29 Fortress Maximus

September 19, 2011  by Tony_Bacala  •  Episode Transcripts

Transcribed by Brandon Williams
Transformers: Robots in Disguise
“Fortress Maximus” – Episode 29
Written by Richard Epcar

Dr. Onishi: Keep digging. According to my calculations, there should be a giant chasm about twenty to thirty yards from this location. That’s it. I had no idea that this ruins even existed underneath the city, let alone that they possess such powerful energy. Just think, if I could somehow harness that energy, I could… Oh no! What’s happening here? It’s some sort of electronic shield! No!

Sky-Byte: I almost had it.

Scourge: He encountered that shield again. What could it be?

Mega-Octane: Were you able to find out what the energy was he was talking about?

Sky-Byte: No, not really. But at least now we can confirm its existance and exact co-ordinates.

Mega-Octane: We already knew that. We’re trying to find out what it is that won’t let us near the energy.

Scourge: I don’t think the doctor will ever tell us the secret.

Mega-Octane: He’s built up a tolerance to the scanner.

Megatron: The doctor has told us enough.

Scourge: What do you mean, m’lord?

Megatron: Take your squad of Decepticons and investigate this chasm. Destroy the shield and seize the energy. Yes, sir.


Sideburn: Hey red, where ya going so fast? Slow down!

Kelly: I can’t even go shopping without this guy trailing me. Would you just leave me alone?!

Sideburn: Don’t be like that, honey! Oh, a red light. One more ticket and Prowl will impound me.

Kelly: So long, pal! Haha, I lost him!

Sideburn: Oh, there you are! How sweet, you were waiting for me.

Kelly: Stop tailing me!

Sideburn: Hey, wait up! Where ya going?

Kelly: I’m going away!

Sideburn: Oh come on!

Koji: I can’t remember how long it’s been.

X-Brawn: You mean since he started chasing that red car? Been over two hours.

Koji: No, not that. I mean how long it’s been since my dad was kidnapped. I’m so worried. I hope he’s all right.

X-Brawn: I’m sure your pa is fine wherever he is. Besides, he’s probably too ornery to let those Decepticons get to him.

Prowl: I’m sure he misses you as much as you miss him. When we figure out where Megatron’s secret base is, we’ll get your father back.

T-AI: Good news, Optimus. I found out where it is.

X-Brawn: You know the location of Megatron’s base?

T-AI: No, I wasn’t talking about that. I was talking about the microchip that Dr. Onishi left behind.

Koji: What about my father’s microchip?

T-AI: Well, it verifies the existance of other O-Parts. Not only that, it gives the exact co-ordinates of that his father was excavating before he was kidnapped.

Optimus: We should check that out.

X-Brawn: All right, we’ll go. Where exactly are these ruins?

T-AI: Unfortunately, this isn’t a job for the Autobot Brothers. Because of the amount of digging involved, we should send the Build Team.

Koji: You mean these ruins are underground?

T-AI: Exactly. According to the chip, the ruins are beneath the city. 1.2 miles below the surface.

Koji: How did anyone find it?

T-AI: Well, not just anyone found it, your father did and he happens to be a very talented archeologist. It seems his discovery might be from Cybertron.

Koji: Wow.


Armorhide: What’s so important about these ruins?

Movor: Well, Megatron seems to think that we might just find some sort of power that would help us conquer the whole universe.

Scourge: He may be right. There is a special energy spectrum eminating from those ruins.


Wedge: The location of these ruins is right underneath the city?

T-AI: That’s right. Dr. Onishi’s microchip gives the exact co-ordinates.

Optimus: Wedge, we have to move quickly. I want you and the Build Team to excavate those ruins.

Wedge: Oh, that’s a simple job. We can do that. Right, team?

Grimlock and Hightower: Let’s do it!

Heavy Load: There’s something that we really should discuss.

Wedge: Yeah, what’s on your mind, Heavy Load?

Heavy Load: Well, not to rain on anyone’s parade, but do you remember what happened to us last time we dug underneath the city? We were expanding the space bridge and discovered that really weird area.

Wedge: Oh, yeah. I remember that.

Grimlock: Who could forget?

Hightower: Oh, it’s that strange place where we all started to see things? You know, where we all started looking like Predacons to each other?


Wedge: What is Sky-Byte doing here? He’s trying to spy on us! Get him!

Hightower: Ow! What’s wrong with you? Why did you just kick me?

Heavy Load: Is something wrong, Wedge? Ah! Careful, team! Gas Skunk is here!

Grimlock: What’s that? Gas Skunk is here? Oh no, you’re all Predacons!

