09 Mirage’s Betrayal

September 19, 2011  by Tony_Bacala  •  Episode Transcripts

Transcribed by Brandon Williams
Transformers: Robots in Disguise
“Mirage’s Betrayal” – Episode 09
Written by Richard Epcar

Hot Shot: All right team, let’s get the plutonium back. WARS, REV, Crosswise, you’re on!

WARS: Hand it over right now!

Crosswise: Well boys, looks to me like we’re gonna have to take it from them.

REV: Easy as changin’ a tire.

Sky-Byte: Sky-Byte, terrorize!

Hot Shot: Mirage, go!

Mirage: I’m on it! Fire lasers!

Hot Shot: Your lasers aren’t phasing him. Ironhide, move in!

WARS: Got it!

Dark Scream: Why you!

Hot Shot: Where do you think you’re going?!

Slapper: Right laser!

REV: Return fire!

Gas Skunk: All right, now you really made me mad!

Crosswise: Take this, scum!

Sky-Byte: Tsunami Blaster!

Dark Scream: Hahaha!

Mirage: What? …Wait a minute, there are two Dark Screams. Something’s wrong with the simulator. Abort the exercise.

Ironhide: Mirage, what are you doing? You can’t stop in the middle!

Mirage: There’s obviously a glitch. Computer, disengage training program.

REV: Hey Mirage, what’s the deal? Why’d you stop our training?

Mirage: The computer was giving us an unrealistic scenario. We should reprogram and start again.

Hot Shot: Our training is to develop teamwork. We have many possible scenarios and we have to deal with them as if they were real.

Mirage: You want to play “let’s pretend,” be my guest.

REV: Hey Hot Shot, while we’re waiting for the computer to restart, why don’t we go over all of our hand signals?

Mirage: Man, that stuff really bores me.

Ironhide: Where do you think you’re going? We have to work on hand signals, Mirage!

Mirage: I programmed them into my memory banks a long time ago.

REV: Oh yeah, smart guy, then tell me what this hand signal means here!

Mirage: Oh, that’s a real tough one. It means caution, enemies nearby. Happy now?

Ironhide: You know, he is right.

Mirage: It also means you look ridiculous.


Gas Skunk: I just have to connect these two wires and I’m done. And there it is!

Slapper: What is that thing?

Gas Skunk: This is an ultra small tracker/transmitter. I am such a genius!

Dark Scream: Hey genius, what’s so wonderful about that?

Gas Skunk: What, are you kidding me, pally? This device not only tracks, it also bugs.

Slapper: That’s pretty cool, huh?

Gas Skunk: If we get this on one of the Autobots, not only can we find out where their base is, we can also hear their conversations.

Slapper: If we were to find out where that base was hidden, Megatron would like us more than that annoying Sky-Byte!

Dark Scream: That would be great! Maybe you are a genius after all.


Dorie Dutton: I’m at the International Exhibition Centre, where the world’s largest diamond ruby is on display. The scientists who have examined the ruby have said that because of its pure optical qualities the ruby could be used for a very strong and accurate laser. This ruby will be here on display for the next two weeks.

Koji: This sounds like just the kind of thing the Predacons would like to get their hands on. This could be dangerous. Oh wow! I’ve gotta go tell Optimus Prime about this right away!

Megatron: Excellent. Sky-Byte, get that ruby for me! It’s the last component we need to create our super weapon, the Mega Laser.

Sky-Byte: Yes, I will steal the ruby this evening Megatron and then we will have the most powerful laser in the universe. And then no one could stop us, not even the Autobots. And the Earth will be ours.

Megatron: That is correct. Just make sure you don’t screw everything up this time!

Sky-Byte: You needn’t to worry, Megatron. That ruby is as good as ours. I have everything under control this time and I will not allow for any mistakes.

Megatron: You had better not.


Optimus: Thanks for checking in, Koji. I was concerned about the ruby myself, so I’ve asked the Spychangers to keep an eye on it.

Koji: That’s great! Glad to hear that, Optimus.

Gas Skunk: That was easy!

Slapper: Too easy!

Hot Shot: Hold it right there! You think we’d just let you walk out of here with that ruby?

Gas Skunk: I hear him but I don’t see him. Where is he?

Slapper: And who is he?

Dark Scream: Show yourself to us!

Hot Shot: Hot Shot, transform! Since you’ve seemed to forgotten who we are, lets reintroduce ourselves. Hand over the ruby.

Gas Skunk: These guys just appeared out of nowhere and there’s twice as many of them!

Slapper: Yeah, I think we should split now.

Dark Scream: I’m already gone!

Gas Skunk: Take this.

Hot Shot: They’re getting away with the ruby!

WARS: We’re on ’em!

Crosswise: We’ve got ’em now!

WARS: Oh no, the ruby went over the side!

