31 A Friendly Contest

September 19, 2011  by Tony_Bacala  •  Episode Transcripts

Transcribed by Brandon Williams
Transformers: Robots in Disguise
“A Friendly Contest” – Episode 31
Written by Matthew V. Lewis

X-Brawn: C’mon, Sideburn. We’re supposed to be looking for O-Parts, not playing video games.

Sideburn: Heh, heh, heh, heh. Actually, this bad boy is going to help us find our O-Parts. Just watch.

X-Brawn: That doohickey?

Sideburn: These O-Parts are known to send off a special vibe like radio waves.

Prowl: T-AI developed that paticular device to detect the wavelengths of hidden O-Parts.

X-Brawn: Well this I gotta see.

Wedge: Build Team, transform!

Sideburn: Wedge! Good to see ya. What’s up, dude?

Wedge: How’s the search, Sideburn? Sort of looks like you could use some help.

Sideburn: Uh, we’re all good, man, but thanks.

Grimlock: Actually, Optimus sent us. He thought you could use the Build Team.

Wedge: He suggested we have a race. Most O-Parts wins.

Prowl: Okay, let’s show ’em what we got, guys!

Sideburn and X-Brawn: Right!

Prowl: The detector has pinpointed the frequency to this location. It should be right under here.

Sideburn: Got it. One point for us! Keep trying, Build Team!

Scourge: Remember, Decepticons, all we want are the O-Parts. Attack!

Mega-Octane: Give us the O-Parts, Autobots!

Movor: Right now!

Armorhide: Or else!

Sideburn: Not a chance!

X-Brawn: Here’s all you’re gonna get from me!

Prowl: Over here! Better luck next time, Scourge.

Scourge: You can’t run away.

Prowl: Catch ya on the flip flop.

Scourge: Cowards, they have must have those O-Parts.

Sky-Byte: Very interesting.

Slapper: How?

Sky-Byte: The O-Parts, it seems, give out a signal of sort.

Slapper: So?

Sky-Byte: I’ve got a plan.


Sideburn: Awesome news, Optimus. That device helped us find another O-Part.

Optimus: Excellent. Go on to the next site.

Sideburn: Gotcha.

Dr. Onishi: It’s very important we find them all. Even if we’re missing one, I’m afraid the rest of the O-Parts will be of no use to us. All of them are hidden within old monuments around the world.

Koji: Go, guys! Go find them all!

Sideburn: Koji, piece of cake. Later.

Optimus: Just be careful.

T-AI: You say that O-Part detector is working pretty well?

Sideburn: Just like a Cybertronic charm.

Optimus: Good. Keep it up.

Sideburn: No problemo, guys.


Sky-Byte: Slapper, my reputation is at stake. I need O-Parts, I need them now. Right now because Scourge and his lug-head minions get their treads on them.

Slapper: Yeah, you’re right. Megatron doesn’t think too highly of us as it is. Ugh, now that can get really ugly. So, how are we going to find those O-Parts anyway?

Sky-Byte: Don’t forget, I have a plan. Behold, genius!

Slapper: Huh? Holy spark, an O-Part! How did you find one so quick?! Guess you are a genius.

Sky-Byte: You imbecile! This is a counterfeit.

Slapper: It’s a fake?

Sky-Byte: Yes, you amphibious dolt, it’s an exquisite fake! I stayed up all night making this beauty. Not bad if I do say so myself.

Slapper: You want the Autobots to think they’re real. You know what, Sky-Byte, that’s a pretty good plan.

Sky-Byte: Yes, the genius of the plan is that these emit radio frequencies similar to those of real O-Parts. We’ll fool Scourge and trap the Autobots all at once.

Slapper: Yeah, sounds good to me.


Slapper: Okay, this is deep enough. Can we bury the thing and go now?

Sky-Byte: It needs to look authentic. Let’s make it a little deeper. Now that’s what I call digging! Ha, ha, ha!

Sideburn: Sideburn, transform! Where are you, O-Parts? There.

Wedge: Build Team, let’s go! Find! Those! Parts!

Sideburn: I’m closer…

Wedge: Hey! We got one. Dig here.

Grimlock: Heh, heh. Hey Sideburn, I wish you guys had one of these!

Wedge: That a way, Grimster. The contest is now at one a piece. Not bad, huh, Sideburn?

Sideburn: Yeah, not bad at all.

Wedge: Tie game. Not too late to quit.

Sideburn: You know, my team doesn’t have shovels.

Heavy Load: Great work. Now let’s get out of here and find that next O-Part.

Movor: We’ll take those! Get ’em.

Ro-Tor: Got ’em!

Movor: We want the O-Parts!

