Transformers Robots In Disguise Episode Synopsis

September 15, 2011  by Tony_Bacala  •  Cartoon

These are short general overviews to each Transformers Robots In Disguise Episode as per the Maximum Entertainment UK DVD releases.


In desperate need of energy, Megatron and his Predacons disrupt the First International Energy Symposium intent on kidnapping world renowned scientist Dr. Kenneth Onishi. Aware of the crisis, Optimus Prime notifies the Tactical Artificial Intelligence System that a Battle Protocol is in effect. Moments later, X-Brawn, Side Burn and Prowl join Optimus in battle against Megatron, Slapper, Dark Scream and Gas Skunk. Despite the Autobots’ valiant efforts, the Predacons manage to escape with Dr. Onishi. Optimus and the Autobots vow to Koji, Dr. Onishi’s young son, that they will stop at nothing to rescue his father.


The Predacons’ desperate search for energy to power themselves and Megatron’s mobile command headquarters continues. Optimus takes Koji to the Autobots’ secret headquarters Cybertron Base, the Autobots’ secret headquarters, and introduces him their Tactical Artificial Intelligence System (“T-AI”) that tracks the Predacons’ activities. Megatron puts Sky-Byte in charge of recovering a terrorist bomb that contains enough energy to satisfy their sinister needs can the Autobots intercept Sky-Byte .


The Predacons’ hunger for energy leads them to attack the Linear RFG bullet train on its inaugural run. Young Koji is aboard the high-speed train as Megatron and his Predacons disable its computer controlled brakes. T-AI alerts the Autobots to the crisis and issues an Emergency Protocol for Team Bullet Train’s assistance. While Optimus and Team Bullet Train try to stop the out-of-control train, Sky-Byte and Dark Scream detonate a nearby bridge! Suddenly, Megatron appears and engages the Autobots in battle, and Team Bullet Train joins the melee by fusing together to form the JRX Super Fighter! The Autobots ultimately emerge victorious and renew their vow to recover Dr. Onishi and protect Earth from the Predacons.


The Autobots enlist the Spy Changers’ assistance to help them stop the Predacons from stealing a plutonium energy generator large enough to power Megatron’s mobile command center. Although the Predacons manage to create a diversion and escape with the generator, they ultimately discover that they were fooled by the Spy Changers who switched the real generator with a fake!


Led by the ferocious shark-bot Sky-Byte, the Predacons go underwater to activate a mysterious power generating matrix chamber known as “The Black Pyramid.” Making matters worse, young Koji is aboard an experimental research ship investigating The Black Pyramid when the vessel is attacked and disabled by the Predacons! Koji issues a distress call and the Autobots come to his rescue! Despite Sky-Byte’s expertise in underwater combat, Optimus and the other Autobots manage to defeat the Predacons, repair the ship and save the day!


Side Burn and Koji travel to the Payuma Indian ruins where Koji and his father frequently explored. Unbeknownst to the heroes, however, Sky-byte is already at the site searching for Dr. Onishi’s secret box that contains information on how to obtain unlimited power. Meanwhile, Megatron and the Predacons attack Metro City to divert the attention from Sky-Byte’s mission and the Team Bullet Train is left to defend its citizens. Back at the Ruins, Optimus and the Autobots arrive just in time to save Side Burn and Koji from Sky-Byte and retrieve the secret box. The heroes soon discover that the box contains a powerful microchip hidden in a picture frame containing a photo of Koji and his Father.


The Predacons entrap Side Burn with a red sports car and kidnap him in order to lure Optimus Prime into their deadly trap. X-Brawn and Prowl, get Tai to call in the Spy Changers, who along with Koji finally defeat the evil Predacons. Once rescued, Side Burn promises never to fall for a Predacon’s trap again. But almost as soon as he makes that promise a beautiful red sports car comes along and he follows it off into the sunset!


The Predacons steals Dr. Onishi’s private disk containing images of an old steam locomotive that they believe is a secret weapon. The train, however, is actually a classic train called Grampa which has been recently restored and is taking its first run in 50 years with Koji on board. As the Team Bullet Train defends Grampa from the Predacons, Megatron derails Grampa and sends him off a cliff and into the ocean. Megatron transforms his underwater base into a claw, ready to grab Grampa, but?Midnight Express transforms and plunges into the sea where he rescues Grampa just in time.


