32 Peril from the Past

September 19, 2011  by Tony_Bacala  •  Episode Transcripts

Transcribed by Brandon Williams
Transformers: Robots in Disguise
“Peril From the Past” – Episode 32
Written by Michael McConnohie

Koji: Awesome!

Optimus: Careful, everyone. We’re in uncharted territories now. T-AI, do you have any ideas?

T-AI: Optimus, I am picking up a transmission of a data stream originating from the object. If I interface directly with them, I can get the data stream. We’ll get solid information.

Optimus: But T-AI, won’t that be dangerous?

T-AI: You don’t need to worry, Optimus. Even if there’s damage to my programming, all functions of the base will continue to run without a hitch.

Koji: What about you?

T-AI: Thanks, but I’ll be all right, Koji. It’s rare for a program to get damaged in a situation like this.

Optimus: Still, there is some risk. At the first sign of trouble you disengage, understand?

T-AI: Right. Stand by, data streams are now being merged.

Optimus: T-AI…

Dr. Onishi: Look at the arrangement, the colour and form. It’s the Earth with an O-Part placed on each one of the continents.

T-AI: The data says that this globe is the key to unlock the Orb of Sigma. It’s in the Sahara Desert. Uh oh!

Optimus: T-AI, disengage now.

T-AI: I can’t! The program’s too powerful. Optimus, it’s communicating with the Orb of Sigma!

Optimus: What does that mean? T-AI, what’s going on?

T-AI: I’m locked in this globe, but I can transmit data out.

Optimus: We’ve got to break that program shell.

Koji: Hey Sideburn, we’re going to get her out, right?

Sideburn: Hmmm? Uhhh, course! Sure we will!

T-AI: If we bring the two globes together, then the O-Parts might start to…

Optimus: All right, Autobots. We’re heading to the Sahara Desert to find the Orb of Sigma. We take the O-Parts with us and we leave immediately.

Autobot Bros: Yessir!

Optimus: Autobots, transform… And roll out!

Koji: Sideburn, hold it! Hold on a minute!

Sideburn: What is it, Koji?

Koji: Wait, you’ve got to take me with you.

Sideburn: I don’t know, this could be risky.

Koji: But T-AI’s in danger. I can’t just wait back here.

Sideburn: Okay, climb on in.

Koji: Thanks, thanks a lot.

Sideburn: And fasten your seatbelt quick, here we go!


Optimus: T-AI, is your communication link with the base still active?

T-AI: It’s weak, but it’s still there.

Optimus: Activate the global space bridge.

T-AI: No problem.


Sideburn: Sahara Desert? It’s one big freeway to me!

T-AI: We’re on the right bearing, Optimus.

Kelly: Oh sure, the romance of the desert. Well next time a camel spits on me, I’m just gonna spit back. If I have anything to spit left. Huh? What? Hold down the noise on that mirage. I’m trying to take a nap.


Kelly: Dad? Are we there yet? Look at that oasis! I’d sure like to cool off in there.

X-Brawn: You got it.

Kelly: Huh? …Oh no. I never should have signed up for that discount vacation. Next time it’s first class all the way.


Movor: Movor reporting. I’ve located the Autobots. Downloading the co-ordinates now. Location: the Sahara Desert.

Sky-Byte: Sir, in an open battle area like the desert, we could completely annihilate the Autobots. Please let me lead the mission.

Scourge: They must have found something to use against us, against you. Let me lead the mission.

Megatron: I will go. I feel my destiny is at hand.

Sky-Byte: Sir, did I just hear you say… You’ll lead us?!

Megatron: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. I have a strong feeling about it. Something quite wonderful is waiting for me out in the desert.


Optimus: This is the sight. Optimus Prime, transform!

X-Brawn: X-Brawn, transform!

Prowl: Prowl, transform!

Optimus: Sideburn… Why did you bring Koji?

Sideburn: He really insisted. I think I can keep him out of trouble.

Koji: Optimus, please don’t be mad. With T-AI here, I just couldn’t stay away.

Optimus: Koji, I understand your concern, but there’s no telling what dangers are awaiting for us. You and Sideburn stay up here.

Koji: But Optimus!

Optimus: No. We’re going deep underground. Sideburn, you keep Koji safe.

Sideburn: Yessir!

Optimus: All right, Koji?

Koji: Um, yeah…

Optimus: Autobots, roll out!

Koji: Good luck!

Optimus: Stay alert. We don’t know what to expect up ahead.

X-Brawn: A pyramid?


Optimus: This door looks awfully solid.

X-Brawn: I can’t even budge this thing!

T-AI: Optimus…

Optimus: Yes, what is it, T-AI?

T-AI: Try using the orb as the key.

Optimus: Will do.

X-Brawn: I’ll be horn-swaggled.

Prowl: It’s working!

X-Brawn: Now what do we do? It’s just a big empty box.

Optimus: Let’s just see.

X-Brawn: Chap my fenders.

Optimus: No time to waste. Let’s move.


Sky-Byte: Well here we are in the sandbox. Let’s see what the cat dragged in.

