Tony B’s RID Want List

September 1, 2011  by Tony_Bacala  •  Blog

I try to collect everything RID. 10+ years later, still don’t have everything. When time and cash flow allows, I go looking. However, if you have something on the below list, shoot me a PM on TFW2005 here (must be registered), and let me know!

(All of the below is Car Robots/Robots In Disguise/Car-Bot related only)

Black Super Fire Convoy
Black God Magnus
Crystal Millenium Super Fire Convoy

Car Robots Kabaya Ju-C Candy Tech Specs (In package, or just cards, all 10 needed)
Car Robots Kabaya Transkit – All of them, all colors
Botcon Japan 2000 T-Shirt
Promotional item – Binder Tech Spec Holder – Car Brothers Version
Promotional item – Audio/Video Rental Card
Promotional item – Car Robots Sticker Sheet

TV Magazine October 2000, January 2001
Any other Japanese magazines featuring Car Robots. Mainly between April 2000 and February 2001

Japanese Tech Spec Cards – D-005, D-006, D-008, D-009

Robot Heroes RID Megatron / RID Prime 2 pack, sealed or loose (or both).

BTA-1 Alert & Ai
BTA-2 Sunstreaker & Junko

Chinese VCDs (I think there are 2, both or any of them).
UK RID DVD – Ultimate Collection
UK RID DVD – Volume 1
Car Robots VHS – all
Korean Carbot VHS – All rental versions

Korean Bags (All backpack versions, and some others, contact if you have any).

Korean Starscream and BB (in Car-Bot box)
Korean Car Brothers Gift Set
Korean Role Play Guns

Korean Kids Sneakers
Korean Books – as seen here – ISBN – 8953303664, 9788953303669 / ISBN – 8953303788, 9788953303782.

Korean Tech Spec Cards – need many. If you have any, let me know.

(Below Korean toys – don’t really care if I get, so only if it’s a great deal)
Korean Fire Convoy
Korean Spychangers Giftset
Korean Build Team Giftset
Korean Ultra Magnus
Korean Scourge
Korean Combaticon Giftset
Korean Gigatron

Anything else Car Robots, Robots In Disguise, or Car-Bot related, that I didn’t mention here, and isn’t on the site. Or, anything obscure or rare that no one knows about. :).