30 Koji Gets His Wish

September 19, 2011  by Tony_Bacala  •  Episode Transcripts

Transcribed by Brandon Williams
Transformers: Robots in Disguise
“Koji Gets His Wish” – Episode 30
Written by Richard Epcar


Megatron: Take your squad of Decepticons and secure those ruins.

Narrator: Previously on Transformers…

T-AI: Autobots, go and protect the ruins!

Landfill: Arm Laser!

Magnus: Going somewhere?

Omega Prime: You’ll destroy the ruins! Fortress Maximus…

[End Recap]

Magnus: It’s Fortress Maximus!

Optimus: The energon level coming off this structure is amazing. Hmmm… We’re going to have to check this place out very carefully.

X-Brawn: How did this thing get here? I didn’t think it existed.

Prowl: That was just a legend on Cybertron. You don’t think it’s actually for real, do you?

Sideburn: If this is Fortress Maximus and we can figure out its secret, it sure would explain a lot of things.

Magnus: I’m going to go see if I can find the Decepticons. I’ll be in touch.

Optimus: I need to thoroughly investigate this. Sideburn, I want you, your brothers and Team Bullet Train to keep the Decepticons away from here for at least one solar cycle.

Sideburn: Right. We’ll hold ’em off.

Midnight: Take your time, Optimus. They won’t get close.

Railspike: You heard him, boys. No one gets past us for twenty-four hours.

Midnight: Roger!

Rapid Run: We’re on it.

Wedge: Hey, hold on just a nano, Optimus. Aren’t you forgetting about is? Shouldn’t we go with the other Autobots and help them out?

Optimus: No, Wedge. I have a plan. Something to throw the Decepticons off track.

Wedge: Huh? Really, what kind of plan is it?

Optimus: We have to make sure the Decepticons don’t find Fortress Maximus.

Grimlock: We’re with you, Optimus.


Megatron: At last, absolute power will be mine. With Fortress Maximus at my disposal, I’ll conquer the entire planet and then the entire universe!

Sky-Byte: Let me go and explore the ruins. Since Scourge and the Decepticons botched the mission last time, please allow me to secure the key to its power, Cerebros.

Scourge: He’s got a point, Megatron. You should allow Sky-Byte to go. I think he’s the right bot for the job.

Sky-Byte: Huh?!

Megatron: This isn’t like you, Scourge. Why would you want Sky-Byte to go instead of you?

Scourge: The ruins have some sort of shield that causes transceiver malfunction. It’s preventing us from entering. Sky-Byte seems unaffected by this.

Megatron: I see. All right then, Sky-Byte. I’m entrusting you to find Cerebros. I’m counting on you, so don’t disappoint me. Understand?

Sky-Byte: No — I mean yes!


Mega-Octane: Hold on, Scourge. I just heard that you told Megatron to send Chum Boy in for the job instead of us. Why would you do that?

Scourge: Because of something that happened. Remember when I tried to enter the ruins and it jarred something in my memory banks? I remembered our mission from Cybertron. To reactivate a fortress that was hidden here to protect Earth’s energy from Megatron. I believe those ruins are that fortress and it contains tremendous power. Enough to destroy all of our enemies. Power like we’ve never seen.

Mega-Octane: Then why did you let Tuna Breath go? We should be the ones who find Cerebros for Megatron!

Scourge: Turn your receiver up! With that kind of power, we don’t need Megatron. The Decepticons would be self-sufficient.

Mega-Octane: You mean we wouldn’t have to follow orders anymore?

Scourge: Affirmitive. With that power in our hands, we would be the ones calling the shots. The universe would belong to us, my friend.

Mega-Octane: Well, when you put it that way…

Scourge: That bumbling Sky-Byte is no threat to us. We simply have to get to the ruins before Megatron arrives and then all the glory will be ours.

Sky-Byte: Those two… They’re up to no good. I wish I could hear them. I don’t trust either of them one bit. I know what he’s up to. Scourge is out to discredit me. He acted like he was doing me a favour when he told Megatron to let me go. But he’ll get to the ruins first, so that he looks like the hero!

Chibi-Scourge: Sky-Byte failed you again, so I brought you the Ruins personally.

Chibi-Megatron: Well done, Scourge! Once again, you’ve succeeded where Sky-Byte has failed. You are now second-in-command!

Sky-Byte: Errghhh! I really hate that guy! He’s always horning into my glory, taking what belongs to me. Well, this time he’s not getting away with it! I’ll get there first and find Cerebros! What a lovely cantle of fish!