Crosswise: Don’t sweat it. Tracker Beam!

Slapper: I’ll take that! I got it!

Hot Shot: We’ll try to recover the ruby. Mirage, stay on the roof. If they try to make a break for it, blast them.

Mirage: Gotcha.

Hot Shot: All right. Everyone else, follow me.

All: You got it, sir!

Gas Skunk: I’ll blind ’em!

REV: He used his acid breath as a smoke screen!

Hot Shot: They escaped from us, but Mirage will be able to get them from the roof.

Slapper: All those guys and we still got away with it!

Mirage: If I miss and hit that chemical plant, the whole block will explode.

WARS: Mirage, what’s wrong with you? Why didn’t you shoot?! You had a clear shot up there and you let them all get away!

Ironhide: Yeah, what happened? We were all counting on you to stop ’em, Mirage!

Mirage: Would you guys get off my back? I did the best I could so just back off!

Ironhide: But you’re one of our best marksmen. If anyone could have stopped them, you could’ve.

WARS: Yeah, I would’ve blasted them to bits from up there.

Slapper: The reception on this thing is great!

Gas Skunk: Don’t you feel bad for poor Mirage? They’re all mad at him for not firing at us. What happened? He had a clean shot.

Slapper: Quiet down now, I wanna hear this.

Dark Scream: Here comes Sky-Byte.

Sky-Byte: Where is the ruby?

Gas Skunk: It’s right over there.

WARS: Listen Mirage…

Ironhide: Don’t get upset, if we’re going to work together we need to cover for each other, don’t we?

Sky-Byte: And what is that you’re listening to?

Mirage: If your idea of teamwork is second guessing everything I do, then I guess I can’t work with you guys anymore.

WARS: What are you saying?

Mirage: So long.

Ironhide: You can’t just walk out!

WARS: What’s wrong with you?

Dark Scream: Do you think Mirage will go back or not?

Gas Skunk: Yeah, do you think he’ll turn his back on his friends?

Slapper: I bet they’ll convince him to come back, any takers?


T-AI: I don’t understand. Mirage actually told you that he wasn’t working with us any longer?

REV: That’s right, T-AI. We had ourselves a little argument.

Koji: Hey, wait a minute. Whatever happened to the ruby?

Hot Shot: That was my fault, Optimus. The Predacons got away with the jewel.

Optimus: Do you have any idea where they might have taken it?

Hot Shot: I’m sorry, Optimus. We don’t have a clue.

Optimus: We need to find out. T-AI, bring Mirage up on the screen.

T-AI: Yessir.

Mirage: What do you want?

Hot Shot: Mirage, what’s going on? We need you to come back to the base immediately. We have to work this out.

Mirage: I have nothing to say to you.

WARS: Apparently that guy’s got some loose bolts.

Hot Shot: He disobeyed a direct order. There’s no room on the team for someone like that.

Ironhide: You’re not considering the idea of getting rid of Mirage, are ya?

REV: We’re a team and he’s not a team player. Maybe Hot Shot’s right.

Ironhide: Let me talk to him. I know if I can meet with Mirage I can talk sense into him!

Crosswise: Be our guest. You guys go way back, so give it a shot.

WARS: Ironhide, you’re wasting your time.


Ironhide: Wait up Mirage. I’m so glad I found you!

Mirage: What do you want?

Ironhide: I just wanna talk. I just wanna understand what exactly happened on the roof last night. Tell me why you didn’t shoot at them. You must have a good reason for not firing.

Mirage: My reasons are none of your business.

Ironhide: Wait, I see. You didn’t wanna fire because you didn’t wanna hit those chemical tanks. Was that it?

Mirage: Look, do me a favour and leave me alone. I didn’t ask you to come here. Go back with the rest of the Spychangers.

Ironhide: Hold on there. You’re one of us. I think if you went back and told them the truth about what happened here they’d all understand. I admit the rest of the group came down hard on ya, they thought you let ’em down, but you didn’t help any by giving us the silent treatment. If you just come back with me now and explain what happened, they’ll forget the whole thing.

Mirage: I don’t really care what they think. Why don’t you go stick your gears in somebody else’s business?

Ironhide: Look Mirage, we’re good friends and I’m trying to help. You’re in trouble here! Don’t do me any favours. There were five of you down there and you let those three Predacons get away.

Mirage: Not only are you guys disorganized but you’re also sloppy!

Ironhide: You can’t talk about us like that!

Dark Scream: Oooh, I bet that hurt!

Gas Skunk: This just keeps getting better.

Ironhide: Errr, Mirage, it’s just I don’t want them to kick you out. If you don’t come back with me now they’re gonna discharge you from the group.

Mirage: I don’t care!

Ironhide: What’s happened to you, Mirage? I thought I knew you. You thought that you were dedicated. I thought that you cared.

