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In order to see "All Versions" of a toy, we've used the following method. If you see a term like "Optimus Prime Fire Convoy" as one link, it means that you will see both the American and Japanese versions of Optimus Prime, who was called Fire Convoy in Japan. This will also pull up any repaints of Optimus, even if called a different name, and any additional size classes such as Spychangers or Kabaya figures of Optimus Prime. So, basically - the American / Japanese naming method in these tags brings up everything from every country. We've also added in some tags for groups or teams, combo packs and giftsets, etc. Just start clicking away and see what you find!

Arctic Camo Combaticons Armorhide Dungar Autobot 3 Pack Brave Maximus Bruticus Build Team Car Brothers Clear God Fire Convoy Giftset Combaticons Constructicons Crosswise X-Car Dark Scream Gildo Daytonus Mold Deluxe Car Brothers Desert Camo Combaticons Destructicons Dreadwind Smokejumper Galvatron Devil Gigatron Gas Skunk Gaskunk Grimlock Build Hurricane Heavy Load Build Typhoon Hightower Build Cyclone Hot Shot Artfire Hot Shot R.E.V. Ironhide Mirage Ironhide Ox Japanese Build Team Japanese Car Brothers Japanese Combaticons Japanese Team Bullet Train Jusco Landfill Build King Megabolt Megatron Megabolt Mega Octane Dorailer Megatron Gigatron Midnight Express J-4 Mirage Counter Arrow Movor Shuttler Omega Prime God Fire Convoy Optimus Prime Fire Convoy Predacon 3 Pack Prowl 2 Mold Prowl 2 Side Swipe Prowl Mach Alert Rail Racer JRX Rail Spike J-5 Rapid Run J-7 REV Eagle Killer Ro-Tor Heptar Robots In Disguise DVD Rollbar Greenjeeber Roulette Shadow Striker Ruination Baldigus Scourge Black Convoy Scourge Spychanger Mold Scourge X-Brawn Sideburn Daytonus Sideburn Speedbreaker Sideburn Spychanger Mold Side Swipe Mold Sideways Axer Skid-Z Indy Heat Skid-Z Wind Sheer Sky-Byte Gelshark Slapper Gushar spychangers Storm Jet Jhiaxus Super Spychangers T-Ai Ai Team Bullet Train Tiny Tins Towline Skyfire Towline Wrecker Hook Ultra Magnus God Magnus USA Build Team USA Car Brothers USA RID Combaticons USA Team Bullet Train W.A.R.S. Crosswise W.A.R.S. WARS Wedge Build Boy X-Brawn Spychanger Mold X-Brawn Wildrider Yellow Build Team

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