36 Mistaken Identity

September 19, 2011  by Tony_Bacala  •  Episode Transcripts

Transcribed by Brandon Williams
Transformers: Robots in Disguise
“Mistaken Identity” – Episode 36
Written by Michael McConnohie

Koji: Oh, man. What could it be?

Carl: Hey Koji, we’ve been looking for you everywhere. What’s the matter?

Koji: Hey Carl.

Carl: Wow, you really look confused. What’s the problem?

Koji: Fortress Maximus. I can’t figure out how to control him.

Carl: You’re kidding. I thought you knew everything there is to know about him.

Jenny: What are you talking about?

Carl: Only the largest Transformer robot on the planet. You’ve heard of him, haven’t you?

Jenny: Oh, yeah. They say it’s even bigger than our school.

Koji: Yeah. It is.

Jenny: And you were driving it, right?

Koji: Jenny, this is Fortress Maximus. He’s a robot, not some kind of lawnmower or something. For him, the instructions have to be voice command.

Jenny: What kind?

Carl: I don’t know.

Koji: I’ll tell you what. It’s not just words, either. You really have to concentrate on what you want him to do. He was attacking the Autobots and I got him to stop.

Jenny: And just like that he did? Wish I could’ve seen it.

Koji: I didn’t know how it would turn out, but it was really impressive. That Fortress Maximus did everything I asked him to do exactly when I asked him to do it.

Jenny: But weren’t you scared?

Koji: Maybe just a little bit. But it was awesome!

Carl: Bet I could control it.

Jenny: Who’d do what you’d say?

Carl: Listen, I know a lot of stuff! I’d be a good robot commander!

Jenny: Right! I’m sure you would.

Carl: Man, why is it that girls never understand when things are really important?!

Mega-Octane: The boy is here.

Scourge: This human is the one that commanded Fortress Maximus. I want his secret. Get him!

Mega-Octane: Mega-Octane, transform!

Scourge: Scourge, transform! Come here, boy.

Prowl: No, you don’t!

Sideburn: Get it!

Prowl: Hey! You don’t bother kids on my watch.

Sideburn: Infact, you just don’t do it at all. Exhaust Backfire!

Prowl: Combustion Missiles!

X-Brawn: And if that don’t get ya runnin’… Bronco Blast!

Scourge: Regroup!

Sideburn: Hey Koji… You all right there, buddy?

Koji: Yeah, just great. Thanks a lot, fellas.

Prowl: That’s good. And how about you two?

Carl: Uh, huh.

Jenny: Uhhh, fine!


Koji: You mean… You were there all the time?

Optimus: The Decepticons have been interested in you lately, so we thought some Autobot insurance was a good idea.

Sideburn: Yup, we’re just a whistle away.

Prowl: Sideburn, we’ve gotta be closer than that. Koji’s in danger because the Decepticons think he has the power to control Fortress Maximus.

Koji: But I don’t even know how I did it.

Optimus: That may be, Koji, but the Decepticons think you do know. And that makes you a very important target for them. Any luck, T-AI?

T-AI: Not yet. There’a reception problem. Fortress Maximus is very well shielded. I can’t get an energy reading. At this rate, I don’t know how we’re going to find him.

Galvatron: Why am I inflicted with such a crew of imbeciles? Someone had better report progress.

Scourge: Actually, um… Galvatron, I think I have a way to control Fortress Maximus.

Galvatron: It better be good. I’m not in the mood for another failure.

Scourge: He seems to respond to the boy. I suggest we capture the boy and see if he has some secret method of control we can use.

Sky-Byte: Is that right?

Scourge: What?

Sky-Byte: Lately you say one thing and do another. So the question is, what are you to, Scourge?

Scourge: You — everything I do, it’s all for Galvatron!

Galvatron: Stop your juvenile squabbling and bring me the boy!

Scourge: It’ll take some planning. Those Autobots are on-guard 24/7.

Galvatron: Hmmm… We mustn’t underestimate Optimus Prime.

Scourge: No, sir.

Sky-Byte (thinking): Opportunity is knocking. If I can bring Koji here, I’ll be in and Scourge will be out. I could live with that.


