UK RID DVDs – Assorted Single Discs

September 22, 2011  by Tony_Bacala  •  Western 3rd Party Items
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Maximum Entertainment sure did put out a lot of DVDs for Robots In Disguise, didn’t they? First they put out Robots in Disguise Volume 1 (not featured here). On top of the 2 runs of complete series boxsets, they also put out individual episode discs. They then grouped those individual discs together for a 3 pack. Lastly, they put out a special edition 2 disc offering in a single case.

Not featured here, they also released some of the single discs with other properties they had rights to from their Jetix deal:

Robots in Disguise / RoboCop – The Animated Series / M.A.S.K.
Robots in Disguise / Ninja Turtles – The Next Mutation / Action Man