The Spy Changers learn of the Predacon’s plan to steal the world’s largest ruby to create a deadly laser. Arriving at the scene, the Spy Changers engage in a battle with the Predacons, but Mirage is unable to blast the evildoers with his weapon due to a chemical plant that is in the way. After the Predacons escape, the Spy Changers express their disappointment in Mirage. Mirage devises a plan to win his teammates respect – he pretends to join the Predacons and lures the Spy Changers to the Predacon’s hidden Mega-Laser cannon. Suddenly he turns the tables on the Predacons and saves not only the day, but his friendship with his teammates as well.


An alien Autobot, Skid-Z, arrives on Earth to help the Autobots fight the Predacons. Merging with a racecar, Skid-Z is contaminated with the human racecar driver’s DNA and becomes obsessed with racing. Optimus realizes Skid-Z must be decontaminated and the Autobots travel to the place Skid-Z would most likely be at – the International Grand Prix. Meanwhile, Sky-Byte learns of Skid-Z’s condition and the Predacons set up an ambush to get rid of all the Autobots at the race. But Skid-Z wins the fight against his obsession just in time to rescue Optimus and the others. Afterwards he wins the race!


The Autobots recruit a new ally: the powerful tow-truck called Tow-Line. After observing the novice Tow-Line at work, Sky-Byte and his Predacon minions kidnap and reprogram Tow-line to believe that his friends are evil. But something goes wrong and Tow-line ends up kidnapping three Autobots and dropping them in a deep pit. Meanwhile, Sky-Byte and his Predacons try to figure out where Tow-Line has taken the Autobots. Both sides finally find Tow-line and engage in a large battle. The Autobots win the skirmish; Tow-Line is programmed back to his old, humbler self, and brings Omega Prime to rescue the three Autobots from the pit.


The Predacons overhear Dr. Onishi’s conversation about the Cave of the Dragon, dragon statues and the key to absolute power. The Predacons want to find this cave but do not know where to look. Gas Skunk inadvertently watches a movie about a Buddha Transformer and think it’s real. They set out to capture it and make it one of their own. Optimus uses this opportunity to disguise himself as the ‘Robot Warrior’. In the end, the Predacons run away, but Optimus and the others have found a strange looking ‘chip’ inside the real Stone Cave.


The Autobots examine their past experiences with the Predacons to decipher where they will strike next! Using flashback sequences, the heroes also try to discover their enemy’s headquarters and the whereabouts of Dr. Onishi.


The Autobots go to Castle Peak to investigate a downed U.F.O., and discover a spaceship from their home planet of Cybertron containing six Autobots in proto-entity form! While the Autobots marvel at their find, Megatron and his Predacons appear, kidnap the proto-form Autobots and infuse them with Megatron’s spark energy! Making matters worse, the Autobots soon discover that Scourge, the Decepticon’s leader, was created using both Megatron’s and Optimus’ spark energy!


Led by Scourge, Megatron’s new Decepticon commando team prepares to destroy the world’s largest dams. Unfortunately, young Koji happens to be visiting Sherman Dam, the Decepticon’s first target! Meanwhile, Sky-Byte feels slighted by Megatron and convinces the Predacons to disguise themselves as Autobots and foil Scourge’s mission. Koji alerts Optimus to the Decepticons’ presence at the dam, and the Autobots and Team Bullet Train spring into action! Determined to embarrass Scourge, Sky-Byte disables the Decepticons’ pulsar explosives thereby preventing the dam from exploding. Ultimately, the members of Team Bullet Train initiate Bullet Fusion Mode and combine their strength to defeat the fused Decepticon bot.


Through his energy monitor, Megatron discovers that a Volcano located on a Caribbean Island next to a popular resort holds enough molten lava to be converted into energon cubes. Megatron sends the Predacons and the Decepticons to the volcano to investigate. Scourge and Sky-Byte, however, become embroiled in a fight and accidentally blow a hole in the volcano causing an eruption. The Spychangers arrive just in time to redirect the flowing lava using their Tunnel Flame to save the island and its inhabitants.


