26 Lessons of the Past (Recap)

September 19, 2011  by Tony_Bacala  •  Episode Transcripts

Transcribed by Brandon Williams
Transformers: Robots in Disguise
“Lessons of the Past” – Episode 26

Optimus: Optimus to Build Team, hold tight. I’m on my way.

Ro-Tor: Hi, Optimus!

Optimus: Sorry, I don’t have time to play right now.

Ro-Tor: Oh yeah?

Movor: Fire!

Optimus: You’re going to have to fill in these potholes.

Rollbar: Attack!

Mega-Octane: End of the road for you, Optimus Prime. Decepticons, combiner mode!

Commandos: Yessir!

Ruination: Ruination awakens!

Optimus: Transform! Now we’ll see what you’re made of.

Scourge: We want those O-Parts, Prime.

Optimus: Back off, Scourge. This is an emergency. Human lives are at stake. Get out of my way.

Scourge: Very touching. Here is my answer. Now!

[End of clip]

Koji: Whoa! Ruination really clobbered you that time.

Optimus: He sure did, Koji. Ruination is a powerful adversary.

T-AI: These guys have been our enemies for so long it’s hard to imagine they were once Autobots.

Optimus: Until their sparks were warped by Megatron.

T-AI: If only we found them sooner.

Koji: We couldn’t have. We didn’t even know they were on Earth until we decoded Dad’s microchip, but by then Megatron had already found their spaceship.

Optimus: They were defenseless protoforms still in their stasis pods.

[“The Decepticons”]

Optimus: Sounds like someone got here before we did.

X-Brawn: Someone’s digging a mighty big hole. Well I’ll be hornswaggled. It’s a spaceship, all right, and it’s from Cybertron.

T-AI (out of clip): But the real surprise came later, when you found out what was inside.

Optimus: There are Transformers in that ship! And it looks like their pods are still intact! We’ve got to get the ship back to headquarters immediately.

Megatron: An excellent idea, Optimus. You and the Autobots are welcome to do whatever you wish with that spacecraft. But the Autobot crew members, our part of the deal, they’re mine now!

X-Brawn: Forget it, Megatron.

Megatron: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

Sideburn: The pods!

Megatron: Don’t worry, Autobots. Be assured you’ll be seeing your friends again very soon… At the other end of a laser beam! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

[Clip pauses]

Optimus: Letting Megatron kidnap those protoforms was the greatest blunder I ever made.

T-AI: There was no way you could have stopped them, Optimus. And by the time you caught up with him on that army base, he was already carrying out his plan.

Optimus: The dark day indeed.


[Clip resumes]

Megatron: Our protoforms will scan the most powerful vehicles, and within a few minutes, become the mightiest combat force this planet has ever known! Take the pods to the army base and begin the scanning process. Protoform, scan that vehicle.

Flatbed Truck Driver: Aaahh!

Megatron: And now I shall inject my spark energy into the protoform!

Optimus: Optimus Prime, transform!

Mega-Octane: Mega-Octane, transform!

Megatron: Ha, ha, ha. Too late, Optimus! Say hello to Mega-Octane, the first Decepticon!

Optimus: What?

My name is Optimus Prime. I’m the leader of our kind here on Earth. And in their name, allow me to welcome you to your new home.

Mega-Octane: No thanks.

Optimus: What has Megatron done to you?!

Megatron: Ha, ha, ha! You’re wasting your breath, Optimus. He won’t listen to you. He’s a Decepticon now and loyal only to me and very soon, now, the others will join him! Their firepower combined with my leadership will make the Decepticons unstoppable!

Optimus: You fiend! It’s showtime, guys. We’ve got to stop them now, before they all become Decepticons.

Autobot Bros: Right!

Mega-Octane: Think again, Autobots!

Optimus: Get back!

Mega-Octane: I’ll hold them off. Take the pods to the vehicles and begin scanning.

Sky-Byte: Begin scanning!

Slapper: That tank will make a great Decepticon.

Mega-Octane: Your turn, Dork Scream!

Dark Scream: That helicopter’s perfect!

Optimus: Power Stream!

Megatron: A space shuttle Decepticon… Well done. Under my leadership, he will become a mighty warrior!