Koji: My father was just about to start excavating the ruins when he was abducted.

T-AI: That may have been why your father was captured, because Megatron thought he knew something about those ruins.

Koji: Yeah, I guess so.

T-AI: Believe it or not, the fact that the Decepticons found out the location of the ruins is really a positive thing.

Koji: What?

T-AI: There’s only two ways the Decepticons could have discovered the co-ordinates of the ruins. One is the microchip, which we possess. The only other possible explanation would have to be that they got it from your father.

Koji: Right, but that means they forced my father to tell them somehow.

T-AI: True, but I’m sure he’s all right. I think we can assume that he’s still useful to them.

Koji: I hope you’re right! …Dad… I’m home! I really miss you. I really loved going fishing with you. Daddy, we used to always go fishing on your birthday.


Dr. Onishi: You caught a really big one! That a boy, son! Here, use the net!

Koji: I caught one, Dad! I really did it! Hahaha!

[End Flashback]

Koji: Dad, wherever you are, I hope you’re safe and we’ll be together again soon. Please come home. We all miss you so much, Daddy.


Sky-Byte: Let’s see here. How in the world am I ever going to figure out where Cerebros is, anyway? Hmmm… Dr. Onishi! Yes, Onishi. He’ll know the secrets of the ruins. I’ll just take him with me. I am so brilliant! At times I amaze myself!


Sky-Byte: Ah, there he is. Sleeping like a baby. In you go! The old switcheroo should fool them! I’m good… This is delicious! I’m going to succeed where Scourge is doomed to fail. Then we’ll just see who Megatron wants as his second-in-command! (Singing)

Who’s the baddest shark around?
Who’s the smartest shark in town?
Sky-Byte, that’s me!
Who’ll drive Scourge into the ground
And never let old Megatron down —
Sky-Byte, that’s me!


Scourge: It’s just as I thought. Those annoying trains are blocking the underground entrance. Can you keep those loser locomotives occupied while I sneak in another way? While you keep them busy, I’ll have time to infiltrate the base.

Mega-Octane: Wait a minute. Aren’t you worried about the defensive shield? It made scrambled eggs out of your CPU last time.

Scourge: These goggles will protect all my sensors. The shield will be useless. I won’t have to worry about any hallucinations? How do they look?

Mega-Octane: Very sharp. I’ll take care of the trains. Decepticons, combine! Ruination, awaken!

Railspike: They’re combining into Ruination!

Rapid Run: Don’t worry, Railspike. He won’t get passed us.

Midnight: He’s very large. We’ll have a better chance if we combine too!

Railspike: All right. Let’s do it, boys.

Trains: Bullet Fusion Mode!

Rail Racer: Triple Threat! Rail Racer!

Ruination: Have you forgotten our last fight? You don’t stand a chance.

Rail Racer: Oh yeah?

Ruination: If you think you can stop us, you’re wrong!

Rail Racer: We’ll see who’s wrong!

Ruination: When I get down with you, you’ll look like a train wreck!

Rail Racer: I wouldn’t bet on it.

Wedge: Those guys are really duking it out. I would give anything to be down there right now. Why won’t Optimus let me fight? I can’t take it anymore! I gotta go and help Rail Racer.

Heavy Load: Hold on there, Wedge. You’re not going anywhere. You’re not going to jeopardize our mission just because you want to fight. Calm down and behave yourself!

Wedge: Put me down!

Heavy Load: That’s enough! Now knock it off. You’re behaving like a spoiled bot. We have a job to do and we’re going to finish it! If you want to go down there and fight then you’re going to have to get through me. I’m not moving until you come to your senses.

Wedge: Okay, it was the heat of the moment. I’m over it. Don’t pop a clutch.


Scourge: Mega-Octane better keep those trains busy. I have to look around and figure out what makes this place tick.

Sky-Byte: (Singing) Who gets too hungry for seafood at eight?
Who swims the ocean, and always looks great?
Cha-cha, cha-cha cha,
Who always bothers with robots he hates,
Sky-Byte, yes Sky-Byte, that’s — me!

Scourge: He should keep his day job.

Sky-Byte: (Singing) Who’s the baddest shark around?
Who’s the smartest shark in town?

Scourge: What’s the matter with him?! Doesn’t he realize that if goes around singing like that, the Autobots will catch him?!

Optimus: Catchy little tune, don’t you think?

Scourge: Optimus Prime!