Koji: Aw, I’m getting better. I wish I could go ride one of those big pipes.

Carl: Well come on, then. Let’s go. There’s one down by the shopping mall.

Koji: I’d really like to, but I’ve got firm instructions not to go very far. Don’t believe me, just look. I think they’re just being over-protective.

Carl: I think you’re one lucky kid, really.

Koji: Huh?

Carl: You have a lot of adventures all over the world. You get to ride with Optimus Prime and with Sideburn, too. I wish I could be you for just one day.

Koji: Yeah? Maybe we both could get what we want. Listen…

Carl: Wha?

Koji: Yeah. This could be fun.

Carl: All right, but the next time you go see Fortress Maximus, I get to go with you.

Koji: Why not? Anything for my best friend.

Sideburn: Hey, Koji, what are you doing? You know you’re supposed to tell us whenever you’re gonna go some place else.

Carl: Uh oh. Busted.

Sideburn: Transform! Wait a minute… Hey! You’re not Koji.

Carl: Ah, uh…

Sideburn: What’s going on here?

Carl: Well it’s a promise between friends kinda deal. And I promised I wouldn’t…

Sideburn: Well, it looks like you’re gonna have to break that promise, doesn’t it?!


Koji: Yeah, this is great! At last, I’m finally on my own! Huh?

Sideburn: Uh, Koji? Did you really think we’d fall for that?

Prowl: You are AWOL, young man.

Koji: How did you find out so fast?

Sideburn: You had us worried. Happy now, are ya?

Koji: Wha…


Carl: Wow, I hope Koji’s not in too much trouble. Those guys get serious.

Sky-Byte: There he is. Koji, dear boy, I’m afraid our friendship means nothing against the chance to impress Galvatron, and put a large stick in Scourge’s spokes. Hahahaha! Don’t look now!

Carl: Huh?

Sky-Byte: Trick or treat! Hahahaha! I told you not to look.


Optimus: So you see, Koji. There is a lot at stake here. What you did could’ve put you in great danger.

Koji: Sorry. I didn’t think.

T-AI: There’s a message from Wedge, Optimus.

Wedge: Emergency! Optimus, Koji’s been kidnapped by Sky-Byte!

Optimus: Say that again?

Wedge: I was passing by when I saw the whole thing going down. I was ready to use the old hand-to-hand, but then there was this big traffic jam and I’m not designed to chase flying sharks.

Sideburn: Hey, relax, Wedge. Koji’s with us.

Koji: Yeah, how’s it going, Wedge?

Wedge: What? But this boy looked exactly like you. He was wearing the same clothes and everything.

Koji: Oh no! That means they got Carl!

Prowl: The kid from today?

Sideburn: Yeah, that’s gotta be the one. In those clothes, he looked exactly like Koji.

Koji: Oh, please, no!

T-AI: I’ll run a grid search.

Optimus: Wedge, get the Build Team together and bring them back to Autobot Base.

Wedge: You got it, Prime. Be there in a cycle.


Galvatron: What now?

Sky-Byte: I have a gift for you, Lord Galvatron, and I’m sure it will brighten your day. It’s quite a surprise.

Galvatron: Really? What is it?

Sky-Byte: It’s the boy Koji, sir.

Galvatron: Well done, Sky-Byte.

Sky-Byte: Thank you. As you can plainly see, sir, Scourge may talk a good game, but it’s Sky-Byte who always delivers the goods.

Galvatron: Good. Well, then show me the boy who commands Fortress Maximus.

Sky-Byte: Master Galvatron, pleasing you is my only reward.

Carl: Ow! Did you have to do that? Huh? Aaahh!

Scourge: That is not Koji. You failed again!

Sky-Byte: Urrrghhh! I have no idea how this could’ve happened, sir. I was let astray!

Galvatron: You will pay for this!

Sky-Byte: Would you… take a check?

Galvatron: Shut your mouth, fool. How’ll you fix it? Tell me that.

Sky-Byte: Well, I still have the receipt, I could see about doing an exchange.

Galvatron: I’ve had enough!

Scourge: I wonder…

Galvatron: What?