Mega-Octane: Decepticons, transform!

Optimus: There’s only one pod left!

X-Brawn: They’ve got too much fire power, Optimus. We’d never get to it in time.

Megatron: Ha, ha, ha, ha. So true! And soon the last of your fellow Autobots will answer only to me!

Kelly: I’m getting out of here as fast as I can. I didn’t go to truck driving school for nothing, you know!

Prowl: That tanker is the one they use to re-fuel the space shuttle. It’s loaded with ten thousand gallons of rocket fuel.

Megatron: The energy in that rocket fuel will make him the most powerful Decepticon of them all! Behold… Your mightiest enemy is about to take form!

Sideburn: Optimus, that tanker truck is outta control!

Optimus: I’m on it!

Megatron: Thanks to you I can now begin scanning that tanker! Now witness the genesis of your destruction.

Scourge: Scourge, transform!

Megatron: You are infused with my spark, but also that of Optimus. Are you Decepticon or are you Autobot?

Scourge: I have only one purpose, to serve Megatron. Decepticons, it is time to prepare for combat. Transform!

Commandos: Yessir!

Optimus: Get ready.

Scourge: Decepticons, switch to maximum fire power!

Megatron: Scourge, that’s enough. You’ve just come online. You’re not at full strength. You can finish them off at another time.

Scourge: Understood. Decepticons, follow me!

[End of clip]

Optimus: That’s enough, T-AI. We have a lot to look at.

T-AI: But why?

Optimus: The best way to prepare for what the Decepticons might do in the future is to understand how they think, by examining what they’ve done in the past.

T-AI: You mean like the time they almost wrecked the space bridge?

Optimus: Yes, and almost succeeded in turning us against one another.


Optimus: This is our most important asset, the global space bridge.

Koji: It’s given the Autobots a big advantage. Like the time the Decepticons ambushed X-Brawn.

T-AI: He barely managed to escape.

Optimus: It was a shrewd plan. Scourge is very clever at luring us into his traps.

Koji: That’s for sure. But his cleverest plan was when he sabotaged the space bridge.

T-AI: When the bridge started to malfunction, none of us could figure out what had gone wrong.

Optimus: And we might not have, had Wedge not have been so persistent.

T-AI: I’ve uploaded that sequence from the archives.

Optimus: Good. Let’s start with the ambush.

T-AI: It’s coming up on the monitor now.

Optimus: All right. Let’s have a look.

[“Four Transformers”]

X-Brawn: Whoa, Nellie! They’re on me like an Insecticon on a power core. I gotta get outta here.

Ro-Tor: He’s getting away!

Scourge: No, he’s not.

X-Brawn: Great, treadhead’s in my way. Thanks! See ya, pard! Boy, darndest thing those Decepticons can’t follow me into the space bridge.

Ro-Tor: He just disappeared. I can’t locate him.

Mega-Octane: Those warp tunnels they use make it impossible to catch him.

Armorhide: Yeah, you’re right. As soon as they’re inside those portals get sealed off.

Rollbar: Well as long as they have that technology, they’ll always defeat us!

Armorhide: There’s gotta be some way we can go in there and blast that space bridge apart. Then they can’t use it against us anymore.

Mega-Octane: We’d be better off if we could figure out how those tunnels work. Then we can use them for our own purposes.

Ro-Tor: Must be nice to just duck into a tunnel to get away, and come out who knows where!

Armorhide: I still say we should blow it up!

Mega-Octane: Hold on. Maybe we can disable it.

Scourge: Perhaps we could…


Grimlock: Now let’s see… According to T-AI’s power flow schematic, the co-ordinates for the new arctic link should be housed in terminal 10. Reprogramming coaxial, engage. Data recorded and synchronized. Installation complete.

Scourge: It’s in there.

Mega-Octane: What is this place?

Scourge: Just what we’ve been looking for.

Rollbar: Well, that’s one way to get in! I, myself, would have used the door.

Scourge: This hard drive will disrupt their tracking system, causing location malfunction. Perfect. Let’s see how their global space bridge works now. Decepticons, move out.

Commandos: Yessir!


T-AI: (Out of clip) Then they made sure we used the space bridge by getting us to respond to a phony attack. (In the clip) Sir, the Decepticons are attacking!

