28 Power to Burn!

September 19, 2011  by Tony_Bacala  •  Episode Transcripts

Transcribed by Brandon Williams
Transformers: Robots in Disguise
“Power to Burn!” – Episode 28
Written by Tom Wyner

Optimus: I still don’t understand how the Autobot Brothers were able to super-charge during that last battle. It seemed as if they were absorbing power from Ultra Magnus.

Koji: Wow, I’ve never seen Autobots do that before.

Optimus: You’re about to, Koji. Take a look at this.


Magnus: Leave them alone, Megatron! Huh? What… What’s this? Where’s all this extra energy coming from?! What’s happening here?!

X-Brawn: What in tarnation’s going on?!

Prowl: I feel like I’m on fire!

Sideburn: Use it, channel it, send it where you need it most! Sideburn, power-up!

X-Brawn: Now I’m gettin’ it! X-Brawn, power-up!

Prowl: Prowl, power-up!

[Live action]

Koji: Man, looks like that extra power came from Magnus. I guess the question is, where did Magnus get it from?

T-AI: We think the source is something called the Matrix. But if that’s true, the problem is we don’t know how Magnus accessed the power.

Koji: Huh? I don’t understand.

Optimus: We thought that I had sole possession of the Matrix and that its power could manifest itself only through me.

Koji: Well maybe whoever gave it to you in the first place meant for the two of you to share it.

T-AI: But the commander of the Autobots is the only one who is supposed to have it. How confusing!

Optimus: It is. Especially for Ultra Magnus.


Megatron: Ultra Magnus’ confusion is a weakness we can use to our advantage.

Scourge: Leave him to me. I know what to do.

Megatron: Go on.

Scourge: I’ll arrange an accidental meeting and then convince him that since we all want to get rid of Optimus Prime, he should join us. If he declines my offer, I’ll turn him into scrap.

Megatron: Exploiting the enemy’s weakness to assure our victory. An excellent plan! Very well, Scourge. You may proceed.

Scourge: Yes, sir!

Sky-Byte: (Thinking) He’s got Megatron eating out of his hand again. Not for long.


Sideburn: Wow. I’m still feeling the effects of that power boost. I’m eating up the road!

T-AI: Sideburn!

Sideburn: I haven’t felt this good since my first day out of the stassis chamber!

T-AI: Calling Sideburn, respond!

Sideburn: All right, where’s that little red sportscar?

T-AI: Sideburn, hello? Earth to Sideburn.

Sideburn: Yeah.

T-AI: Optimus wants you to find Ultra Magnus as soon as you can. And if you do find him, Optimus wants to know ASAP.

Sideburn: Copy that, T-AI. No big deal. I’ll track him down in no time.

T-AI: Ahd check your incoming audio, will ya? It was hard getting through to you.

Sideburn: Sorry, T-AI. I was enjoying myself so much I didn’t hear ya. The only way I could feel any better than I do now is finding that little red sportscar. Well, what do you know? I’m feeling better already! Hey, fancy meeting you here! Long time, no see! Great paintjob!

Kelly: Oh no, him again!

Sideburn: Hey, slow down! Whoa! What’s going on here?

Kelly: I could’ve sworn… That car was blue! I better make an appointment with my eye doctor.

Sideburn: This is weird. How did I power-up again?

Prowl: Good question. Since you didn’t do it, the power probably came from Ultra Magnus… Which means he must be nearby.

Sideburn: All I know is it makes me feel like a million bucks. Not to mention the way it makes me look. What do you think of the new colour scheme? Pretty slick, huh?

Prowl: It, uh, makes a statement.

Sideburn: Ya got that right! I finally look like what I am, the hottest, coolest, fastest Autobot on the road!

Prowl: Whatever spins your wheels, little brother. But right now we’ve got work to do. Take a look up there.

Sideburn: Hey… That’s Ultra Magnus.

Magnus: Prowl and that obnoxious Sideburn. What are they up to now?

Prowl: Optimus, we’ve located Ultra Magnus. He’s heading east on the mid-town freeway.

Optimus: Good. We’re not sure what Magnus is feeling right now. Keep your eyes open, stay with him and keep out of sight.

Prowl: Sorry Optimus, it’s a little late for that. I’m pretty sure he scanned us the minute we were in range. I’m in pursuit now.