Scourge: There is a possibility, sir. Before there were other humans around too. Perhaps it’s just humans, in general. Maybe this boy would work just as well.

Galvatron: I’m running out of patience with your theories, Scourge. I want to see some results, now!

Scourge: This boy is the same age as Koji. There must be other similarities aswell.

Galvatron: Hmmm…

Movor: Movor reporting. I have a bearing on our big bot buddy. Downloading now.

Mega-Octane: Sir, we have the co-ordinates for Fortress Maximus.

Galvatron: Good. I want to be there.


T-AI: Sorry, Optimus. I haven’t found a trace of their movements.

Koji: What are they up to? What could the Decepticons possibly be doing with Carl?

Optimus: Good question. I think there’s a strong possibility they’re trying to bring Fortress Maximus back online.

Koji: How do they expect Carl to help?

Optimus: Remember, they thought they were getting you, and you’ve proven you can interface with him.

Koji: Hang on, Carl.


Carl: Huh?! That thing is what you want me to command?

Koji (flashback): I’ll tell you what. It’s not just words, either. You really have to concentrate.

Scourge: All right, boy. Do it. Command him to activate.

Carl (thinking): I know you did it when Koji gave the command. Oh, please, please respond. These are bad guys. They tried to kidnap Koji. They did kidnap me! We can’t just let them get away with it.

Cerebros: Cerebros, transform.

Carl: Huh?

Scourge: So, other humans do have the power.

Fortress Maximus: REEEAAARGGHHHH!

Galvatron: Call out to him, boy. Try to get his attention.

Carl: Fortress Maximus! Aaaahhh!

Galvatron: Congratulations, Scourge. You got him online. Now just how do we control him?

Scourge: We only need to control the child.

Galvatron: Mmmhmmm.

Scourge: Find out how strong he is. Have him punch the mountain.

Carl: Yeah. Punch!

Galvatron: Ha, ha, ha!

Carl: Wow. He’s the strongest bot I’ve ever seen!


T-AI: Optimus, I’m reading a signal.

Optimus: Excellent. Can you pinpoint where it’s coming from, T-AI?

T-AI: Not far away. I believe it’s originating in sector gamma four.

Optimus: Activate TransWarp.

T-AI: Global space bridge ready to go.

Optimus: Tell the Autobot Brothers to roll out. I’ll meet them there.

Koji: Listen, Optimus. I really need to go with you.

Optimus: I’m sorry, Koji. It’s too risky. Our priority is saving Carl.

Koji: I wanna help.

Optimus: The mission will be easier if we’re not worrying about you.

Koji: Right.


Koji: Hey, Sideburn. Are you there?

Sideburn: Yeah, what’s up?

Koji: I need to ask a favour. I really need you to come back.

Sideburn: Didn’t Optimus already tell you no?

Koji: Sideburn, they kidnapped my friend ’cause they thought he was me. Okay, maybe I can’t explain this in any way that will make sense to you, but I feel like it’s… It’s all my fault. He’s my friend.

Sideburn: Ummm…

Koji: I know that I’m not going to be able to really do anything for him except maybe try to stay out of the way, but I need to be there.

Sideburn: I hope I don’t regret this.


Koji: Sideburn, I really appreciate this.

Sideburn: Koji, it’s a friend in need, right? Hey, that’s all in a day’s work for us. Hang on, buddy.

Koji: Right! Pedal to the metal.

Carl: Wow, this is completely amazing, just the way Koji said! There’s nothing I can’t do. Yeah-ha! Now what do these bad guys deserve to have done to them? Whatever it is, I can dish it out now.

Galvatron: Scourge, have the boy stop him now.

Scourge: Now I understand. The chain is complete. If I control the human, I control Fortress Maximus, my weapon! Maximus, crush them into dust!

Sky-Byte: What?!

Galvatron: What did you just say, Scourge?

Scourge: I said I’m through pretending to be your servant. I’ve been remembering a lot of things lately, including the reason I came to Earth in the first place.

Galvatron: Oh, tell me why.

Scourge: Pompous fool! I am here for Fortress Maximus. When I awoke from protoform stasis, I got more than you planned. I got a heavy dose of your ambition!

