13 Hope for the Future (Recap)

September 19, 2011  by Tony_Bacala  •  Episode Transcripts

Transcribed by Brandon Williams
Transformers: Robots in Disguise
“Hope for the Future” – Episode 13
Written by Tom Wyner

Optimus: T-AI, contact the Autobots and tell me to meet me here right away.

T-AI: I’m all over it, Optimus. No problem. Prowl, Sideburn, X-Brawn, Optimus wants you to come back to headquarters ASAP.

Sideburn: Too bad, I was planning on going to the beach.

X-Brawn: Figures, that’s the last place you saw the little red sportscar.

Prowl: The only place we’re going is headquarters. Now move out.

Sideburn and X-Brawn: Roger.

Sideburn: Seriously dude, one of these days you’ve gotta come down to the beach with me. It’s like sportscar heaven down there. Zillions of them everywhere you look!

X-Brawn: Sorry, little brother. This old hoss don’t get caught into that dance all together. I’ll take the dry heat of the desert, or a brisk mountain breeze anytime. Now get a move on!

Sideburn: Keep your paint on.

T-AI: The Spychangers are next. Hot Shot, Optimus wants everyone to come back to headquarters for a meeting right away.

Hot Shot: Give us a minute, will ya? We’ve got some Predacon butt to kick first. Hot Shot, transform! Let’s do it, guys!

REV: Roger that, Hot Shot. REV, transform!

Crosswise: Right behind you. Crosswise, transform!

WARS: You Predacons just never learn, do you? Well here’s another lesson for you… Don’t mess with the Spychangers. WARS, transform!

Ironhide: You can run, but you can’t hide! Ironhide, transform!

Mirage: Mirage, transform!

Hot Shot: Let’s play ring-around the Predacon. Spychangers, prepare to fire.

Slapper: They’re running circles around us. I’m getting dizzy.

Hot Shot: Fire blaster!

REV: Locked on.

Dark Scream: Yikes!

Crosswise: It’s all over, Gas Skunk.

Gas Skunk: Oh yeah?

Crosswise: Yeah!

WARS: Here.

Ironhide: Yeah!

Mirage: There’s plenty more where that came from.

Hot Shot: Time for a knockout punch. Initiate piggy back attack.

Ironhide, Mirage and WARS: Right!

REV: Let’s move.

Slapper: Right laser!

Dark Scream: Feel the power of my center laser!

Gas Skunk: Left laser!

Dark Scream: Slapper, Gas Skunk, let’s get out of here! Those blasted Spychangers have too much fire power!

WARS: Our work is done here. We’re coming in.

T-AI: Great. Team Bullet Train’s on their way too. What’s your ETA, Railspike?

Railspike: Two minutes!

Rapid Run: Or less.

Midnight: Hey, we were supposed to practice our single-file link-up maneuever today.

Railspike: Sounds good to me. We’ll do it on the way there. Here we go. Initiate single-file link-up.

Trains: Linked up!

Rapid Run: On my mark, seperate and jump for it. Go!


Optimus: The Predacons have been giving us problems ever since we got here.

Railspike: But nothing we haven’t been able to handle.

Prowl: So far, but as long as they’ve got Dr. Onishi, they have access to information that could give them a big advantage.

Koji: Do you ever think you’ll be able to find my dad?

Midnight: Our sky spies are searching for him 24/7.

Optimus: We’ll find him. I promised you that the day he was taken. The day it all began…

[“Battle Protocol!”]

Dr. Onishi: Good morning. I’d like to welcome all of you. We’re here from around the globe to share in a unique and historical event. My friends, right now the greatest danger to planet Earth is the wasteful and improper use of our resources. It’s imperative that we find a solution to this problem.

Megatron: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

Guy: What’s happening?!

Megatron: I am Megatron, leader of the Predacons and future ruler of this galaxy. The Predacons are in need of energy. And there is one of amongst you who knows the location of every energy source on Earth. You, Dr. Onishi! In the transmissions we intercepted, you were described as Earth’s foremost expert.