Wedge: What are you trying to pull? You’re Dark Scream, you’re the Predacon.

[End Flashback]

Grimlock: Weird place. Since we all looked like Predacons there, we decided to take a different route.

Hightower: That was kind of spooky. We never did find out what the deal was.

Wedge: That creepy place is located near the ruins?

Heavy Load: If it’s under the city, it’s the same quadrant, which means it could happen again. Maybe it won’t, but if it’s important, we have to go in no matter what.

Optimus: Is this going to be a problem for you?

Wedge: Whatever the challenge might be, whatever the obstacle, the Build Team will overcome it. We’ve never given up and we won’t do it now. You can always depend on the Build Team, sir.

Heavy Load: That was beautiful, Wedge. Beautiful!

Optimus: This is one of the most important missions I’ve ever given you. We may even find out what Megatron wants from this planet. I’m counting on you.

Build Team: Roger!


Armorhide: Hey, hey! Get out of the way!

Ro-Tor: Yeah!

Movor: Ha, ha, ha!

T-AI: It’s what we expected! The Decepticons have just shown up on the scene.

Optimus: What’s their exact location?

T-AI: They’re at quadrant omega, sector 5. Just north of downtown, right above the Build Team. Do you think they know the location of the ruins?

Optimus: It wouldn’t surprise me.

T-AI: Should we send some protection there to watch over them, sir?

Optimus: Activate the member select program.

T-AI: Roger. Spychangers’ stealth capabilities make them the perfect choice for undercover work near the highway. Shall I alert them, sir?

Optimus: Yes, and have Team Bullet Train and the Autobot Brothers patrol the tunnels and subways.

T-AI: Roger!

Optimus: I hope we’re in time.


Scourge: Scourge, transform!

Mega-Octane: Mega-Octane, transform!

Ground Team: Transform!

Ro-Tor: Transform!

Movor: Transform!

Scourge: If the information we extracted from Dr. Onishi is correct, the ruins are directly below us. Barrage Attack! Let’s go!

Hot Shot: Oh, no you don’t. Hot Shot, transform! Hold it right there.

Scourge: Get rid of these pests!

Armorhide: Yessir, the Spychangers are toast.

Rollbar: You go on ahead without us. We’ll catch up with you later.

Armorhide: Get ready to be sold as scrap. Laser Blaster!

Rollbar: Laser Blaster!

X-Brawn: Hold it right there. X-Brawn, transform!

Prowl: Prowl, transform!

Sideburn: Sideburn, transform!

X-Brawn: All right, that’s far enough. Not another step.

Prowl: This area is restricted.

Sideburn: Besides, we don’t like you.

Mega-Octane: If you think your rag-tag gang of freaks is going to stop us, guess again.

Scourge: Plasma gun!

X-Brawn: I can’t see a thing. Where’d they go?

Railspike: Autobots, you can leave it to us now. I just need you to get off the track!

Sideburn: Whoa, that was close.

Rapid Run: Sorry about that fellas, but we’re in a real big hurry.

Prowl: Hey, slow down a little, will ya? You’re liable to cause a serious accident driving like that. Reckless drivers.

Railspike: Hold it, Decepticons! Transform! Wow, a little cramped here.

Rapid Run: Rapid Run, transform! Ow! Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to transform. I’m short of head room.

Movor: Hey, the trains are down here.

Ro-Tor: Let’s give ’em a warm welcome.

Movor: Yeah, fire blasters!

Rapid Run: Shields up!

Railspike: We’re pinned down here. We’ve got to go after the others and get them away from those ruins!

Mega-Octane: You two hold them off.

Railspike: Where’s Midnight Express?

Midnight: Oh my, where is everyone? This subway is a giant maze. I passed that station a few minutes ago. These tunnels all look alike. I need a compass.

Railspike: See if you can get close enough to grab ’em.

T-AI: You were right about the Decepticons, Optimus. It looks like they’re looking for the ruins too.

Optimus: T-AI, tell the Build Team to hurry up.

T-AI: Right away, sir.

Optimus: What’s he doing there?

Magnus: Ultra Magnus, transform! I was in the neighbourhood and I thought you might need some help.

Rapid Run: Actually, we were fine. We had everything under control.

Magnus: Sure ya did.

Rapid Run: Where are you going? If it’s not too much trouble, you think you could give us a hand?

Magnus: Really, I thought you had it all under control.

Railspike: Hey wait! What in blazes are you doing?! Don’t you think we should make certain it’s safe first?!

Magnus: Stun Clusters! That should do it.