Optimus: Team Bullet Train is closest to that location. Get them rolling.

T-AI: Team Bullet Train, battle protocol! Go to sector bravo 538!

Rapid Run: Roger that!

Railspike: 10-4!

Midnight: On our way.

Scourge: Have a nice trip, boys.

Rapid Run: We should’ve reached those co-ordinates by now. What’s our ETA?

Railspike: Now!

Rapid Run: Look out! Look out! Whoa, get over!

Railspike: This is not good!

Midnight: Someone should tell these people they’re going the wrong way!


Rapid Run: Oh, good. I’m glad you’re here.

Wedge: Hey Rapid Run. What’s up?

Rapid Run: What’s up? We were. We just fell a hundred feet onto a crying freeway.

Railspike: I’m getting too old for this stuff.

Midnight: It was terribly unsettling.

Optimus: We were just discussing the malfunctions in the global space bridge.

Wedge: Everything in that tunnel was constructed according to plan. It should work perfectly, I don’t understand.

Heavy Load: It doesn’t make sense.

Rapid Run: What doesn’t make sense is that my team and I were almost made into scrap metal thanks to your perfectly constructed tunnel! There’s no excuse for shoddy workmanship.

Wedge: Yeah? Maybe it’s your fault. Maybe you don’t know where you’re going.

Rapid Run: Listen, you little…

Wedge: Why you big pile of junk!

Railspike and Heavy Load: Knock it off!

Railspike: Rapid Run, put a plug in it. This is doing no good.

Wedge: I’m going to teach this big mouth a lesson.

Optimus: Wedge is right. Something’s wrong. It needs to be found and corrected.

Hightower: Yessir, right away.

Mega-Octane: So we messed up their tunnel. Now what?

Scourge: Now we start some trouble. When the Autobots use their tunnel again, we’ve got them.

Mega-Octane: Yessir!


Rollbar: Rollbar, transform! Fire blaster!

Armorhide: Plasma morter!

Ro-Tor: Ro-Tor, transform! Ha, ha!

Movor: Ha, ha!

Rollbar: Ha, haha!

T-AI: Optimus! The Decepticons are attacking the city!

Optimus: T-AI, send the brothers and Team Bullet Train.

T-AI: Roger. Autobot Brothers and Team Bullet Train, code red! Decepticons are attacking the urban centre.

Sideburn: This is Sideburn, message received. I’m taking the global space bridge to preset co-ordinates. Leaving now.

X-Brawn: This is X-Brawn. I copy that.

Prowl: 10-4, base. I read you loud and clear. I’m on my way.

T-AI: Rapid Run, do you copy?

Rapid Run: I hear ya, T-AI. I’m heading for the space bridge on the double.

T-AI: Good. Railspike and Midnight Express are already on their way.

Rapid Run: Roger that. I’ll meet ’em there.


Wedge: Do another scan, Hightower.

Hightower: Everything seems online and operational.

Heavy Load: It all looks good.

Wedge: There’s nothing wrong with the global space bridge. It had to be something those guys did. There’s no reason they should have any problem.


Mega-Octane: Ha, ha, ha. With the Autobots in transit, I’ll give their computer a little tune-up. One they’ll never forget. Ha, ha, ha!


Sideburn: What the?!

T-AI (out of clip): What made it so frustrating is that everyone was using the space bridge like they always had. But they were ending up all over the place and none of us could figure out why.

X-Brawn: Decepticons, you’re in for it now. Whoa. Whoowee! That could have been the first step of the rest of my life. Something’s really wrong with that bridge of ours.

Prowl: Freeze, Decepti-creeps! Man, that’s cold.

Koji: Oh, man!

Rapid Run: Whoa… Oh no. Rapid Run, transform! Got it! What the?

Railspike: The space bridge malfunctioned again!

Kelly: That… couldn’t be the new subway line, could it?

Railspike: I can’t stop!

Midnight: Oooohhh! Somebody make it stop! My gyro’s spinning. I’m getting motion sickness!


T-AI (out of clip): At that point, Scourge’s plan was working perfectly. And he almost got away with it.

Scourge: Scourge, transform!