Sky-Byte: What on Earth is that commotion?

Slapper: Maybe it’s an earthquake. Huh?

Sky-Byte: What? It’s Movor! Blast it. Those Decepticons mess with everything!

Movor: Come and get ’em, Wedge!

Wedge: Hey! I can’t chase ya down, so I’ll just have to bring ya down. Double laser! That’ll teach ya.

Grimlock: Wedge, time to go.

Wedge: Right. Time to head for the next monument for another O-Part.

Prowl: Can’t stay to chat, Ro-Tor!

Ro-Tor: They’re getting away! Let’s stop ’em.

Movor: Those blasted tunnels. We almost had ’em! What are you dipsticks doing?

Slapper: We were about to get the O-Parts if you hadn’t shown up.

Sky-Byte: Are the Autobots gone?

Movor: Yeah, they teleported away.

Slapper: Thanks to rocket boy, it looks like we’re going back to the drawing board.

Sky-Byte: No! All that work!


Sky-Byte: This time, I can’t fail. See, I stayed up three nights in a row making these decoys, so we’re going to use them wisely.

Slapper: So we just put them around the ruins?

Sky-Byte: That’s right.

Slapper: So when the Autobots come to collect these, we ambush them and steal the real O-Parts.

Sky-Byte: Bingo. Just imagine their looks… Ha, ha, ha, when they realize it’s just a big trap!

Slapper: That’s great. Picture this, the look on Megatron’s face if we mess up again.

Sky-Byte: Why I… cynical newt! The plan’s perfect, it can’t fail.

Slapper: All right, but how do we know which are real?

Sky-Byte: With this!

Slapper: Hey! What’s the problem?

Sky-Byte: My decoder, it won’t work! The decoys sent out too much interference! And it can’t locate the real O-Parts!

Slapper: Wow, you are a genius.

Sky-Byte: Slapper, let’s start over.

Slapper: I don’t remember where I put all those decoys.

Sky-Byte: This can’t be happening!


Sky-Byte: Good. That plan was a little frustrating. Now I’ve marked the fakes with an ‘S.’

Scourge: Sky-Byte, Slapper, how’s the search for the O-Parts going? Well now, looks like you’ve already found some.

Sky-Byte: No, no! Well, just a couple of… nic-nacks.

Slapper: Yeah, that’s right. See, we haven’t found nothing but nic-nacks around here.

Scourge: Impressive as usual. Hmmm… I sense something in that third column over there. Well, that wasn’t too hard. That’s one now.

Slapper: Hey, that’s ours!

Scourge: Tell that to Megatron! It comes back to me now, my purpose on Earth and who I’m really working for. I was scanned a certain gift, the ability to find the O-Parts and the skill to use them together to pursue my real quest on Earth. Possession of something much greater, a great and devastating fortress, from which I could rule the universe! Hmmmm?

Heavy Load: Heavy Load, transform! Mmmhmm, yeah!

Hightower: Hightower, transform! Hyha!

Grimlock: Grimlock, transform! Oh, yeah!

Wedge: It’s a nice day, Scourge. Shouldn’t you be rusting in a swamp somewhere?

Sideburn: Transform!

Prowl: Step aside, Scourge. We’ve got a mission.

Scourge: A mission? Oh, I’m sorry. Does it have anything to do with this?

Sideburn: Errr… Give that up!

Scourge: Barrage Attack!

Mega-Octane: Keep firing. Don’t let them get near the O-Part!

Scourge: Sword of Fury!

Sideburn: You’re not going anywhere!

Prowl: Jet Booster cannon!

Magnus: Why does this always happen when I arrive? Ultra Magnus, transform! That’s it, Scourge is going down. Arm laser!

Wedge: We got it now.

Heavy Load: Good work, we’re up by one!

Wedge: Move out!

Scourge: No!

Sideburn: Catch ya later, Scourge! Ha, ha, ha!

Scourge: No! I’ll get you!

Magnus: Fine, let him sulk. My work is done here.

Scourge: Autobots…

Slapper: Someone’s bitter. Hey, since your plan failed miserably, can I have the fake O-Parts? They’re kind of cool!

Sky-Byte: No, you insolent toad! I’m keeping them! …For yet another plan.


Wedge: Good work, Build Team. Ha, that’s one more point for us.

Sideburn: Aw, come on, dude. What are you talking about? We all fought hard for that thing, all you did was stand there and catch it.

Wedge: Look, Sideburn, don’t be a spoil sport.

Hightower: Guess it’s finders keepers!

Sideburn: Errrr!

Optimus: Haha. At least they’re finding the O-Parts.

Koji: Optimus!