Sideburn: Hey Ultra Magnus! I’m glad we found you. I wanted to thank you for that power burst you gave me. I’m handling great, got lots of acceleration and dude, I’m a whole lot faster than I ever was before! The way I’m feeling now, nobody’s gonna catch me!

Magnus: Stay away from me.

Sideburn: Hey, where ya going? Wait up, dude! I just wanted to thank you for the power boost, that’s all. It worked like a charm.

Magnus: Go tell someone who cares, ’cause I don’t.

Sideburn: Aw, come on. Stop with the tough guy act for a second, will ya? What you’ve gotta do is learn to loosen up! Now look, Optimus Prime sent me to find you. He wants to know if you’re okay. Whoopsie! He’s worried about ya.

Magnus: The only thing he’s worried about is that I’m going to force him to give me the Matrix and take command of the Autobots.

Sideburn: If you believe that, then you don’t know Optimus. If you take that chip off your shoulder and really listen to what he has to say, you might learn something.

Magnus: I know more than you think.

Sideburn: I don’t know what you’re talking about, but if you do know something the rest of us don’t, you oughta tell us. You’re an Autobot and Autobots don’t keep secrets from one another.

Magnus: Ha! You don’t know anything, kid.

Prowl: So, what’s the word?

Sideburn: He’ll come around. You’ll see.

Prowl: Now what do you mean by that?

Sideburn: Hey, I’m breaking him down! He’s got a bad case of sibling rivalry.

Prowl: Gee, ya think?


Magnus: That’s Scourge up ahead. Strange I can’t sense any of the other Decepticons anywhere nearby. What would he be doing out here by himself?

Prowl: Uh oh.

Sideburn: What’s up, bro?

Prowl: It’s Scourge.

Sideburn: Don’t worry. Scourge is no match for Magnus.

Prowl: What worries me is that they’re not fighting. They just got off of the main road, together. We better follow them and find out what’s going on.

Sideburn: Right.

Prowl: Optimus, the good news is we’re tailing Magnus. The bad news is he’s got company. He’s going somewhere with Scourge.

Optimus: Stay on them.

Scourge: Scourge, transform!

Magnus: Ultra Magnus, transform!

Scourge: No one can hear us here. So let’s go down to business. I have a proposition for you.

Magnus: I’m listening.

Scourge: You and I have something in common. We both want to get rid of Optimus Prime. If you’d be open to working together, I might be able to help you.

Magnus: You mean work for Megatron?

Scourge: Forget about Megatron. Forget about the Decepticons, the Predacons and the Autobots. You and I will destroy Optimus. Once you have the Matrix, your powers combined with mine will make us unstoppable!

Magnus: I’ll deal with Optimus in my own time and in my own way.

Scourge: Will you now? Obviously you’re incapable of doing it by yourself, or it would already be done. You need me, Magnus. Admit it! Fate has presented us with a unique opportunity. We can destroy both Megatron and Optimus and fulfill our destinies. Will you join me?

Magnus: No. Never.

Scourge: How disappointing. Very well, I’ll destroy Optimus myself. But first, it’s your turn.

Magnus: So, that’s why you made it so easy to follow you. All right, then. Let’s see what you’ve got.

Mega-Octane: Twin lasers!

Sideburn: Hey, tough guy, can I join the fun?

Magnus: It’s not your fight!

Rollbar: Right!

Prowl: Wrong!

Sideburn: Hey, nice bodyblock, bro.

Magnus: And Prowl too? What are you two doing here? When are you going to learn that I don’t need or want your help? I can handle this myself.

Sideburn: Oh, be a sport, will ya? That super-charge you gave us is way cool. We just wanted to try out our new powers to see what we can do.

Magnus: You’re not too bright, are ya? Very well, if you’re not going to leave, I will.

Sideburn: Hey wait! Come back!

Scourge: A perfect ambush, ruined by those two meddling Autobots! Well, Ultra Magnus may have gotten away, but they won’t! Decepticons, destroy them!

Sideburn: In your dreams. I’m warning you, Scourge. You’re messing with the wrng Autobot.

Mega-Octane: Decepticons, combiner mode!

Ruination: Ruination awakens!

Sideburn: Let’s power-up, bro!

Prowl: Roger.

Sideburn: Okay, Decepticons, this Autobot’s ready to rumble whenever you are.

Prowl: Let’s do it!

Sideburn: You can’t say I didn’t warn ya!

