Koji: Whatcha working on?

Dr. Onishi: I’ve downloaded every bit of information we have about Fortress Maximus in order to create a control program. Without success, I’m afraid.

Koji: Well maybe that’s because he responds to something else that isn’t a program at all.

Dr. Onishi: Hmmm…

Koji: When he responded to me, it was like we were feeling the same thing at the same time. Almost like we were on the same wave length or something. You know what I mean, Dad? I felt like we were singing the same song in perfect harmony.

Dr. Onishi: Harmony… You’ve just given me an idea, Koji.

Koji: T-AI’s working on the same problem right now. Could be she’s learned something new. I’ll go to Autobot headquarters and find out.

Dr. Onishi: Take care, son.

Sky-Byte: I’m sure it won’t take a long time to find him. I’m sure he lives around here somewhere.

Jenny: Hello there, Mr. Sky-Byte!

Sky-Byte: Huh?!

Jenny: Hahahaha.

Sky-Byte: (Thinking) She knows who I am! I have to do something fast before she becomes suspicious! (Out loud) Hello there, young lady. Lovely day, isn’t it? (Thinking again) How embarrassing. I hate having to pretend to be Mr. Nice Guy. But under the circumstances, I have no choice. Because if Koji finds out I’m here, he won’t lead me anywhere.

Jenny: I’ll bet you’re looking for Koji, aren’t you?

Sky-Byte: Uhhh, why do you ask?

Jenny: Because he lives just a couple of blocks down that way.

Sky-Byte: Haha, I know! We’re friends, after all!

Jenny: Well, when you see him, tell him Jenny says “hello.” Nice meeting you, Mr. Sky-Byte. Bye now!

Sky-Byte: See ya! Nice to have seen you too, Jenny! Remember, any friend of Koji’s is a friend of mine! Well now, that didn’t take long. I’ll hide over here. Hmmm… He seems to be in a hurry. I wonder why. Perhaps something’s going on at Autobot headquarters and he’s headed there at this very moment. Sky-Byte, beast mode! Perfect. He doesn’t know he’s under surveillance, so following him will be easy. It looks like an ordinary parking structure. Very clever, but not clever enough to fool Sky-Byte. Hahaha, hwa! There must be a secret entrance, and the boy will lead me straight to it. Huh? Where’d he go?! There’s nothing here but cars! I lost him. He vanished into fumes.


Sideburn: Come on, Cerebros, don’t just stand there. We’re on your side. We can protect the Earth a whole lot better if we knew a way of controlling Maximus, and you’re the one that can tell us how to do it. Whoa! Cerebros just came online! How’d that happen?

Cerebros: A trilateral program consisting of bio-signature identification, motivational recognition and harmonic residence calibration. As a singular entity, I will respond to the signature of any Autobot whose motivation is the protection of Earth. When fused with Fortress Maximus, I will respond only to the bio-signature of humans whose motivation is to aid and protect and in whom I detect no disharmonic residence of self interest or desire for personal gain.

Koji: That’s why you wouldn’t respond to Carl when he was showing off.

T-AI: That explains why you came back online when Scourge duplicated Optimus’ bio-signature, but wouldn’t obey him once you were combined with Fortress Maximus.

X-Brawn: It’s a good system, but it’s not perfect. Scourge got control of Maximus out there in the desert, at least for a while. It’s up to us to make sure that never happens again.


Sky-Byte: Galvatron, I followed the boy Koji into a parking structure. Once inside, he vanished. But the headquarters must be somewhere inside this building.

Galvatron: Have you found a way in?

Sky-Byte: No, sir. There must be a secret entrance.

Galvatron: But your certain that it’s hidden within that structure.

Sky-Byte: Uh, absolutely.

Galvatron: Well done, Sky-Byte. That’s where we’ll focus our attack. Once the Autobots are forced out of hiding, they’ll be kept busy by the Decepticons. And you’ll slip in and take Cerebros.

Sky-Byte: Uh, sir, it’s only free parking for the first twenty minutes. Could you send me some quarters?

Galvatron: What?!

Sky-Byte: Nothing, sir!

Galvatron: Now gather the Decepticons and prepare to attack.

Sky-Byte: Right. Immediately, sir. I hope they validate.

Scourge: Out of my way, humans!

Movor: Target in range. I’m moving in. Time to smoke ’em out.

T-AI: Optimus, look! It’s the Decepticons. Somehow they figured out where we are.

Sideburn: They’re hitting us with everything they’ve got!