Optimus: What is it, Koji?

Koji: My dad wants to talk to you about his research right away. He thinks he’s found something.

Optimus: Thank you. Tell your father I’m on my way.


Hightower: According to Dr. Onishi, we should find another O-Part around here.

Heavy Load: Sounds okay, but where?

Wedge: Way up there.

Hightower: Hey, you’ve got the eyes of an eagle, kid. I’ll just lift you up on the crane hook.

Wedge: Ha, piece of a cake. Now, one more for the Build Team. All right!

Sky-Byte: Sky-Byte, terrorize! Slapper!

Slapper: Coming, coming, coming!

Sky-Byte: Slapper, you’re about to witness an acting tour de force. I’m going to pull off the biggest hoax of my career. I’ll tell them, dullheads that they are, that the O-Parts that they’ve been collecting after all are all my fakes.

Slapper: Then you better tell them fast. Because they just collected another one and they’re about the leave!

Sky-Byte: What? Yes, I must act quickly. I’ll say that theirs are all fakes so they’ll trade them for me for the O-Parts I’ve manufactured. Don’t leave! Your O-Part is a fake!

Wedge: What’d he say?

Sideburn: Beats me.

Sky-Byte: It’s a fake! It’s a fake!

Sideburn: That’s weird. This one’s emitting a different signal entirely. Looks like yours just might be a fake.

Wedge: Wait, how would I know mine’s the fake?

Sky-Byte: Would I lie?

Wedge: Oh, I bet you would.

Slapper: Sky-Byte! That looked bad. Are you okay, man?

Sky-Byte: I’m fine, you dolt. That thing gave me a concussion.

Slapper: Wait a minute, don’t pass out on me. I can’t deal with these guys one-on-one!

Wedge: Well, let’s give this other one a whirl.

Sky-Byte: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

Wedge: This one’s got an ‘S’ on it.

Scourge: I’ll be taking that. So you thought you had a genuine, eh? You get the fake. Here! Let’s make sure they don’t look for more.

Movor: Oh, I’m making sure. I’m really making sure!

Scourge: Pour it on, boys.

Armorhide: End of the road!

Rollbar: Look out below!


Scourge: Don’t worry about them, shark. The real O-Part’s here.

Sky-Byte: Actually not. The real one’s down there.

Scourge: Then, uh, what’s this?

Sky-Byte: That, my slow friend, is the fake.

Scourge: Then why did you give them the real one?

Sky-Byte: I didn’t, you half-witted tanker! It was an act! A beautiful award winning act! And you ruined it!

Wedge: Gee, I can’t believe I fell for that. This thing looks absolutely authentic. Here.

Sideburn: Whoa. It sure looks real. You know, it’s almost like these pieces go together. Hey, I was right! This O-Part’s real!

Wedge: Hey, give it back! I found that one first, you know it!

Sideburn: Nice try, Wedge, but I’m gonna say… no. Yeah! O-Part, you’re mine!

Wedge: That is so unfair.

Sideburn: No it’s not. Finders keepers!

Prowl: Let’s go, guys.

Sideburn: It’s a tie.

X-Brawn: Good thing there’s only one more of those to find.

Hightower: Wedge, it’s only a game.

Wedge: Yeah, I know.


Scourge: I’m sorry, Megatron. The mission to seize the O-Parts would have been more successful if a certain fish brain had not interfered.

Megatron: Put that wretched Sky-Byte on visual.

Sky-Byte: Please don’t be angry, Megatron! It’s really not my fault!

Megatron: If you meddle further, you’re cat food.


Heavy Load: Attention, public service announcement for all those not in Build Team. Don’t start by removing the blocks at the bottom of the pyramid.

Wedge: I think they know that, Heavy Load. I hope so.

Sideburn: Hey Wedge, how does this sound? You work another side of a pyramid, that way your blocks won’t crush us.

Wedge: Sounds good to me! Someone’s a little testy. Oh yeah! Last one! I win, I win, I win, I am the winner! Sideburn, the game’s over. Admit it.

Sideburn: Are there… no more O-Parts?

Wedge: Not for now. This is all we need.

Sideburn: Aw, man.

Heavy Load: Wedge, Optimus told me to safeguard them. My storage is the most secure among us.

Wedge: Right.

X-Brawn: Cheer up, Sideburn. Check out who’s here.

Kelly: I’m so glad I made it all the way to Egypt. Nothing but sand and pyramids!

Sideburn: Sweetheart! I knew I heard something! It was the motor of a candy red jeep! I haven’t seen a red car in so long!

Kelly: Oh my god, I’ve heard that voice before. Oh, not here! Another trip ruined.