Determined to locate and destroy the Autobots’ headquarters, the Decepticons substitute their malevolent space shuttle, Movor, for the real shuttle in order to track the Autobots’ movements from space! T-AI discovers that the shuttle is a fake, and Optimus is certain that it’s Movor trying to locate Cybertron Base! Meanwhile, Megatron orders Movor to track Side Burn, and Optimus uses him as bait to lure the Decepticons into a trap at the pier! A battle ensues and the Autobots defeat their enemies with a little help from Movor, who accidentally blasts his boss Scourge from orbit! (not aired in US)


Determined to locate and destroy the Autobots’ secret headquarters, Megatron orders Scourge and his Decepticons to trick Optimus into believing that they want to join the Autobots! The suspicious Autobots devise a test to determine if the Decepticons’ overture is sincere. The Decepticons manage to pass the rigorous test and Optimus believes that they have proven themselves worthy of learning the secret location of Cybertron Base. Unable to behave in a civilized fashion for a moment longer, however, Scourge discloses to Optimus that the Decepticons remain Megatron’s minions! A disappointed Optimus springs into action and engages his Cyber-Matrix to single-handedly defeat his foes!


Sky-Byte is humiliated when he takes a fish personality test that labels him a spineless jellyfish. After learning that Scourge scored better than he did on the fist test, Sky-Byte attempts to embarrass his main rival by informing the Autobots of Scourge’s secret plan to steal power from a nearby plant. While the Autobots protect the targeted power plant, however, Scourge attacks another factory instead, humiliating Sky-Byte again. Intent on seeking revenge, Sky-Byte and the Predacons attempt to outdo Scourge and attack another plant but discover that the Decepticons are already there. The Autobots arrive just in time to chase both the Predacons and Decepticons away before the destruction of the plant.


Eager to battle the Predacons, Wedge makes a deal with Optimus that if the Build Masters build a tunnel to the Arctic, then Optimus must allow them to fight the Predacons, who are stealing diamonds from a mine in Antarctica. The naïve Build Masters, however, run right into a trap set by the Predacons. In an attempt to save his friends, Heavy Load offers the villains a disk containing the map of the Global Space Bridge and in return the Build Masters are released. While the Predacons and the Decepticons fight over the disk, Wedge happily discovers that the disk is a fake!


The Decepticons sabotage the Transformer’s Cyber Net Tunnel by planting a corrupt hard drive into their terminal computer causing the Tunnel to eject the Autobots and the Bullet Trains in the wrong locations. It is all part of a master plan by Megatron to steal the energy from the Transformer’s Energy Facility. Fortunately for everyone, the Building Crew, headed by Wedge discover the scheme and rectify the problem. Together the building crew form the “Landfill,” a huge four Transformer robot, that proceeds to defeat Megatron and Scourge.


Sky-Byte seeks notoriety for the Predacons by attempting to destroy one of the city’s tallest buildings. Optimus and the Autobots, however, wrongly believe that Sky-Byte is actually holding the building’s visitors hostage in return for the Autobots powerful “O-parts.” While Sky-Byte is basking in his success, he accidentally breaks the building’s cables and is forced to keep the building from falling in order to receive the Autobots’ “O-parts.” Meanwhile, the hostages begin cheering when they mistakenly believe Sky-byte is trying to save them. Eventually, Sky-Byte becomes concerned for his cheering fans and restores the building to its upright position.


Angered by the Build Masters for foiling their plutonium heist, the Decepticons attempt to entice the Build Masters into a battle by destroying construction sites throughout the city! When Optimus Prime forbids the Build Team to retaliate and sends the Autobot Brothers to fight the Decepticons, Wedge disables the Space Bridge thereby preventing the brothers to battle the Decepticons. The Build Team spring into action, combine their strength and defeat the Decepticons!


Ultra Magnus, Optimus Prime’s brother, lands on Earth to claim what he believes is rightfully his – the Cyber Matrix! Meanwhile, Megatron uses Sky-Byte as bait to lure the Autobots Brothers into an ambush. On their way to the trap, the Autobot Brothers encounter Ultra Magnus who physically disables them and prevents them from traveling further. Afterwards, Ultra Magnus confronts the Decepticons and easily proves to be the better warrior. When Optimus arrives at the scene, the Decepticons fly away and the two long lost brothers meet. Optimus invites Ultra Magnus to join the Autobots but Ultra Magnus refuses.