Optimus: What they really want in Cerebros.

Scourge: Continue the attack. Maximum firepower! Scourge, transform! Decepticons, transform and move in.

Rollbar & Armorhide: Transform!

Ro-Tor: Ro-Tor, transform!

Movor: Movor, transform!

Mega-Octane: Mega-Octane, transform! Decepticons, combiner mode!

Commandos: Roger!

Ruination: Ruination awakens!

Scourge: Sky-Byte, you are in command. The Decepticons await your orders.

Sky-Byte: I like your attitude, Decepticon. The Autobots are somewhere in that building. Blast them out.

Scourge: Yes, sir!

Sky-Byte: Heh, heh, heh, heh! I’ve waited for this a long time. I’m finally in command.

Dark Scream: You’re the boss, Sky-Byte!

Slapper: That’s right. You’re Galvatron’s go-to guy! Now we’ll have it easy and Scourge and his guys will have to do all the dirty work.

Gas Skunk: That is, unless we mess it up and have to go back without Cerebros.

Sky-Byte: Errrghh…

Slapper & Dark Scream: Nevermind.

Gas Skunk: Forget it.

Ruination: Ruination, rapid fire!

Optimus: All right, we’ve prepared for this. Time to put the plan into action. You’ve all got the co-ordinates. I’ll meet you there.

Sideburn: Hey, what about Koji? We can’t leave him here by himself.

T-AI: And going with you would be too dangerous.

Optimus: You’re right, so we’ll change the plan a little. Autobot Brothers, you stay here with Koji. When the Decepticons hear the open-frequency distress call and clear out, take him some place safe.

Sideburn: Done deal, dude.

Optimus: Showtime, guys. You ready?

All: Roger!

Optimus: All Autobots, mayday! Mayday! Headquarters is being attacked! I’m trying to escape with Cerebros.

Sky-Byte: Sky-Byte, beast mode! I gave you an order. Where are you going?

Slapper: Hey, who’s that Optimus is carrying?

Gas Skunk: Cerebros.

Dark Scream: Uh oh!

Ro-Tor: Don’t let him get away!

Koji: Stop, Sideburn. Let me off here.

Sideburn: Catch you later, little buddy.

Koji: Good luck, you guys.

X-Brawn: Thanks.

Prowl: Be safe, Koji. Come on, guys. We don’t want them to start the party without us.

Autobot Bros: Let’s roll!

T-AI: This is T-AI, calling all Autobots! Calling Skid-Z, Tow-Line, Spychangers, Team Bullet Train and the Build Team. Okay now, listen up. The Decepticons and the Predacons have taken the base. They’re following Optimus and Cerebros. Go to the designated co-ordinates now.

All: Roger!


Skid-Z: All right! The time’s finally come for Galvatron’s thugs to get what’s coming to them!

Tow-Line: You said it. It’s payback time.

Hot Shot: C’mon, Spychangers. Let’s roll.

Spychangers: Let’s roll!

Midnight: Oh, come on! Last one there’s a dorgulflue!

Rapid Run: This is gonna be a battle to remember.

Railspike: Probably the most important we’ve ever fought. This one’s gonna settle things once and for all.

Heavy Load: I’m ready to rumble!

Wedge: Build Team, move out.

T-AI: All the Autobots are on their way, Optimus.

Optimus: Good. Make sure they stay out of sight till our guests arrive. Hold tight, Cerebros. We’re going off-road.

Sky-Byte: It’s a dead end. He’s trapped.

Optimus: When they attack, I’ll take a base of action. So hold on!

Gas Skunk: We got him now!

Optimus: We sure are cutting this a little close!


Kelly: What a lovely day for a ride on the lake. It’s so calm and relaxing.

Optimus: Optimus Prime, transform!

Kelly: Those robots again! I won’t get upset, I won’t let them ruin my day. No matter what they’ll do, I’ll ignore them.

Scourge: Scourge, transform!

Mega-Octane: Mega-Octane, transform!

Ro-Tor: Ro-Tor, transform!

Movor: Movor, transform!

Armorhide: Armorhide, transform!

Rollbar: Rollbar, transform!

Gas Skunk: Gas Skunk, terrorize!

Dark Scream: Dark Scream, terrorize!

Slapper: Slapper, terrorize!

Sky-Byte: Sky-Byte, terrorize!

Kelly: If I get farther away, it’ll be easier to ignore them!