Sideburn: You rustbuckets. That was my love.

Scourge: That’s too bad, gearhead. I’ve got a score to settle with you.

Megatron: Not without me. Megatron, terrorize! You may leave. But first, the O-Parts, please.

Sideburn: Why you…

T-AI: They’re really now! Optimus, please! You’ve got to get there as soon as you can! Go!

Optimus: I’m on my way, T-AI!

Scourge: Forget the O-Parts, I’ll turn you into scrap first!

Mega-Octane: Come on, we’ll blast those O-Parts right out of their clutches.

Optimus: Transform! I’ve had enough!

Magnus: So have I. Transform! When you fight my friends, you fight me first!

Mega-Octane: Fine, we’ll take you down too!

Magnus: No, no, no. That’s not a good solution.

Optimus: Blaze Blaster!

Wedge: I’ll show you all what I’m really made of. I’m going to make Optimus and the rest of the Autobots prouder of me than ever before. Shoulder thrust!

Megatron: Dragon mode! Twin dragon breath! Ha, ha! Let’s turn up the heat.

Optimus: Wedge!

Megatron: Is this your Wedge?

Magnus: What the?

Prowl: Let him go!

Megatron: Why don’t we make a little deal? You give me all the O-Parts and I don’t turn him into scrap.

Scourge: An excellent plan, sir.

Sideburn: This isn’t a game, Scourge. Wedge!

Megatron: Quite right, loverboy. This is not a game! And time is running out fast.

Sideburn: This is terrible. We’ve fought so hard for those O-Parts.

Prowl: And in their hands, the results could be devastating.

X-Brawn: Prime, what do we do?

Optimus: This is something I never counted on. The O-Parts could be very destructive in the hands of the Predacons.

Heavy Load: It’s a tough choice, Prime. But as for the Build Team, we’re behind you.

Optimus: Thank you.

Heavy Load: These are our three O-Parts.

Sideburn: Is he… giving up?

Magnus: I don’t know. Hope not.

Optimus: Autobots, we must decide whether to surrender the O-Parts, which we have struggled to obtain, or to risk giving up the spark of a comrade and a friend. For me, friendship is always more important. Even if it means that the O-Parts fall into the clutches of evil.

Prowl: Are you sure, Prime?

Sideburn: I agree. Friendship comes first. Here are the O-Parts I have.

Optimus: Thank you, Sideburn.

Slapper: Why is everybody so kissy kissy down there? Where did all the fighting go?

Sky-Byte: All I can see is Optimus. He seems to be… carrying the O-Parts… over to Megatron?!

Slapper: Nah! There’s no way he would ever do that. But maybe we can steal the real parts right now!

Sky-Byte: I was thinking the same thing. First, I just run into him, holding these. Then I switch the parts!

Scourge: Sky-Byte, stop!

Sky-Byte: I’ve got you this time! Oh no! The O-Parts got — all jumbled up! And now I can’t tell real from fake!

Megatron: Sky-Byte…

Sky-Byte: Nothing — wrong, sir!

Magnus: Optimus, now! Go!

Optimus: All right!

Optimus and Magnus: Combine into Omega Prime!

Omega Prime: Omega Prime, ready for combat! Come on, Megatron!

Megatron: Hmmm?

Wedge: Thanks, guys.

Megatron: You again.

Omega Prime: Go home, propane breath!

X-Brawn: Time to rock ‘n’ roll, boys.

Sideburn: Right on.

X-Brawn: Power-up! Bronco Blaster!

Sideburn: Power-up! Exhaust Backfire!

Prowl: Power-up, Jet boosters!

Megatron: Ah! Bat mode! Another time, Autobots! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

Omega Prime: Well, what are you standing around for?

Scourge: Tactical retreat!

Sky-Byte: This one! No, this one!

Sideburn: Too late. I’m positive the real O-Parts are safe.

Sky-Byte: What? You are?

Sideburn: Yeah, you seem to have marked all the fake ones with an ‘S.’ You are so busted, Sky-Byte.

Sky-Byte: Uh oh… Well, better be going now. Goodbye! Nothing ever seems to work out, does it?

Slapper: Whoa, wait for me!

Omega Prime: Are you all right, Wedge?

Wedge: Thank you. Well, I mean… You know.

Omega Prime: You would’ve done the same.


Optimus: Dr. Onishi believes that together these new O-Parts will form array.

Koji: Awesome!

Optimus: He says that the key they create will give us access to a brave new world.

Sideburn: I have a feeling you’re right, Optimus.

Optimus: We’ll know soon enough.

T-AI: I hope he’s correct too, but I just don’t know. Is it a blessing, or a curse?