Korean Carbot Bags

September 15, 2011  by Tony_Bacala  •  Korean 3rd Party Items
Carbot-Backpack-A Carbot-Backpack-B Carbot-Backpack-C Carbot-Backpack-D Carbot-Backpack-E Carbot-Handbag-1 Carbot-Handbag2 Carbot-Handbag3 Carbot-Handbag-4 Carbot-Handbag-Detail-1 Carbot-Handbag-Detail-2 Carbot-Handbag-Detail-3 Carbot-Handbag-Detail-4 Korean-Car-Bot-Bag-2

There were 9 Korean Carbot Bags done by Appia, under license from Sonokong, which was under license from Takara.

5 Backpacks, and 4 Handbags. I have some of the handbags, so those shots were done in hand. The rest are reference pics from retailers selling them years ago.

The last photo shows 2 more bags, handbag size but rounded in style. Not sure if those were released, or even official, but if so, then there are at least 11.