Optimus: Did you really think that I would let you have the secret of the ruins, Scourge?

Scourge: You don’t let me do anything, I take what I want!

Optimus: Not this time. Leave here while you still have the chance.

Scourge: That’s it! Just remember that you asked for this, Prime! When I’m done, your own Autobots won’t recognize you! Scourge, transform! Prepare to be flattened!

Sky-Byte: What was that? Is there someone else here? Aaaaaggghhh!

Scourge: Thanks for serving as my battering ram, Prime!

Optimus: I won’t let you near Cerebros!

Sky-Byte: They’re going to be fighting for a long time. I’ll never get near the ruins. I guess I’ll have to regroup and come back another time. That Scourge, he always has to go and ruin everything for me!

Kelly: Ah! What’s the idea?! I put my money in already!

Worker: You didn’t pay enough.

Kelly: I payed the full fare!

Sky-Byte: (Humming his song) Sky-Byte!

Kelly: What the? You let him through! What’s going on around here? How come he didn’t have to pay anything? That isn’t fair!

Worker: Fine! …You tell him he can’t go through!


Koji: Sky-Byte!

Sky-Byte: Huh?!

Koji: Sky-Byte, there’s something I want to ask you.

Sky-Byte: Yes, what is it?

Koji: Dr. Onishi was abducted by Megatron. The doctor’s my father.

Sky-Byte: Your father?! That’s just terrible.

Koji: I need you, Sky-Byte. Will you help me rescue my father?

Sky-Byte: (Thinking) Ugh, I really feel bad for this kid. But what would Megatron think? (Out loud) Listen, short stuff, don’t you know that I am Sky-Byte? I am second-in-command only to Megatron! I am the meanest, smartest evil robot shark in the entire universe.

Koji: I don’t believe that all because you have saved us in the past. I know that you can be nice and that you have a good heart. Please won’t you help me get my dad back?

Sky-Byte: Now don’t be saying those things about me, you’re going to ruin my image! I’ve gotta g–

Koji: Wait a second! Can you at least give this to my father for me?

Sky-Byte: What is this, some sort of human trick?

Koji: No, it’s a lure. My dad really loved to go bass fishing. Today is his birthday and I wanted to get him something that he would really like.

Sky-Byte: Well, that’s very thoughtful, kid. But I don’t take kindly to the whole fishing thing, if you know what I mean. You just hold on to that till later.

Koji: He would’ve really loved it. We used to go fishing every year on his birthday!

Sky-Byte: That’s so beautiful! Hey, would you knock that off? It gets to me. I’m very sensitive. Oh, all right, I’ll do it!

Koji: You’ll mean it? You’ll actually give it to him?

Prowl: Freeze! Hold it right there!

Sky-Byte: Why didn’t you tell me they were coming?

X-Brawn: Transform!

Sideburn: Transform!

Prowl: Transform!

X-Brawn: Sky-Byte, what were you fixing to do to Koji?

Sky-Byte: I – Nothing!

Sideburn: We won’t allow you to harm an innocent child!

Sky-Byte: We – were – talking – about his father!

Prowl: Koji, was he trying to kidnap you too?

Koji: Uh, no. Really, he was being nice!

X-Brawn: Take that, you varmint!


Ruination: You’re too late. Scourge probably has Cerebros already.

Rail Racer: Don’t count on it!

Ruination: I shall eliminate you!


Scourge: What the…? The ruins are gone! They disappeared! But they were right here! What happened?! Where did they go? You did this. You hid them away somewhere.

Optimus: No, I didn’t. Maybe they just transported, somehow, to another location.

Scourge: Liar! You’re going to tell me what you did to them! Tell me, or I’m going to slice you up like so many scraplets. Sword of Fury! This is your last chance.


Sky-Byte: Shark Missiles!

Sideburn: Your attack is pathetic.

Sky-Byte: What?! Now I’m angry!

Magnus: Sideburn, can I give you some assistance?

Sideburn: Nah, we got it. But I’m concerned about Optimus. He’s heading over toward Fortress Maximus.

Magnus: Oh yeah? The fortress may be in danger. I’ll go check it out.

Sideburn: Thanks, pal. Right now he is somewhere in the subway. And good luck.

Magnus: Check. I’m on it. I’ll go find Optimus, you take care of fish face.

Sky-Byte: You plan to insult me all day or are we going to fight? Terrorize! Ugh, how embarrassing.

Sideburn: What’s that crazy shark doing?