Railspike: Wait! You maniac, what are you doing?! He’s flooded the place!

Midnight: I’ve got to get out of here before I become a submarine!


Wedge: Come on, you guys. We’ve gotta hustle! Wait a minute, I’m starting to hear weird metallic sounds.

Hightower: Isn’t that what happened last time?

Grimlock: He’s right. There were strange sounds right before we started having those hallucinations, remember?

Voice: Stay away. Do not approach any closer.

Wedge: Hey, you guys…

Heavy Load: Yes Wedge, what is it?

Wedge: Did anyone just hear something?

Voice: This is a sacred place. If you enter, you shall be cursed for all time!

Grimlock: Hey, what is that?

Hightower: Maybe it would be a good idea to stop digging for a while.

Heavy Load: Would you guys knock it off? We’ve been given an assignment to find the ruins.

T-AI: Wedge, come in!

Wedge: Aaaah! That weird voice knows me!

T-AI: Who are you calling ‘weird voice?’

Heavy Load: Relax. It’s only T-AI.

Wedge: Oh, I’m sorry, T-AI.

T-AI: What’s going on out there? Are you close? Have you all gotten to the ruins yet?

Hightower: The ground is getting harder and harder the closer we get, so we’re not going as fast as we should. And there’s something else…

T-AI: What is it?

Heavy Load: That odd phenomenon that we mentioned before, we think it’s happening again. Our audio receptors are frizzing. Very strange!

T-AI: I understand, but you’ve got to hurry. Scourge and the other Decepticons will be there soon. You’ve gotta move!


Scourge: It looks like the Build Team constructed this tunnel.

Mega-Octane: That means the Autobots must be looking for the ruins too.

Armorhide: We don’t have to worry about the Spychangers anymore.

Scourge: Good work! Let’s go.


Rapid Run: That Ultra Magnus is a menace! Wait till I get my hands on him!

Railspike: Forget about that, stay afloat!

Midnight: Hey guys, I’ve been looking all over for you.


Wedge: There’s something wrong with me. I keep having bad headaches.

Hightower: Maybe if you quit pounding your head, it’ll stop.

Wedge: Good idea.

Heavy Load: Hey wait, I’m getting static now too. I think it’s because we’re close.

Wedge: Oh no! You’re really Sky-Byte!

Hightower: What was that… Wedge?!

Wedge: What are you doing here and what have you done with Hightower?

Heavy Load: No, Wedge!

Wedge: Shoulder thrust!

Heavy Load: Wedge, don’t do that! Oh no! It’s happening again!

Wedge: Hey!

Grimlock: Hey, get ahold of yourself! Wedge! It’s Gas Skunk in disguise!

Wedge: Let go of me. I’m not Gas Skunk, but you’re Dark Scream.

Grimlock: Let go of him and get ahold of yourself.

Wedge: Huh? It’s Slapper.

Heavy Load: Things are out of hand! I don’t think it’s safe to dig any further.

Optimus: What seems to be the problem, Heavy Load?

T-AI: Is everyone all right?

Heavy Load: It’s the phenomenon again. It’s making us look like Predacons to each other!

Hightower: Hey, Dark Scream, let go of me!

Grimlock: Who are you calling Dark Scream, Sky-Byte? Take off.

Wedge: And where did Gas Skunk go?

Hightower: What are you talking about? You’re Gas Skunk, pal!

Heavy Load: Somehow our optics are being affected and each of us sees the other as a Predacon!

T-AI: Oh no! Not now. We’re just about out of time!

Optimus: There has to be some reasonable explanation for this.

Heavy Load: I don’t know, Optimus. But the entire time I’ve been talking to you, you’ve been looking just like Megatron to me.

T-AI: What?! Just when I’ve thought I’d heard everything!

Optimus: Heavy Load, listen. It’s extremely important that we get to the ruins before the Decepticons. Can you persuade your team to continue under these circumstances?

Heavy Load: I’m not sure, but it’s worth a shot.

T-AI: What’s causing all this, Optimus? Any ideas?

Optimus: Cybertronian radiation.


Sideburn: You guys hear that weird sound?

Magnus: Hey. You okay?

Sideburn: Yeah, what’s up?

Magnus: I’m not sure, but I’m here to help.

Sideburn: We’ve been hearing noises. Have you picked up any weird sounds around here lately?

Magnus: What are you talking about?

Sideburn: Oh, what’s this? Do you see what I see? Hey, hey! Wait for me!

Magnus: He’s acting a little crazy. That’s weird. Does he have a short in his wiring?