Dr. Onishi: I’ll tell you nothing, Predacon!

Megatron: Megatron, beast mode! It’s time for us to leave, Dr. Onishi.

Optimus: Hold it right there. Get away from him, Megatron!

Megatron: Hurricane Shockwave! Megatron, jet mode! Oh yes, Optimus… But I’m not going alone! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

Koji: Dad!

[End of clip]

Optimus: Not even the doctor can resist a Predacon psycho probe. He’s unwilling become Megatron’s most dangerous weapon.


Optimus: They’re holding the doctor at their secret command center. If we look at what the Predacons have done in the past, we might discover clues about its location.

T-AI: What is it, Koji? What’s up?

Koji: I was thinking about the microchip we found in the Indian ruins.

Optimus: Well, what about it, Koji?

Koji: My dad used multiple encryption codes. Maybe there’s another level that could help us fight the Predacons.

Optimus: It is possible.

Sideburn: I thought going into those ruins was going to be pleasure trip. Man, was I wrong.

[“Secret of the Ruins”]

Sideburn: You seem to know an awful lot about this place.

Koji: Yeah, I used to come here every summer… With my dad.

Sideburn: You explored it together?

Koji: Yup. I haven’t been here in a long time, but I used to know almost every inch of this place.

Sky-Byte: That tunnel bearing will soon become a trap from which they will never escape. My Shark missiles will get rid of those two once and for all.

Sideburn: Wait, Koji. If that sound is what I think it is, we gotta get out of here. Buckle up, Koji. And hold on.

Koji: Gotcha.

Sideburn: We’ve gotta stop Sky-Byte.

Sky-Byte: I’ve stolen it. Now I just have to deliver it to Megatron.

X-Brawn: Howdy Sky-Byte.

Sideburn: Hand it over, pal!

X-Brawn: That’s stolen property.

Prowl: That’s stolen property. Your delivery to Megatron has just been cancelled.

Sky-Byte: It’s not stolen, I found it!

Sideburn: Ready?

X-Brawn: Whenever you are.

Prowl: Last warning, Sky-Byte.

Sky-Byte: This box is going with me!

X-Brawn: Wrong answer.

Sky-Byte: Aaaahh!

Koji: Optimus, the box!

Optimus: Got it! So Megatron used the action in Metro City to distract us, while Sky-Byte was carrying out his mission here. Whatever’s in this box must be pretty important.

X-Brawn: Go ahead, Koji. Open it up and lets have a look.

Sideburn: What is it, Koji?

Koji: Hey!

X-Brawn: Well I’ll be switched. There was something hidden in the frame!

Koji: The question is… why?

[End of clip]

Railspike: Sky-Byte hasn’t beaten us yet, but he’s sneaky, clever and dangerous. And he’ll do just about anything to carry out a mission.

Optimus: Yes, and when he went after that device hidden in that sportscar, he almost succeeded.

[“An Explosive Situation”]

Prowl, Jet Boosters! Halt, Predacon! Prowl, transform!

Sideburn: Sideburn, transform!

Sky-Byte: You choose to ignore my warning?

Prowl: Jet Booster Power Fist!

Sideburn: Battle Blade!

Sky-Byte: Well, it’s been fun playing with you two, but recess is over. Shark Missile! Happy Motoring! Got it!

Kelly: Aaahhh!

Sky-Byte: Hahaha! Now that I have the device, I have to deliver it to Megatron. Hahaha! This device contains enough power to recharge all our fuel cells. I’ll convert its energy as soon as I reach the command center.

X-Brawn: Think again, hoss.

Sky-Byte: What the?!

X-Brawn: This little chunk of energy’s going with me. Yeehaw! Woohoo! Ride ’em, cowboy! Here we go! Made it.

Optimus: Hold your position, X-Brawn.

X-Brawn: Why? What’s up, Optimus?

Optimus: I think I know a way to get rid of that device. Optimus Prime, transform! Hello Sky-Byte.

Sky-Byte: There’s nothing you can do, Optimus.