Sky-Byte: Now you bots are going to pay! Koji, hold this!

Koji: What is this thing?

Sky-Byte: Sky-Byte, terrorize!


Scourge: Put that pea shooter away. It’s no use for my weapon. Here, let me whip up a little sandstorm for you! Tell me where the ruins are! I don’t hear you, Optimus. You can’t hold this forever. Tell me where they are or I’ll split you in half!

Magnus: Hey pal, weren’t you told you shouldn’t play with sharp things? Arm cannon!

Optimus: Ultra Magnus…

Magnus: I came here to protect Fortress Maximus. Let’s combine and take this guy already.

Optimus: All right. Let’s do it.

Magnus and Optimus: Ultimate energy combiner, Omega Prime!

Scourge: You think you can defeat me? Guess again!

Omega Prime: Omega Blast, fire!


Sideburn: Sideburn, power-up!

X-Brawn: X-Brawn, power-up!

Prowl: Prowl, power-up!

X-Brawn: Let’s knock this guy for a loop. C’mon, boys!

Sideburn: Let’s go!

Prowl: We’ll hit our target with one blast. Fire!

Koji: Huh? Dad! Daddy!

Dr. Onishi: Koji, it’s you…

Koji: Dad, are you all right?

Dr. Onishi: Is it… just another dream?

Koji: You’re really here, Dad! Sky-Byte rescued you and brought you here! I can’t believe it. Leave him alone! Listen, Sky-Byte just rescued my father’s life!

X-Brawn: What did you say?

Sky-Byte: It would have been nice if you’d have told him that earlier.

Prowl: Sky-Byte rescued him?

Sideburn: That’s unbelievable!

Sky-Byte: Uh, well, not exactly.

Prowl: You should’ve told us that earlier. If we’d known that, we wouldn’t have attacked you.

Sideburn: Sorry, man. Our mistake.

X-Brawn: Yeah, I reckon will all owe you an apology.

Sky-Byte: No… Listen, let’s just forget the whole thing, okay?

Omega Prime: Wait a minute! That looks like Dr. Onishi!

Scourge: Sky-Byte, you’re a traitor!

Sky-Byte: Uh, it’s a big mistake! Let me explain!

Scourge: Transform! Explain it to Megatron.

Sky-Byte: Scourge, listen to me, you’ve got it all wrong!

Koji: Hi there, Dad.

Dr. Onishi: Hi there, Koji.

Koji: Welcome back. I’ve missed you so much, Daddy.

Dr. Onishi: Son, you can’t imagine how happy I am to see you again.

Koji: Happy Birthday. I’m so happy that you’re finally here.

Omega Prime: Welcome back, Dr. Onishi.

Dr. Onishi: Who is this?

Koji: Dad, these are the Autobots that have been fighting the Predacons and Decepticons to save the Earth.

Dr. Onishi: I want to thank you all for looking after my son.

Sideburn: It was nothing, doc. You see, Koji is like one of us.


Scourge: Ruination, cease fire and meet me back at the base.

Ruination: What about the plan?

Scourge: Something’s happened. I’ll tell you about it when I see you.

Ruination: On my way.

Wedge: You know something, I really have to admit it. It was ingenious to hide Fortress Maximus in a building like this.

Heavy Load: Yeah, and even Optimus didn’t know where we hid it so he didn’t have to lie to the Decepticons.

Grimlock: That’s true, but it’s just a matter of time before they figure out that it’s here.


Megatron: What have you done, Sky-Byte?

Sky-Byte: Well, you see, I borrowed Dr. Onishi to help me with the ruins. I didn’t expect him to be taken by the Autobots.

Megatron: You stupid bungler.

Sky-Byte: I’m so sorry, Megatron. I didn’t mean —

Scourge: We were just about to get Cerebros, when the Autobots jumped us. We were outnumbered. In all the confusion, they grabbed Dr. Onishi.

Megatron: So is that what happened, Sky-Byte?

Sky-Byte: Uh, yes, sir! Exactly!

Scourge: Now that we know where the ruins are, we no longer need Dr. Onishi. I suggest the Predacons and Decepticons join forces in order to find Cerebros.

Sky-Byte: (Thinking) Why are you sticking up for me? Something smells fishy.

Scourge: (Thinking) I just saved your fins. You owe me big time, Sky-Byte. And believe me, you’ll pay.

Megatron: Good idea, Scourge. Join forces and locate Cerebros. Nothing can stop us now.