Credits, Thanks, Links

October 6, 2011  by Tony_Bacala

Joe Moore, for contributing galleries, planting the seed to redo the site and update the galleries, helping me refine my picture taking skills, and reading my 5 PMs a day for 2 months while I worked this all out.

Rik Ruff, who ran a site similar to this 10 years ago called My Kool Toyz. I referenced the old pages when building this out, and even bought some stuff off him on eBay once!

Sol Fury and SydneyY of TFW2005, who maintain and contribute to the TFW2005 Resources section. Some of the pics/info here come from there. Thanks guys!

Paul Wais of the original Toyark, who took the original galleries on this site before they were redone – of which we kept some items like the instructions and box art.

Karl and Jon Hartman for providing the case assortments years ago, and I believe some of the Tech Specs.

The Mapes brothers, who run Transformerstoys.co.uk and Luckydrawtransformers.com – for getting and taking pics of the Black Fire Convoy/Magnus, and listing those magazine scans.

Snakas – who is a staple in Japanese Transformers fandom, and still has his original Car Robots pages online for reference. He also runs a news blog in Japan.

Cybertron.to.wo for listing some kick ass Korean Car Bot galleries.

Various Korean blogs and sites which I found stuff on years ago, saved the pics/info, and didn’t save the link. Props to Korean Car Bot fans!

And have to give props to our network sites – TFW2005.com (Transformers), HissTank.com (G.I. Joe), Toyark.com (Action Figures & Toys), Thundercats.ws (Thundercats). Check them out for all your collecting needs!