Galvatron: What did you say?

Scourge: I am my own master. I have my own goals. I don’t take orders from inferiors. And now that I have the proper tool for my conquest, I have no further need for you. Fortress Maximus, tremble them into the dust!

Sky-Byte: Galvatron, please! Let’s go!

Galvatron: Iron Mammoth!

Sky-Byte: Sir, you may not have noticed, but actually, he’s just a little bit larger than you…

Carl: All right, keep on going! Don’t stop! I’m going to defeat the Decepticons with only my bare hand! Koji’s going to be so jealous of me!

Sky-Byte: Master, this way!

Scourge: You’re going to be scrap! Useless bits of metal, with no thoughts, no emotions, while I will go on. Why are you waiting? Crush them!

Sky-Byte: If you don’t mind, I don’t want to be bits of metal…

Scourge: What’s the matter?! I gave you an order! Do it. Do it!

Carl: Aw, no! Don’t stop now! Let’s go. We’re gonna trample them into metal dust!

Scourge: I control you. You will obey me!

Fortress Maximus: Frequency error, abort. Frequency error, abort.

Carl: What does that mean? Sounds like something bad.

Fortress Maximus: Frequency error, abort.

Carl: Uh, I wanna get out now.

Galvatron: Scourge, I think we have something to discuss.

Prowl: Prowl, transform!

X-Brawn: X-Brawn, transform!

Optimus: Optimus Prime, transform! Blaze Blaster! Where is the boy? We want him returned, now!

Galvatron: If I wanted you to know, I’d have sent you an infogram.

Sideburn: Here we are.

Koji: Okay. Let’s go find Carl.

Sideburn: Sounds good to me.

Koji: Carl, we’re gonna take you back. Where are you?

Sideburn: I wish he’d wait for me. Let’s just have a look. Hey, Koji, I found him! He’s right up there! Let’s go get him.

X-Brawn: Okay, I’ll take care of this. Fire Grapple!

Scourge: Oh no…

Koji: X-Brawn, you just hold on. We’re here to help you.

Sky-Byte: No mistaken identity this time.

Sideburn: Just yours.

Carl: Please, Fortress Maximus. That’s my friend Koji and he needs my help. He’s in danger, look. I need your help, Fortress Maximus!

Sky-Byte: Hahaha… Huh? Oh no, not again. Aaaahh!

Carl: You did it. You really did help. All I did was ask and you came through. Everything’s under control now. Thank you! Koji!

Koji: All right, Carl! You made it back!

Carl: Yeah. And thanks for coming here to rescue me.

Koji: Uh, uh! You’re the one I have to thank for saving my life.

Carl: Man, it wasn’t me. It was Fortress Maximus.

Galvatron: I want those humans.

Sky-Byte: Yes, sir!

Magnus: Mind if I drop in?

Sky-Byte: Haha —

Magnus: Ultra Magnus, transform!

Optimus: Shall we?

Magnus and Optimus: Combine into Omega Prime!

Omega Prime: You had your chance!

Sideburn: Sideburn, super-charge!

X-Brawn: X-Brawn, super-charge!

Prowl: Prowl, super-charge!

Sideburn: Nobody…

X-Brawn: Messes…

Prowl: With us!

Omega Prime: Omega Arsenal Blast!

Galvatron: Decepticons, return to base. But first a little something for the traitor…

Scourge: Aaahh!

Galvatron: Sky-Byte, bring me Scourge back to base. Don’t hurt him, that’s something I’m looking forward to.

Sky-Byte: Yes, of course, sir.

Cerebros: Cerebros, disengage.


Optimus: Carl, are you all right?

Carl: Mmmhmm.

Koji: Thanks to you guys. You were great.


Optimus: Listen up. Well done, everyone.

Koji: I’m really sorry, Carl, about all this stuff. You getting kidnapped and everything.

Carl: Hmmm? You kidding? I was able to command Fortress Maximus!

Koji: So what did you think?

Carl: It was amazing.

Koji: Yeah, but next time you should leave it to the Autobots, okay?

Carl: Yeah. Got that right.

Optimus: Autobots…

All: Let’s roll!