Mirage: Yeah, well you thought wrong. I don’t care about them and I don’t care about you.

Ironhide: I can’t believe you’re saying this. You and me are history!

Mirage: You’re right. Actually, I think I’d be better off with the Predacons, at least they would appreciate me.

Ironhide: Now you’re talkin’ treason, boy!

Mirage: Too bad. I’m the best marksman you’ve got. I’m sure the Predacons could make me a deal than you guys. Once they find out I’ve defected they’ll be happy to have me.

Dark Scream: You crying?

Gas Skunk: He’s very sensitive.

Slapper: Yeah but isn’t he kind of getting carried away?

Sky-Byte: If he keeps this up he’s going to short out his motherboard and warp his mainframe. Blah!

Mirage: Been nice knowing you. Guess I won’t be seeing you anymore, at least not on the same side.

Ironhide: Mirage, come back! Please don’t, friend! Please don’t do this!

Dark Scream: It is sad.

Gas Skunk: I haven’t been able to track their headquarters yet.

Sky-Byte: How could you possibly think of that at a time like this?


Megatron: So Sky-Byte, have you made any progress on the Mega-Laser yet?

Sky-Byte: Yes, we are very close to completing it.

Dark Scream: We have some interesting news for you, chief. The Autobots are fighting and Mirage might defect.

Megatron: How do you know this?

Gas Skunk: We put a transmitter on him and we’re able to hear everything.

Slapper: It sounds like he wants to join us and it wouldn’t be bad to have someone like him. He’s sharp.

Megatron: Good thinking. He could prove useful.

Sky-Byte: If Mirage really does defect, he could tell us everything about the Autobots and their headquarters. We could learn the weaknesses about each Autobot, so we could destroy them.

Megatron: Yes, stay on top of this and report back to me.

Sky-Byte: Of course, Megatron. I’ll keep listening to Mirage on the receiver and approach him to join us when I feel the timing is absolutely right. With the Autobots out of the way and the Mega-Laser completed, there will be no stopping us.

Megatron: Good work. Now you’re using your processor, Sky-Byte.

Sky-Byte: Thank you.

Gas Skunk: I can’t believe the way that guy always takes credit for everything.

Slapper: It’s not right.

Dark Scream: What a show-off.

Sky-Byte: Did you say something?

Slapper: This guy hears every little thing!

Gas Service: Welcome. How many I help you?

Mirage: Fill it up with regular.

Gas Service: Regular? Right away.

Mirage: No, wait. Put Premium in.

Gas Service: Premium? Of course, right away.

Kelly: Hey, could you hurry it up? I really don’t have all day, you know!

Gas Service: Thank you and have a nice day.

Mirage: Sorry for the wait.

Kelly: What’s that? I hope that guy was really short! I need a vacation.

Slapper: Owwww! Hey, that hurt! Come back here!

Mirage: Well, Slapper. Where are your other two pals? Ah, Gas Skunk and Dark Scream. You guys always travel together, don’t you?

Dark Scream: That’s right.

Mirage: It must be nice to have partners you can really count on. I wouldn’t know what that’s like.

Slapper: Oh, well that’s really a shame.

Mirage: Well, I’ll see you guys around. Don’t let Sky-Byte get to you.

Gas Skunk: Do you hear that? He really cares about us. Hey, why don’t you join us? We could use a good bot like you.

Slapper: That’s right, a real hot shot sharpshooter on our side. What do you say?

Mirage: Well, I must admit. It is something I’ve thought about… But I don’t know. Listen, I appreciate you guys wanting me to join you but I think I’ll take a pass. I’m kinda burnt out on being part of a team.

Dark Scream: It would’ve been fun working with you.

Mirage: Well, I don’t have anything against Optimus Prime, but man would I like to teach those self-righteous Spychangers a lesson. Those guys make me sick. What do you think? Can you guys help me?

All: Uh huh, yeah.


Sky-Byte: You said you wanted to teach the Spychangers a lesson. This is just the device to do it with. We call this the Mega-Laser Cannon.

Mirage: So that’s what you wanted the ruby for! Maybe we can test it on the Spychangers.

Sky-Byte: Here. That’s the remote detonator. The laser is highly sophisticated and powerful. Just press the switch and it can blow up a city block!

Mirage: Nice toy. I’ll invite those backstabbers here and then boom!


T-AI: Optimus, Mirage is on view screen.

Ironhide: You’re kidding me! What’s he want?

Mirage: I see you guys are sitting on your cans as usual while I found the Mega-Laser Cannon. That’s what they wanted the ruby for. It’s the new secret weapon of the Predacons, located at the twelfth quadrant, area “D.” I’d hurry if I were you, they want to start using it on cities. So long. Here. You really should hang on to that. The Spychangers are on their way.