Prowl: Hey Scourge! Think you’re ready for this?

Scourge: I’m not impressed. You’re still no match for me, Autobot. Your time has come.

Sideburn: Optimus, come in! We’ve got a little problem. Magnus was led into a Decepticon trap. Then when we tried to help him out, he left us to fight them ourselves.

Optimus: On my way. T-AI, have X-Brawn meet us there ASAP.

T-AI: No problem, Optimus.

Koji: Watch out for Magnus. He’s still out there.

Optimus: Transform!

T-AI: X-Brawn, battle protocol! I repeat, battle protocol! Sideburn and Prowl need all the help they can get. I just downloaded the co-ordinates directly to your cybermap. Pedal to the metal, big guy. They need ya!

X-Brawn: Well shucks, of course they do. They’re my little brothers, aren’t they? Anyone messing with them is messing with me! I do believe it’s time for this hoss to power-up! Yeehaw!


Sideburn: You’re going down! Whhhooaaa! Time for plan B.

X-Brawn: X-Brawn, transform! I think you’ll get a kick outta this!

Sideburn: Smooth move, bro!

X-Brawn: Okay, you junkyard rejects, let’s see how you like taking on all three Autobot Brothers!

Scourge: Why have they changed their appearance? And why do they seem more powerful than usual? Am I missing something here?

Autobot Bros: Autobots, super-charge!

Sideburn: Hmmm? What’s up?

Prowl: I feel weird.

X-Brawn: You guys all right? What’s the matter?

Sideburn: I wish I knew. All of a sudden… I’m exhausted.

Prowl: I can barely stand. My arms are like lead.

Magnus: Sideburn, Prowl, X-Brawn, what’s wrong?

Prowl: I can’t take it…

Scourge: What’s that noise? Can you hear it, Autobots? It’s the sound of your hard drives crashing!

Sideburn: I can hardly move at all…

X-Brawn: Don’t worry, little brother. I just got to this hoedown and I’m raring to dance with these boys.

Scourge: Sorry, the first dance goes to Sideburn. I want to see him kick up his heels.

Ruination: Ha, ha, ha!

Prowl and X-Brawn: Sideburn!


Magnus: I deserted them and now they’re in danger. If anything happens to them it’ll be my fault.

Scourge: Power wielded by incompetence leads to nothing but self-destruction.

Magnus: That’s enough!

Optimus: Hold it!

X-Brawn: Howdy Prime!

Magnus: So, he’s finally making an appearance.

Optimus: Optimus Prime, transform! X-Brawn, do you have enough power left to handle Ruination?

X-Brawn: You bet.

Optimus: Good. You help Sideburn take care of him. I’ll deal with Scourge.

X-Brawn: You got it.

Optimus: Your plan has failed. Take your Decepticons and leave while you still can.

Scourge: I’ll leave, but you won’t! This is your final stop, Prime.

Optimus: You thought you might turn Magnus against us. If that didn’t work, then you would take me out. Bad idea, Scourge.

Scourge: But it worked. You’re here, aren’t you?

Optimus: Oh, I’m here, all right… But your plan is about to backfire. This is your last warning, Scourge.

Scourge: Oh really? I’ll smash you to pieces!

Optimus: Take your best shot.

Scourge: Ruination, get him!

X-Brawn: I gotcha, little brother. Don’t try to move, Prowl. I’ll be back to get you in a minute.

Scourge: Barrage Attack!

Ro-Tor: Ro-To Gun!

Armorhide: Armor Blaster!

Magnus: Not even Optimus is strong enough to withstand such concentrated firepower. Why aren’t the other Autobots helping him? Where did they all go?

X-Brawn: This’ll give you enough power to keep your systems from crashing till we can get you back to headquarters.

Sideburn: What happened to me? I was feeling so strong and then suddenly I was weak as a kitten.

Magnus: It’s all up to me now. Huh? That strange energy is flowing through me again!

X-Brawn: Hang on. Once we get you back to the shop you’ll be good as new.

Scourge: Even you can’t handle this kind of punishment. You’re history.

Optimus: Keep moving, guys.

Sideburn: Oh no! Optimus is hurt!

Optimus: I’ve got to keep fighting. If Scourge destroys me, he destroys the Matrix aswell.

Scourge: No last word, Optimus? Very well, let’s get this over with. Plasma Gun!

Optimus: I guess your best shot wasn’t good enough!