Sideburn: Now how do you do that? Get the smell of bad fish out here in the desert?

Sky-Byte: Keep it up, little boy and see how much you can laugh without your head!

Slapper: Here we go again. The flying fish and the master of disaster.

Gas Skunk: Same thing every time. Gets pretty boring, you know.

Dark Scream: Why didn’t we just shoot?

Sideburn: If you’d notice, we were the first ones here. But since you’ve never been good where logic’s concerned, fair thee well, so long, goodbye and get out!

Slapper: Pretty big talk for a guy who is going to go against the three of us.

Dark Scream: Enough with the touchy-feely stuff, why don’t we just start firing, huh?

Gas Skunk: I think your side’s going to get burned, bot boy.

Movor: There are the Autobots. Just like I said.

Rollbar: Get ’em!

Ro-Tor: Smash ’em!

Mega-Octane: Twin laser cannons!

Armorhide: Plasma morter!

Ro-Tor: Tell us what you’re looking for, blue boy!

Sideburn: Hey, watch it! This human doesn’t come with armour-plating! You’re ruining the ruins! Don’t you have any respect for history?

Ro-Tor: No, and even less for you!

Sky-Byte: Ro-Tor! Stop shooting at that human and try for a real target!

Koji: Hey, Sideburn! Over here! Hurry!

Sideburn: I’m with you. Koji!

Megatron: Where are the other Autobots?

Mega-Octane: They must have entered the ruins.

Koji: Help me! I don’t have a parachute!

Sideburn: Gotcha.


X-Brawn: Well lookie over there.

Prowl: Is that what we’re searching for?

Optimus: I think so. The Orb of Sigma.


Sideburn: Hey, you okay, Koji?

Koji: Yes, I think so.

Sideburn: Man, what is this weird place?

Koji: If we go down there, are we going to come out in China?

Sideburn: I hope not. I wish I learned how to… ski-i-i-i!


T-AI: Optimus, I’m reading a change in the data stream.

Optimus: This globe is moving.

T-AI: I think it’s all right… I hope!

Optimus: T-AI, do you know what’s happening?

T-AI: There’s a change in potential, a big one. Optimus! You need to take this globe back to the base!

Optimus: Hold on, T-AI. Try to fight this thing.

T-AI: Its programming is too powerful for me! I’m doing a remote start-up on the base research program. That’s my only chance! I need to be rebooted with the base computer system soon or I’ll never get to —

Optimus: T-AI!

X-Brawn: Aw, no!

Prowl: T-AI, come back!


Sideburn: Oh no!

Koji: What is it?

Sideburn: It’s T-AI, I’ve lost all contact with her.

Koji: Ah, no way!

Sideburn: According to her last communication, both objects combine into a single Orb of Sigma.

Koji: Then I guess she’s still trapped and we need to help. Hurry, there’s no time to waste! We gotta go. Come on!

Optimus: T-AI’s responses are getting weaker. We have to get her back into the Autobot base computer quickly or we may never see her again.

Megatron: And what a terrible shame that would be. We get all misty just thinking about it.

Optimus: Megatron!

Mega-Octane: Twin laser!

X-Brawn: Optimus!

Optimus: We can’t let them get the Orb of Sigma. I’ll keep them busy as long as I can. You get that globe back to the base and rescue T-AI.

Megatron: Easier said than done.

Optimus: I won’t allow it!

X-Brawn: X-Brawn, super-charge!

Prowl: Prowl, super-charge!

Sky-Byte: It’s so unfair when they do that power stuff.

Gas Skunk: Isn’t now a good time to go get that orb thing?

Optimus: You’re not going to get it.

Sky-Byte: Stand aside, Optimus Prime. That treasure and all its secrets belong to the mighty Megatron. I shall protect it with every alloy in my body, every last spark of —

Megatron: Now I’ll just take this little toy…

X-Brawn: Oh no!

Prowl: Megatron!

Optimus: He has to be stopped!

Megatron: Ah, I have to savour this moment.

Optimus: I have to stop him.

Megatron: Oh yes… Aaahhh! No! What is this power? Where is it from?!

Optimus: It’s some sort of booby trap!

Megatron: This power, flooding my spark! Aaaahhh!

Optimus: He can’t take much more of that!

Megatron: Aaahh! I have to get free of this power!

Gas Skunk: What does it mean when the ground shakes?

Slapper: Ain’t good.

Dark Scream: What do you think we should do?

Gas Skunk: I think we should leave!

Slapper: Let’s do it!

Dark Scream: Good idea!

Sky-Byte: Run away!

Dark Scream: Faster!

Gas Skunk: Can you run a little faster, maybe?


Sideburn: More bad news! Transform! Koji, get in quick.

Koji: You bet.

Sideburn: Let’s get a move on. Look out! Watch it! Hang on, Koji!

Koji: Sideburn, look down there. The Autobots are in trouble and Megatron’s got the orb!

Sideburn: Looks bad. Well, just gotta get it back.

Koji: What do you mean get it back? We’re up here.