Optimus: I beg to differ. Optimus Prime, battle mode! X-Brawn, switch into robot mode and throw that device as far as you can!

X-Brawn: Gotcha. X-Brawn, transform!

Sky-Byte: Now it’s mine.

Optimus: Activate Power Stream targetting mechanism. Locked on. Power stream, fire!

[End of clip]

T-AI: Using the water from your power stream worked to perfection, Optimus.

Optimus: But underwater, Sky-Byte’s more dangerous than ever. I learned that the hard way.

Sideburn: You really got in over your head that time, Optimus.

[“The Hunt for the Black Pyramid”]

Sky-Byte: How’s your backstroke?

Optimus: I can’t beat him here. Torpedoes. Lightning Lasers! As long as I’m his target, the ship is safe.

Sky-Byte: This is my domain, Optimus. Once you’re in shark infested waters, you’re finished.

Sideburn: Get away from him, Sky-Byte. Target torpedo blast!

Sky-Byte: You don’t know how to fight down here, Optimus. I’m the master of underwater combat! Let’s try the drill! Ha, ha, ha!

Optimus: Playtime’s over.

T-AI: The ship is returning to horizontal orientation.

Optimus: Where’s your poetry now, Sky-Byte?

Sky-Byte: I’ll write a special Haiku, once I finish you off.

Optimus: Didn’t I tell you to stick with limericks? Now try my fist of steel.

[End of clip]

Optimus: A few minutes later his target signature disappeared from our sensors.

Koji: Which means their base might be underwater!

Rapid Run: We’ll find it and save your dad. And then it’s bye bye, Predacons!


Sideburn: If we can get a handle on the Predacon’s overall strategy, we might be able to figure out what they’ll do next.

Optimus: One of their strategies is finding out what our weaknesses are and exploiting them, like my ineffectiveness underwater.

Prowl: And like Sideburn chasing after every little red sportscar he sees.

Optimus: You’re right, that’s how they lured him into that trap and kidnapped him.

[“Sideburn’s Obsession”]

Sky-Byte: I’m afraid your friend isn’t feeling very well. If you ever want to see him again, come alone and meet on the location on the map. Otherwise…


Sky-Byte: Of course Optimus will come. His friend is in danger. What’s going on?

Prowl: Prowl, transform! Double Barrell Blaster!

Optimus: You’re going down, Megatron! Lightning Laser!

Megatron: Megatron, dragon mode! Twin Dragon Breath!

Sideburn: It’s payback time, fish breath! Have a blast!

Crosswise: Cross-Blaster!

Mirage: Eat laser, loser!

REV: Targetting signature, Gas Skunk! Fire!

Hot Shot: Eat photon.

Optimus: Give it up, Megatron!

Megatron: Never!

X-Brawn: Hang on, little brother, we’re going off-road!

Megatron: Come on!

Sideburn: Fire!

Optimus: Power stream, fire!

Megatron: Mega-Beast form!

[End of clip]

Optimus: Megatron’s weakness is his ego. He thinks he’s infallible and that makes him vulnerable.

Hot Shot: Yeah, like the time he planted that bug on Mirage. He thought for sure that Mirage had switched sides, and for a while there, we thought so too.

[“Mirage’s Betrayal”]


Sky-Byte: You said you wanted to teach the Spychangers a lesson. This is just the device to do it with. Here. That’s the remote detonator.

Mirage: Nice toy. I’ll invite those backstabbers here and then boom!


Mirage: Nah, it’s not a trap! The Predacons aren’t anywhere near here! There’s nothing to worry about!

Ironhide: I get it! He’s using hand signals for a countdown.

Hot Shot (thinking): 3…

REV (thinking): 2…

Ironhide (thinking): 1…

Mirage: Fire.

Sky-Byte: Double crosser!

Slapper: Why’d he do that?

Sky-Byte: Because he was only pretending to be a traitor to the Spychangers, you fool!

Gas Skunk: I don’t understand. How did he get away with it?

Mirage: I had to act like a traitor, because of this.

Ironhide: Well no wonder! They had a bug on you all this time!

