Clampdown by Jarrod

September 19, 2011  by Tony_Bacala  •  Customs
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Clampdown is a Sideburn, with the engine block removed and its gaps filled in, and then a lightbar added on top.

For the robot mode, Sideburn’s visor was removed. The head was resculpted to look like a police helmet and a new visor that covered the whole face was added to complete the riot gear styled head.

Two pieces of plastic were cut to shape and then used to cover the area the engine block once covered. It was designed to look like a police vest. The rear sections of the car that used to be connect to the robot hips were carefully removed and re-connected to the sides of his shins.

Sideburn’s exhaust pipe/missile was modified and became his nightstick. The figure was then repainted, and finished off with repro Autobot symbols and police decals.