Sky-Byte: Where did does Decepticons go? They should be here. Look at that! A delicious cake in the subway! Well, I am kind of hungry. I think I’ll grab a bite! Kind of stale. What’s this? The entrance to the ruins! Ah, there they are now. What are those sneaky no-good Decepticons up to now?

Rollbar: I’m hearing that strange noise again.

Armorhide: Yeah, me too. And it’s giving me cranium static.

Scourge: That sound is really annoying!

Mega-Octane: Scourge, are you okay?

Armorhide: Yeah, what’s wrong? Does your head hurt?

Scourge: Yes, but something from the past is coming back to me. I’m starting to remember… I can’t quite make it out.

Mega-Octane: Why don’t you just recall it from your memory banks?

Scourge: Forget it and stay focused. Something strange is going on here and we have to be prepared for anything. Understand?

Mega-Octane: Yessir!

Rollbar: What? It’s — It’s Sky-Byte!

Armorhide: Where’s Sky-Byte?

Sky-Byte: Drat, it appears I’ve been spotted.

Armorhide: Tell me already. Where did you see him?

Rollbar: So, Megatron ordered you to spy on us. Is that it, Sky-Byte?

Armorhide: Hey pal, who are you calling Sky-Byte? Do I look like that fish face blubberneck to you?

Sky-Byte: Why I oughta… Who does he think he’s talking about?

Rollbar: Hey! What’s going on here?

Scourge: It’s a delusion. It’s a sign that we’re close to the ruins. Let’s keep moving.

Sky-Byte: That explains why I thought that subway car was a cake! What the?!


Wedge: Good job, team. This should be the last wall and then we’re through. All right, just keep digging.

Heavy Load: The sound stopped.

Grimlock: Yeah, I don’t hear it either. Hey, we’re through!

Wedge: You’re right. We made it. Here, let me. It’ll be faster. Step aside, guys. Right shoulder thrust!

Grimlock: Wow, what is this place?

Heavy Load: That must be the ruins.

Wedge: Look at that. It’s some sort of castle or something. What do you think is so important about it?

Heavy Load: I dunno, but I really like what they’ve done with the place.

Wedge: Come on, let’s go.


Scourge: They found it! What’s that sound?! There! Do you feel it, Mega-Octane?

Mega-Octane: Feel what, sir?

Scourge: The absolute power coming through those ruins.

Magnus: Hey Sideburn, are you okay there?

Sideburn: Yeah, I’m fine.

Prowl: Got to keep those Decepticons away from the ruins, but I don’t know if the three of us will be enough to stop them.

Sideburn: Hey Ultra Magnus, can you give us a hand?

Magnus: You got it. Let’s take care of those chumps right now. Stun cluster!

Mega-Octane: Let’s combine our forces.

Commando Limbs: Yessir!

Mega-Octane: Combine!

Ruination: Ruination, awaken! Ready for action, sir!

Scourge: Take care of them. I’m going to the ruins.

Ruination: Yes, sir.

Wedge: All right, let’s take these guys. Ready to combine into Landfill?

Heavy Load: Of course. I thought you’d never ask.

Wedge: Build Team, combine!

Build Team: Together, we are… Landfill!

Railspike: You guys want in on this?

Rapid Run and Midnight: You bet!

Trains: Bullet Fusion Mode!

Rail Racer: Triple threat, Rail Racer!

Landfill: All right, we know what we have to do. Let’s show ’em we’re here.

Rail Racer: Fusion Laser Rifle!

Ruination: Chew on this!

Magnus: Going somewhere?

Scourge: Out of my way, or you’ll wind up on the junk heap.

Magnus: Give it your best shot.

Scourge: Hmmmm? So you’ve finally showed up.

Magnus: Nice to see you. But I don’t need your help, I can handle this. I’m doing fine on my own.

Optimus: I know, but right now we have to unite to prevent them from getting to the ruins.

Magnus: I’ve never taken orders from you, Optimus, and I’m not about to start now.

Optimus: It’s not an order, Magnus. I’m asking you for your help.

Magnus: Well, if you put it that way.

Magnus and Optimus: Combine!

Omega Prime: Ultimate energy, Omega Prime! Fire gatling cannon!

Scourge: Barrage Attack!

Omega Prime: No, you’ll destroy the ruins!


Scourge: Its power is amazing!

Ruination: It’s going to cave in! We should retreat now, or else we’ll be trapped under ground!

Scourge: Not yet. I can feel its power! I must get closer!

Ruination: Scourge!

Scourge: I can feel it! It’s incredible! I must have this power!

Ruination: We’ll all be buried. We’ve got to get out of here!

Scourge: Look at that!