Mirage: Not anymore…

[End of clip]

Hot Shot: It’s a good thing Mirage found out about that listening device.

WARS: The Predacon’s ambush backfired on them.

Hot Shot: As usual.

Optimus: Don’t get complacent, Hot Shot. Sometimes we’ve just got lucky. When we were looking for Skid-Z, they almost took us out.

[“Skid-Z’s Choice”]

X-Brawn: Hey! Watch out, you guys! It’s raining rocks out here!

Sideburn: Weird. I wonder why. Whoa!

Optimus: Good question, Sideburn. I’ll go check it out.

Slapper: That’s not fair! He’s ignoring the laws of gravity! Come on guys, let’s get out of here!

Optimus: Well look who’s here. I should’ve known!

Slapper: Every Predacon for himself!

Optimus: That ambush was well planned. How did they know we were going to be here?

Prowl: Maybe they found out that Skid-Z is infected with the racing bug.

Sideburn: And figured we’d come here to look for him.

Megatron: What a brilliant deduction! Ha, ha, ha!

Optimus: Spread out! We’ll have to catch that rock or it’ll crush us!

Optimus: Skid-Z, mayday! Mayday!

Skid-Z: Skid-Z, transform! The Autobots are in trouble. They need me. I’ve got to help them.

Megatron: In just a few seconds you Auto-fools will be flatened!

Sideburn: My servos are starting to overheat. My hydrolics are red lighting!

Prowl: We need Skid-Z! Where is he?!

X-Brawn: My guess is he’s crossing the finish line right about now!

Optimus: No! Skid-Z has the spark of an Autobot! He’ll be here!

Megatron: In your weakened state, one blast of my dual dragon fire will finish you!

Skid-Z: The only one that’s finished here is you, Megatron!

Optimus: You’re just in time, Skid-Z!

Skid-Z: Take a rest, guys.

Optimus: Welcome back, Skid-Z. As for you, Megatron, you’re welcome to leave, now.

X-Brawn: I couldn’t agree more. Happy trails, Megatron!

Prowl: Take a hike!

Sideburn: Go on, get outta here!

Megatron: I’ll be back!

[End of clip]

T-AI: After losing so many battles, you’d think Megatron would’ve learned his lesson but he’s just as dangerous as ever and seems absolutely determined to destroy the Autobots.

Sideburn: Listen, as long as we have Optimus on our side, Megatron doesn’t stand a chance.


Koji: We almost got them at the Cave of the Dragons.

Midnight: They fell for that story about the giant robot hook, line and sinker.

Railspike: That was a plan. They got a taste of their own medicine.

Optimus: More importantly, what we found in that cave could turn out to be the key to defeating them once and for all.

[“The Ultmate Robot Warrior”]

Midnight: I’m ready when you are, Optimus.

Optimus: Good, ’cause the show is just about to start. Time for our big entrance. Let’s do it.

Slapper: Hey look, he’s coming out!

Sky-Byte: Astonishing. Absolutely spectacular.

Gas Skunk: This guy’s seriously large.

Sky-Byte: What are you doing, you cowards? Don’t retreat, capture him and bring him back to Megatron! Now get going!

Slapper: You wanna try catching that thing, go ahead. We’re outta here!

Sky-Byte: Optimus, what are you doing here?

Optimus: This giant robot is a protector of this land and I won’t let you take him. Leave now while you still can! Optimus Prime, battle mode! Pulse cannons!

Sky-Byte: You may have tricked us, but you can’t defeat us. Right, Predacons?

Slapper: Gotta go!

Dark Scream: See ya!

Gas Skunk: Bye now!

All: Have a nice day!

Sideburn: Hey, something fell out of its head.

Optimus: It’s an O-Part. What was it doing in that statue?

Railspike: Could that be what they’re after?

Optimus: Hmmm… That’s a good question, Railspike.

[End of clip]

Optimus: If Megatron is searching for the O-Parts, we had better find the rest before he does.

T-AI: Maybe the O-Parts can help us find Dr. Onishi.

Optimus: I hope so, T-AI.