Ultra Magnus and Optimus Prime engage in a fierce battle over the Matrix, the mantle of all Cybertronic wisdom. Optimus is severely weakened during the battle and X-Brawn, Prowl and Side Burn come to Optimus rescue, taking their gravely injured friend to an island to recuperate. But they soon learn that Megatron has located their whereabouts and surrounded the island with his commando team. Ultra Magnus appears, breaks the Decepticon’s line of fire and offers Optimus his hand in friendship. But as they shake hands, Ultra Magnus drains Optimus of all his energy (Forced Fusion) and transforms to Omega Prime, defeating the Decepticons. (Visuals on the show Fushion)


In order to prepare for the Decepticon’s next move, Optimus, Tai and Koji examine their enemy’s previous evil schemes. Through flashbacks, the heroes reflect upon the rise of the Decepticons and their arrival on Earth. They also review the time when Scourge sabotaged the Global Space Bridge in his attempt to steal energy from the Northern Energy Research Facility.


Determined to eliminate Optimus Prime, Megatron orders Sky Byte to lure Ultra Magnus to their team so they could use his strenght to destroy his foe once and for all. Approached by Sky Byte, Ultra Magnus agrees to join the Decepticons but secretly plots to learn more about Megatron’s devious plans. Later, the Decepticons capture the Autobot Brothers and Optimus Prime. To Sky Byte’s surprise, Ultra Magnus saves the brothers and all three tackle the Decepticons who are battling Optimus Prime. Suddenly, a strange source of energy emerges from Ultra Magnus, energizing all the Autobots and granting them new strengths and abilities. Optimus Prime and Magnus combine to form OMEGA PRIME, and defeat the Decepticons.


Unbeknownst to Ultra Magnus, he has boosted X-Brawn, Side burn and Prowl’s power after becoming a conduit for the Matrix in his last battle. Concerned that his estranged brother, now carrying the Matrix power, could fall prey to Megatron’s forces, Optimus Prime instructs the Autobot Brothers to follow him. Meanwhile, Scourge has convinced Megatron to allow him to recruit Ultra Magnus to their cause, when in reality, Scourge really wants Ultra Magnus’ help to eliminate Megatron so he can reign supreme. When Ultra Magnus refuses to join him, the Decepticons attack Side Burn, Prowl and Optimus Prime. Just as the heroes are being defeated, Ultra Magnus appears and joins Optimus Prime to become Omega Prime and defeat their foes once again.


Dr. Onishi uncovers a new power source at the newly discovered ancient ruins located under New City. After the Decepticons learn of the discovery, it becomes a race between the Decepticons and the Autobots to see who can get to the source first. Megatron believes that the ruins hold the key to the power needed to take over the universe and Optimus wants to investigate the power. Could the source be the link to the Autobot’s past?


The Autobots and Decepticons race to the ancient ruins to retrieve a mysterious power source. Scourge orders Sky Byte to secure the ruins but when Scourge arrives at the ruins he is confronted by Optimus Prime. Just when Scourge is about to defeat Optimus, Ultra Magnus appears and unites with his brother to become the almighty Omega Prime. It doesn’t take long for Omega Prime to send Scourge packing! Meanwhile, Sky Byte kidnaps Dr. Onishi and attempts to force him into revealing the true nature of the power. Unfortunately for Sky Byte, Koji and the Autobots arrive just in time to save Dr. Onishi and defeat the pesky Sky Byte.


Side Burn and his older Autobot Brothers use a detector to search the ruins for yet another O Part, one of the lost fragments of a mystical ring rumored to unlock a mysterious power source. Meanwhile, Sky Byte orders Slapper to steal the O Parts from the Autobots and replaces them with fake ones. Due to several mishaps, Sky Byte’s scheme fails miserably. Elsewhere, Wedge and Side Burn compete to see who can find the most of the missing fragments. In the midst of their competition, they are attacked by Megatron and his minions. Megatron kidnaps and holds Wedge hostage in exchange for Autobots’ O Parts. Just before Optimus surrenders his coveted keys, Ultra Magnus comes to the rescue and unites once again with Optimus to become Omega Prime and defeats their foes. Later, the O Parts are combined to create the legendary O Ring!