Scourge: Actually, I save the best for last. Multi-weapon main battery, fire!

Optimus: Compression pistol!

X-Brawn: We’re in trouble. Optimus is down, you can barely move and Sideburn’s out cold.

Magnus: The energy within me is growing stronger every minute… And I know how to use it. The Decepticons are going down!

Scourge: Like me, you’re a true warrior, Optimus, so I’ll try to make this quick.

X-Brawn: Oh no, what’s happening? I’m losing power…

Scourge: Hahaha! Soon as I’ve delt with you, I’ll swat your friends like insects. Hahaha! Ultra Magnus! I thought you had enough sense to stay out of this.

Magnus: Well, you thought wrong, pal. Infact, you’re wrong about a whole lot of things. Like thinking you could use my rivalry with Optimus to destroy the Autobots.

Optimus: This could be where it all changes.

Scourge: So you’re going to take us all on by yourself? Then you’ll be destroyed along with the rest!

Magnus: You’re wrong about that too!

Scourge: Sword of Fury!

Megatron: Scourge! Megatron, terrorize!

Scourge: Megatron…

Megatron: So Scourge, it would seem you the Decepticons have done rather well. Congratulations.

Scourge: I am honoured, great one. (Thinking) Arrogant strutting bag of wind! If Magnus had joined me, you’d be cosmic dust by now.

Slapper: Rats! Scourge is still his favourite.

Gas Skunk: Yeah, that’s cause the Decepticons get to do all the easy stuff.

Dark Scream: Let’s get out there and show ’em we’re as good as they are.

Sky-Byte: Sky-Byte, terrorize! Predacons, attack! Shark Spike!

Gas Skunk: Special delievery for Optimus! Tail Blade Slash!

Magnus: Optimus, you all right over there?

Scourge: Join him!

Megatron: It’s over, Autobots. Admit it. The time has come to say goodbye.

Magnus: This isn’t over. Not by a long shot!

X-Brawn: You’ve got that right!

Megatron: That long shot just became a certainty. Some last words, anyone?

Optimus: Not a chance, Megatron.

Gas Skunk: Yeah, why’s that?

Optimus: Because we’re going to win this fight!

Slapper: Can you believe this guy?! You should’ve been a comedian, Optimus! That’s about the funniest thing I’ve ever heard!

Optimus: As long as our circuits flow with faith and justice will prevail, you cannot win!

Slapper: Yuck! Disgusting! We should destroy him just for that!

Dark Scream: And his corny mystic Matrix aswell.

Gas Skunk: What a jerk.

Scourge: Nobody likes a cliche hero.

Magnus: I don’t know about that. It you ask me, I think it’s kind of refreshing.

Megatron: What’s that glow?

Scourge: The Matrix!

Magnus: Optimus, one day we’ll settle our differences, but today we’ll fight side by side. Together we can beat them!

Optimus: Together.

Optimus and Magnus: Combine into Omega Prime!

Scourge: Blast them! My plan has failed!

Megatron: Dragon mode! Now, Decepticons and Predacons attack! Dragon Breath!

Omega Prime: Omega Prime, Omega Laser!

Gas Skunk: Gee, what a shame. And things were going so well.

Slapper: I don’t think there’s any reason to stick around, do you?

Dark Scream: No, but I can think of a lot of reasons to get out of here!

Omega Prime: Gatling Laser!

Gas Skunk: That must’ve hurt.

Slapper: We better get outta here while we still can!

Dark Scream: Strangely enough, I was thinking the same thing.

Megatron: You’ve won the battle, but you haven’t won the war. I’ll be back. Megatron, beast mode! Sooner or later, I’ll win. I promise you.

Sky-Byte: Wait! Don’t leave me here, Megatron! Take me with you! I need a doctor!

Scourge: Until next time!


Optimus: Thanks, Magnus. We all owe you big time. Me most of all.

Magnus: You don’t owe me a thing. I was the one that got you into this mess. We’ll talk again soon, but right now I’ve got a lot to think about. Later, Prime. Ultra Magnus, transform!

Sideburn: You see! I told you Ultra Magnus was a great guy.

Optimus: The question is what will he be like next time?

X-Brawn: He’s as stubborn as a mule and he’s got a lot of rough edges.

Prowl: But if we let him be and don’t push it, one of these days, he’ll join the team.

Sideburn: Might take a little time. But that day will come. You can count on it.