Sky-Byte: My instincts were right about you.

Mirage: Once they arrive I’ll gather them into one place and as soon as I step out of the way, you push the switch and blast ’em.


Optimus: Hot Shot, what seems to be bothering you?

Hot Shot: It’s just that Mirage has been acting a little strange lately. I don’t know if we can trust him right now. On two occassions he’s disobeyed orders and been insubordinate. I’d hate to think he’s gone over to the other side, but it’s a possibility.

Optimus: Yes, but remember, he is an Autobot and he became a member of the elite Spychangers. What do you think, Ironhide?

Ironhide: I wish I could give you a straight answer, but he’s not acting like himself. Not a bit.

REV: Listen, even if it’s a trap, we still got to check it out, don’t we? If there’s danger we can handle it, but if Mirage is right about that Mega-Laser, we have to destroy it.

Ironhide: Yeah REV, you’re right!

Optimus: All right Autobots, move out… but be careful.


Mirage: Here they come.

Sky-Byte: Here they are, all according to plan, just as Mirage said they would be.

Mirage: About time you showed up. I was getting tired waiting for you.

Hot Shot: Nevermind that. Where are the Predacons?

Slapper: What does he think he’s doing out there, showing off his muscles?

Mirage: I don’t know where they are. They took off.

Ironhide (thinking): What? He’s giving me the signal for caution, enemies nearby. Now wait a minute, he was giving me that same signal on the roof top but I didn’t pay attention.

Mirage: Yeah, they must’ve split or something.

Hot Shot (thinking): They’re hiding by the laser cannon and there’s four of them.

Gas Skunk: Why does he keep moving like that? That’s weird. You think he’s just nervous or something?

Mirage: So lets go get the ruby now that no one’s here. It’s right over this way.

Ironhide (thinking): I see what’s going on. He’s giving us a countdown.

Hot Shot (thinking): 3…

REV (thinking): 2…

Ironhide (thinking): 1…

Mirage: Fire!

Sky-Byte: Double crosser!

Slapper: Why’d he do that?

Sky-Byte: Because he was only pretending to be a traitor to the Spychangers, you fool!

Gas Skunk: I don’t understand. How’d he get away with it?

Mirage: With good teamwork.

Ironhide: Well no wonder! They had a bug on you all this time!

Megatron: Here’s something you didn’t count on, Mirage. A second detonator! Adios.

Mirage: Look out! Careful, Megatron has the other detonator!

REV: Listen, Crosswise, you have any ideas on how we can stop that laser?

Crosswise: T-AI, we’re going to try the sphere formation. You with us?

T-AI: Roger. Global space bridge is now engaging.

Megatron: How’d they do that? Oh that’s just great. I’ve released all of that energy and it’s trapped with nowhere to go.

Mirage: Well, we managed to contain the laser energy.

Hot Shot: It’s time to give our friend a little hypothermic nuclear cocktail. Let’s do it!

REV: REV, go!


Crosswise: Crosswise, go!

Ironhide: Ironhide, go!

Mirage: Mirage, go!

Sky-Byte: Now what are they doing?

Gas Skunk: Don’t know, but it looks impressive.

Slapper: Whatever it is it can’t be good.

Megatron: They destroyed my new laser!

Crosswise: Keep going, guys! We’re building up nuclear thermo-energy with our turbo power! Keep it going until we have enough to throw at Megatron!

Hot Shot: That should do it. Let’s give ’em a warm reception.

Megatron: That was a lot of power. It could cause my megastar to crash. There’s no choice, I’ve got to get out of here. You fools, you failed me again!

Sky-Byte: No, it’s those rotten Autobots!

Ironhide: I did trust you. You were just acting awful strange.

Mirage: Well Ironhide, I knew I was being monitored and I thought it was important to put on a good show for the Predacons.

Ironhide: I understand everything now and I’m sorry I hit you. Listen, I want you to hit me back so we’re even.

Mirage: You want me to hit you… All right, get ready! Ha, ha, ha. I can’t hit you. You’re my friend!

Ironhide: Oh well that’s a relief!

Mirage: I’m glad we were able to get that ruby back.

REV: Yeah, me to. And if it hadn’t been for you Mirage and your quick thinking, who knows what kind of global damage those Predacons would have done with it.

Ironhide: And using their own transmitter to trick ’em was a stroke of genius. I tell ya, Mirage, I’d fight by your side any time.

Mirage: Thanks, old buddy. I appreciate that.

Hot Shot: Attention, mission completed. Returning to base with the ruby.

Optimus: That’s very good news, Hot Shot. How’s Mirage doing?

Hot Shot: He’s doing fine, Optimus. I’m just glad he’s on our side.

Mirage: I won’t hit you, Ironhide. But I’ll whip you in a race back to base! Ha, ha, ha!