When Dr. Onishi and the Autobots assemble the O Parts they have collected, a mysterious glowing globe suddenly appears and begins transmitting data. Tai links herself to the O Ring to collect its data. Tai, however, becomes trapped in the data stream which is connected to the Orb of Sigma, a mysterious globe buried in the Sahara Desert. The Autobots must travel to the desert to unite their O parts to the Orb to release Tai. The Deceptions, however, intercept the Autobots. Ultra Magnus combines with Optimus to form Omega Prime and once again defeat their foes. The heroes upload Tai and the Orb of Sigma into the Base computer. Dr. Onishi soon discovers that the Orb of Sigma is one of a series of keys that can unlock and activate the Fortress Maximus, a giant powerful robot. Back in the ruins, Megatron seemingly destroyed after the battle, revives to become the more powerful Galvatron!


The Autobots locate Cerebros, the last key they need to activate Fortress Maximus, but it is immediately stolen by the Predicons and Decepticons. To the Predicons chagrin, they discover that the Fortress Maximus can only be controlled by Optimus. Scourge attempts to fool the robot since he had once scanned Optimus’ information and successfully activates Fortress Maximus. The robot, however, fails to follow Scourge’s orders and embarks on a furious rampage throughout the city. Autobots must find a way to stop the destructive robot while battling the Decepticons, Predicons, and Galvatron. The robot is finally stopped by Koji who reminds him that the robot is part of an Autobot. The enemies leave but not before taking the last key, Cerebros.


After the last battle, Scourge realizes that a human component is necessary in order to activate the Fortress Maximus. Luckily for Scourge, when he scanned Optimus information he had also scanned Kelly’s and now has human components in his system. He amplifies the human part of his bio-energy a hundred times and gains control of Fortress Maximus. Scourge orders the giant robot to destroy the Autobots and the robot obeys! Dr. Onishi deduces that he needs more human energy to control the robot. Team Bullet Train immediately collects kids from around the world to harness their energy. The Autobots prove victorious, as they are able to use the kids’ energy to stop the robot.


In an attempt to learn how to defeat Ultra Magnus and find his weaknesses, the Decepticons look at archival footage beginning with Magnus’s arrival on Earth. After looking at several segments from past episodes, Megatron realizes that the way to defeat the Autobots is to steal the Matrix from Optimus Prime.


The Autobots become concerned that their enemies might kidnap Koji in order to use his energy to control the Fortress Maximus. Consequently, they forbid Koji from playing outside. Koji, however, desperate to go skateboarding convinces his friend Karl to swap their clothing. Fooled by Karl’s clothing, the Decepticons kidnap Karl and order him to call the robot. Using Karl, the Decepticons are able to order the robot to do their deeds. Koji and the Autobots appear and rescue Koji, defeating the Decepticons once again!


Galvatron and his thugs attack the Autobot’s headquarters. Their malicious assault, however, fails when Optimus lures Galvatron’s minions into a trap. The Autobot’s must then face Galvatron’s new weapon, which even Fortress Maximus might not be able to defeat!


While battling the Fortress Maximus, Galvatron manages to siphon the robot’s energy and morphs into an even more powerful foe. He sends mini Galvatrons around the world to gain control over kids with the plan to rule over future generations. Holding the children hostage, Galvatron orders Optimus and the Autobots to leave the planet or else the children will be harmed. Galvatron, however, has conjured up some other devious of crippling plan to destroy the Autobots. Has Galvatron won this time? Will he really take over the Earth and then the Universe?


Galvatron and the Autobots are in the midst of a battle when Ultra Magnus takes Optimus Prime to the Space Bridge to rest and re-energize. The two brothers agree to combine into Omega Prime in one last attempt to stop the powerful Galvatron. Omega, challenges Galvatron to a duel and convinces him to travel to the Earth’s core for their confrontation. Therefore, if Omega loses Galvatron will still be trapped underground forever! While Galvatron severely pummels Omega, Koji logs onto his computer and via the internets pleads with children across the world to send their computer energy to Fortress Maximus. The robot then sends the energy to Omega who defeats Galvatron. Galvatron and his minions are sent to a Cybertronian asteroid prison and the Autobots decide to make Earth their home!