Megatron: Megatron, terrorize! Scourge, the Autobots are trapped in their own global space bridge. Are you sure they can’t show up here?

Scourge: They’ll be tied up in that tunnel for a long time. And when they finally get out, they’ll be nowhere near us. We can help ourselves to all the energy here and they can’t do a thing.

Megatron: This is exactly the opportunity I’ve waited for.

Scourge: With this energy, we could really put your plans into motion.


Heavy Load: Wedge, I just received an urgent communicate from T-AI. There is something wrong with the tunnel.

Wedge: Huh? We’ve been all over this tunnel with a fine tooth comb and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with our work.

Heavy Load: You’re right. Construction is absolutely up to code.

Wedge: Wait, the computer! Optimus, I think we’ve figured out what’s wrong. The Decepticons must’ve gotten to the space bridge computer terminals and reprogrammed them. We’re headed there right now.

Optimus: Roger. Good luck.

Mega-Octane: Halt! Decepticons, don’t let them pass.

Commandos: No, sir!

Wedge: Build Team, transform! Nothing’s going to stop us from getting to those terminals.

Mega-Octane: Hmmm?

Optimus: Optimus Prime, transform! Battle mode! Blizzard Blast!

Wedge: Shoulder thrust! And double laser!

Heavy Load: Tractor slam! How does that grab ya?

Hightower: Fire blaster!

Optimus: Time to go home, Decepticons! All right, move in.

Hightower: Looks like this terminal’s been tampered with. Here’s the culprit. That should take care of it. The space bridge will function properly now.

Wedge: We’ve gotta upgrade our secruity or they’ll do it again.

T-AI: Red alert! Come in, Optimus Prime!

Optimus: What is it, T-AI?

T-AI: Megatron and Scourge are raiding the Northern Energy Research facility.

Optimus: So that’s it. The other Decepticons were creating a diversion, so that those two could attack their real target, the Northern facility. We’ve got to stop them.

Heavy Load: Hey, why don’t we take the arctic link tunnel we just built? That way we’ll be able to take them by surprise.

Wedge: Yeah, now that it’s up and running. Great idea, Heavy Load.

Optimus: Autobots, let’s roll out! Destination, Northern Energy Research facility.


Scourge: All right. Let’s go in and take the energy.

Megatron: Huh?

Scourge: What’s that?

Megatron: Autobots!

Optimus: Optimus Prime, transform! Battle mode!

Scourge: They recovered a lot sooner than I thought.

Wedge: That’s right, and I don’t take kindly to you messing up my work. You’re getting a slice of this!

Megatron: Megatron, beast mode! You don’t have a chance, pipsqueak!

Wedge: Hey, where do you think you’re going?

Megatron: You’re the one that’s going! Dragon laser!

Wedge: Guys, it’s time for us to combine!

Sideburn: Oh man, they’re going to transform into Landfill! Whoa!

Rapid Run: Time for a little Landfill boogey!

Wedge: Build Team, Landfill mode! Combine!

Build Team: Quad power combiner mode!

Megatron: Twin dragon breath!

Landfill: Have to do better than that, Megatron, if you want to hit me. Shoulder attack! And a super shoulder attack!

Sideburn: They’re a heck of a wrecking machine.

Megatron: I will destroy you. I’m invincible!

Landfill: I don’t think so!

Scourge: Leave Megatron alone!

Landfill: No problem. Here’s a little something for you. Don’t get up on my account. Single laser!

Megatron: Next time, Autobots! Ha, ha, ha, ha!


T-AI: The Build Team did a great job. We’re up and running. But I think it’d be a good idea to do a few test runs on the entire system to be sure.

Optimus: Good idea, T-AI. Get everyone rolling.

T-AI: All leagues of portals are now operational. You can begin test runs.

Sideburn: Roger that.

X-Brawn: Everything looks a-okay, T-AI. Pretty as a picture and slicker than saddle sauce.

T-AI: Thanks, guys. League 1-B confirmed operational.

Sideburn: All right!

X-Brawn: Yeehaw!

Railspike: That goes for the rocky mountain link. It’s working just fine.

Optimus: Optimus Prime, transform! The global space bridge is ready to go. And so are the Autobots.