Sky-Byte: As one commander to another, I would just like to say, you did your best, Optimus, but I’m afraid it wasn’t good enough. And now you must suffer the consequences. Nothing to say? This is a momentous occassion, you must have some last words. Hahahaha!

Optimus: I suggest you take a look behind you, Sky-Byte.

Sky-Byte: Hahaha — Oh. Autobots! So it was a trick! You weren’t running, you were leading us into a trap!

Optimus: I knew you’d find out headquarters eventually, so we were ready for you. Your surprise attack was no surprise at all.

Galvatron: You’re in for a little surprise yourself, Optimus. Galvatron, transform!

Optimus: Galvatron.

Galvatron: Ever wonder why I came to this wretched planet? The Predacon Council sent me to capture the most powerful fighting machine in Cybertron’s history, Fortress Maximus.

Optimus: Then you’ve here for nothing. He won’t obey you. You can’t control him.

Galvatron: Perhaps, but you can’t control him either. And without his firepower and weaponry, you can’t stop me from destroying you.

Optimus: What is that thing?

Ironhide: Whatever it is, I think we’re in trouble.

Mirage: I’ve never seen that kind of firepower.

REV: What are we gonna do?

WARS: That’s a real good question.

Slapper: Where’s Sky-Byte? He’s our commander now! He’s supposed to be protecting us.

Sky-Byte: I want my blanky!

Gas Skunk: Commander, huh?

Slapper: He found a good place to hide, didn’t he?

Wedge: Build Team, form Landfill! Combine!

Build Team: Quad power combiner mode!

Railspike: Now it’s our turn, guys. Let’s do it.

Midnight: Rail Racer!

Rapid Run: Transform!

Bullet Trains: Bullet Fusion Mode! Triple Power, Rail Racer!

Rail Racer: Fusion Mode! Come on, Galvatron. Take your best shot. I’ll have to fire this one right up his tailpipe. Here I can’t miss.

X-Brawn: X-Brawn, super-charge!

Prowl: Prowl, super-charge!

Sideburn: Sideburn, super-charge!

Magnus: Even with all the Autobots here, they still can’t win without me.

Sideburn: Hurry up, Magnus! We’re in trouble down here.

Magnus: Ultra Magnus, transform! We’ll fight ’em together, Optimus!

Magnus & Optimus: Combine into Omega Prime!

Omega Prime: Omega Blast!

X-Brawn: Omega Prime got blown away like a tumbleweed on the prarie. How are we gonna stop that thing?

Omega Prime: We’ll find a way. We’ve got to.

Galvatron: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Come now, let’s be realistic, shall we? If you had any way of stopping me, you’d have done it by now.

Wedge: Yeah? We’ll just see about that, Galvatron.

Omega Prime: Landfill, wait!

Wedge: You haven’t beaten us yet. You never will! I’ve got the spark of an Autobot. And that’s more powerful than any weapon.

Omega Prime: Landfill!

Cerebros: That strength of his courage, his willingness, to sacrifice himself to protect the Earth. I must initiate Headmaster protocol. I must activate Fortress Maximus.

T-AI: Omega Prime, I’m picking up some strange kind of seismic activity in your location.

Omega Prime: What’s going on?

Wedge: Omega Prime, behind you, it’s Fortress Maximus.

Cerebros: Fortress Maximus, battle mode. Cerebros, transform.

Fortress Maximus: AAAARRRGGGHHH!

Sideburn: Maximus is back!

Galvatron: So, the mighty Fortress Maximus has finally decided to fight. Very well, let’s see how mighty he really is. Galvatron, gigaclaw mode! Initiating command center integration.


Omega Prime: Galvatron is tremendously powerful, but now he’s got the added power of his command center. Even Maximus may not be able to stop him.

Galvatron: Fire!

Wedge: I don’t know how you activated Maximus, but I’m sure glad you did.

Omega Prime: Not me, Landfill. Cerebros responded to your courage. All right, Autobots. Let’s get out there and win this thing.

Sideburn: Right! Let’s kick bot!

Prowl: Jet Boosters!

X-Brawn: Bronco Blast!

Scourge: Sword of Fury!

Omega Prime: Omega Fist of Steel!

Sky-Byte: Why can’t we all just get along?

Kelly: I think I’ll go home now. Okay?

Galvatron: Scorpus Laser!

Omega Prime: Omega Arsenal Blast!

Fortress Maximus: The Earth is under my protection. You shall not harm her.

Omega Prime: Thank you, Fortress Maximus. Thank you.