Sideburn: For now. But we could jump down there, eh?

Koji: What?!

Sideburn: Sideburn, super-charge! Ready?

Koji: …yeah…

Sideburn: This is coooooool!

Koji: T-AI, we’re on our way. You just hold on.

Sideburn: One for the money, two for the show, three to get ready and four to… Go! I’ll take that. Ha, ha, ha! Look at what we got!

Koji: Now what do we do with it?

Sideburn: We leave. Just as fast as we can.

Optimus: Sideburn… Prowl, X-Brawn! Your brother has the orb. Cover him until he’s outta here! This pyramid is collapsing.

Prowl: Right.

X-Brawn: We’re on it.

Sky-Byte: You’re not getting away!

Slapper: There he goes again, my hero. Always gets his man!

Gas Skunk: More dog-fish in him than shark.

Slapper: Not another earthquake! I hate when this happens! Especially when it happens to me!

Scourge: Decepticons!

Commandos: Yessir!

Optimus: This power plough is not normal. I have to stop it.

Koji: Are you still in there, T-AI? She’s not responding.

Sky-Byte: Shark Missiles! You won’t get away from — Did anyone get the license number of that… Oh wait, I think I know who it was.

Movor: Targetted!

Rollbar: Get ’em!

Armorhide: Yeah!

Magnus: You never learn!

Scourge: What is it?

Mega-Octane: Ultra Magnus!

Koji: Hey, Ultra Magnus is here!

Sideburn: Big Mag is back! All right!

Magnus: Shouldn’t have done that!

Prowl: Prowl, transform!

X-Brawn: X-Brawn, transform!

Sideburn: Prowl, X-Brawn, I’m counting on ya!

Scourge: Scourge, transform!

Mega-Octane: Transform!

Commandos: Transform!

Sky-Byte: Sky-Byte, terrorize!

X-Brawn: Here, is this what you want? You all are getting to be a real burr under my saddle.

Prowl: And mine! Want a second helping?

Sky-Byte: Ow! Ow! It stings! Ow!

Scourge: Looks like they’re all still perfectly able to to use their super-charge powers. In that case, this Decepticon victory will be more difficult. Very well, we’ll let Sky-Byte keep them busy. Decepticons, fall back!

Sky-Byte: Scourge, just what do you think you’re doing? Megatron still needs to be rescued from underground. You armour-headed cowardly turncoats! At least I can still count on Slapper and the Predacons.

Megatron: Let go!

Sky-Byte: Megatron, thank heaven, you’ve escaped!

Megatron: Will you get off of me?! Sky-Byte, watch and learn. The time of fate has turned into our favour.

Sky-Byte: Oh, sir, you have always been my greatest inspiration.

Magnus: Ha. Guess it’s my turn to play. Optimus, mind if I lend a hand?

Optimus: Ultra Magnus, you’re on!

Optimus and Omega Prime: Combine into Omega Prime!

Omega Prime: Prime Ultra Laser!

Megatron: Twin dragon breath! No mercy!

Omega Prime: None given! Prime Ultra Laser!

Megatron: Twin dragon breath!

Omega Prime: Somehow I doubt that’s the end of it.


Koji: She is going to be okay, isn’t she? I mean, I didn’t even get to say goodbye. She can’t be gone! No, don’t tell me she’s gone!

Optimus: Koji, there are powers involved here that we do not understand. T-AI has set up a research program. By the Matrix, I hope it can find a solution.

Koji: T-AI, are you back?

T-AI: Yes, I’m back, Koji. Sorry things got a little exciting.

Koji: I’m so glad you’re back!

T-AI: It’s better here.

Optimus: You had us all worried.

T-AI: We have other things to worry about. I picked up a lot of data while locked in the orb. I analyzed it with duplex algorisms and now I know just what the O-Parts, as well as the Orb of Sigma, are for.

Optimus: All right, T-AI. I’m listening.

T-AI: First, the O-Parts globe at Autobot base started communicating with the Orb of Sigma. The two together form a map, which shows the exact location of Cerebros. And that’s the key to Fortress Maximus.

X-Brawn: Fortress Maximus?

Sideburn: Is that a good thing… or a bad thing?

T-AI: That all depends on who finds Cerebros first. If the Predacons are able to activate Fortress Maximus, then Megatron really will have enough power to rule the galaxy.

Slapper: We’re outta here!

Dark Scream: There’s nothing left of that pyramid, except for maybe this energy thing.

Gas Skunk: The fight between Megatron and Opti-whoses must’ve released this pyramid power. Whoa, that’ll keep your razor blades sharp.

Dark Scream: Hey… Where is Megatron, anyway? You don’t suppose maybe’s he’s, uh…

Gas Skunk: Don’t say it! Man, look at that thing.

Slapper: Hey, what’s going on?

Gas Skunk: I don’t know, but… Look!

Dark Scream: Is it to late to get out of here?

Galvatron: The power, the infinite power! Give it to me! And it is going through me as it never did before! My destiny! Look at me, tremble with fear! I am Galvatron!